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Reporting Transfer or Movement of Property



INV – 3.00


This policy applies to University Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.


Transfer or movement of equipment may not be made beyond the confines of the university until authorized by cognizant authority. Internal transfer of property between departments may be authorized by deans, directors, and department heads. The Inventory Control office must be notified of all transfer or movement of property with a value $1,000 or more.


The Surplus Warehouse is open for department selection on Wednesdays only, except when preparing for an auction. The Surplus Warehouse is located at 1901 S. Floyd Street on Belknap Campus. The warehouse is open from 7:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 3:30 pm. Surplus items may be brought in or removed any day of the week.

There is no charge to the department to reserve an item for departmental use. Reserved items should be removed within two weeks or items will be made available to others. If you want Physical Plant labor to deliver your reserved item, the department must complete the Physical Plant Chargeable Service Request form. Physical Plant will bill the department for its services.

Surplus items are not for personal use or sale.


Property - An item of movable tangible personal property, which has a cost or value of $1,000 or more, a useful life of more than one year and which retains its identity as a separate and identifiable item.

  1. The Inventory Control office must be notified of all transfer or movement of property with a value $1,000 or more. This includes:
  • Relocations between rooms in the same building or different buildings.
  • Transfers from one department to another.
  • Transfer to Surplus Property.
  • Donations.
  • Transfer to another educational institution with departing PI/faculty.
  • Trade-ins to a vendor.
  • Theft or irreparable damage.
  1. Notification of equipment relocation or inter-department transfer can be made on the https://louisville.edu/surplus/forms/tranover form or by email to Inventory Control. Inventory Control will update the department inventory. Notice is not required when property is moved for repair or other services, providing such repair time does not exceed 30 days.  However, file receipts should be retained to verify property location.
  2. An online form should be submitted to initiate transfer of equipment to Surplus Property.    
  • TRANUND is for items valued under $1,000.  Once submitted, the TRANUND form is sent to both Inventory Control and Physical Plant. 
  1. All property owned by the University of Louisville must remain in the buildings owned or leased by the university. If it is essential that property be taken off campus, the department will notify Inventory Control via the Inventory Location Update form or by email, noting the new location and any other pertinent information.  Inventory Control will change the inventory reflecting the room location as OFFSITE. 
  2. When property is loaned between university departments for extended periods, but title does not pass, a written record should be kept with a copy to Inventory Control.
  3. Donations of property to organizations or persons outside of the university must follow procedures in KRS 45A.425 and authorized by the Director of Procurement Services. Upon approval of such donations, the Inventory Control office will delete such items of property from university inventory records.
  4. If departing UofL staff is authorized to transfer equipment from UofL to another university or facility, the department chairman or his assignee must send a signed memo to Inventory Control listing the items with the asset tag numbers and serial numbers. Upon final approval by appropriate authorities, Inventory Control will remove the items from the department's inventory.
  5. Departments of the university that consider the trade-in of university owned property on the purchase of new equipment or products must first obtain advance release for trade-in approval from the Department of  Procurement Services.
  6. Trading in of property to a vendor for credit towards another purchase must follow procedures outlined in Purchasing policy 31.00. The approved “Authorization to Trade University Equipment” form will be sent to Inventory Control from Procurement Services. Inventory Control will contact the department if additional information is necessary for updates to university inventory records. 

Instructions for Preparing Computing Items for Surplus:

All computing devices and electronic media sent to Surplus must, regardless of the value of the computing device or media, have all information permanently deleted.

Refer to Information Security Office Policy ISO-016 for methods for secure file deletion and erasure.

Surplus computer equipment must have the Computing Device Surplus Certification (CDSC) label affixed to each computer certifying that Tier One or other qualified support staff have properly eradicated data on the computing device. Surplus will not accept the computing device without the CDSC label.

The Surplus Warehouse accepts the following items: laptops/notebooks, monitors, televisions, printers, servers, copiers, fax machines, RAM/memory, hard drives, and miscellaneous peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and power cords.

The Surplus Warehouse will also accept CDs, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, floppy disks and DVDs for recycling. These items must be sent to the warehouse without cases or sleeves. 

Reporting Destruction of Property:

All property destroyed by any means must be reported in writing to the Inventory Control office. The department is responsible to coordinate with Physical Plant to remove such property if necessary. Once notified by the department, Inventory Control will delete the property from the departmental inventory record.

Reporting Loss of University Property:

It is the department’s responsibility to ensure university property is safeguarded by locking property in secured locations, tracking items that are removed from campus, etc. In the event a loss or theft of property is discovered, the department must immediately report it to the University of Louisville Police Department (ULPD).  

ULPD personnel will investigate the circumstances of the loss and will forward a copy of the Report of Investigation to the Inventory Control office.  

Inventory Control will remove the item from the university inventory records on the basis of the ULPD report. Should the item be recovered and returned to the original custodian, the ULPD will notify the Inventory Control office of the recovery of the item and Inventory Control will update the university inventory records at that time.


Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


Purchasing/Inventory Control & Surplus Property
Surplus/Inventory Control Building, University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


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