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Laboratory Close-Out


March 2003


This procedure applies to the University Community (administrators, faculty, staff, and students).


Laboratories within University of Louisville must be left in a state suitable for new occupants or for renovation activities.


To ensure your lab space is safe for re-occupancy or renovation, a Principal Investigator, Researcher, Instructor, Laboratory Manager, Clinical Manager, or Other Applicable Individual should review in advance of closing target date when:

  • Leaving the University;  
  • Relocating to another lab space;  
  • Major lab renovations; or  
  • Movement of equipment from the laboratory for surplus, repair, or relocation.

Lab close out guidance can be viewed in the DEHS Lab Close Out Manual.

  1. Notify DEHS of the upcoming lab close-out by submitting the DEHS Lab Close Out, Relocation, and Equipment Release Form. Be sure to allow several weeks’ notice so that DEHS can make provisions for staff availability and to ensure you will have time to complete the lab close-out checklists. Checklist items that do not apply to the lab should be noted “not applicable” (n/a).
  2. Contact the Lab Safety Coordinator (502-852-2830) to confirm the date and time of the final inspection so DEHS can certify proper lab close-out. The inspector will review the completed checklists with the PI and inspect the lab space. If the inspection is satisfactory DEHS will issue a Lab Close-Out Certification Form. Copies of the signed form will be sent to the PI vacating the lab and the Department Head.
  3. NOTE: radioactive, biological, or hazardous chemical waste MAY NOT BE MOVED to a new location. Be sure to request waste pick-ups in advance so that all any regulated waste is out of the lab prior to the close-out inspection.

Department Chair/Unit Head

The department chair or unit head is responsible for any deficiencies not corrected by the principal investigator, researcher, instructor, laboratory or clinical manager or other applicable individual. The department chair or unit head will be held accountable for fees resulting from improper Close-Out activities. If this procedure is not followed, the department or unit will be charged for all waste removal and other laboratory Close-Out services, whether provided by DEHS or an outside contractor. Any regulatory actions or fines resulting from improper management or disposal of any regulated material (i.e., hazardous waste, controlled substances, select agents, etc.) will accrue to the department or unit. DEHS will not be responsible for any losses incurred by individuals or departments/units as a result of improper removal of any regulated material.
Deans, Directors and Department Heads

Ensure that all principal investigators, researchers, instructors, laboratory or clinical managers or other applicable individuals are aware of and follow the procedures outlined in this procedure.

Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS)

  1. Provide proper guidance for laboratory closeout. DEHS will issue a final laboratory clearance for those vacated laboratories found to be compliant with the guidelines.
  2. If the principal investigator, researcher, instructor, laboratory or clinical manager, or other applicable individual follows the procedures for Laboratory Close-Out outlined on the DEHS web page, DEHS will bear the disposal cost for all waste chemicals, infectious agents, and radioactive materials. However, if proper Close-Out procedures are not followed, the respective department will be responsible for all disposal, chemical analysis, and personnel costs.

Close-Out - the formal deactivation of a laboratory to assure the safety of the space for further cleaning, renovation, or occupancy. The Close-Out process involves a certification by the appropriate principal investigator, researcher, instructor, laboratory or clinical manager and an inspection by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) for those locations where chemicals, toxins, biohazardous or infectious agents, human blood/body fluids, recombinant DNA, controlled substances, radioactive materials, or other hazardous materials, including Select Agents, were stored or used in equipment.


The vacating Principal Investigator (PI) and Department are responsible for ensuring the disinfection of equipment and counters, movement of equipment from the lab for surplus, repair, or relocation, and disposal of chemical, biological, DEA controlled substances, and radioactive waste materials prior to vacating the space.


Senior Associate Vice President for Operations


Environmental Health & Safety
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


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