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Purchase from Stockroom



PUR - 8.00


This policy applies to University Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.


Procurement Services shall identify items of common usage throughout the University to facilitate quantity buying. Where economically practical, such items may be carried in inventory in the Stockroom for the purpose of providing a ready supply of specific items to using departments. The Stockroom is the designated source from which all budgetary units are required to purchase supplies such as paper products, maintenance supplies, and other miscellaneous supplies. Items available at the Stockroom must not be purchased from any other source.


A Stockroom catalog can be found at Stockroom Product Listing. Departmental charges will include a mark-up of an amount necessary for the operation of the Stockroom. Specific percentage "mark-ups" are determined by the Director of Procurement Services with concurrence of the VP and Chief Financial Officer.


University Departments
1.) Completes the Stockroom requisition form filling in the following information:  date, speed type, stock number(s), quantity by unit of issue, description, location of delivery, requester and phone number. Submit the form; upon completion it will automatically go to the Stockroom service account.
2.) When ordering tax free alcohol, complete the Lab grade alcohol requisition form following the procedure above, but include the name of the person authorized to order alcohol. Submit the form; it will go to the industrial grade alcohol service account.

3.a.) If the Stockroom requisition is sent by email; Stockroom personnel will print the form, verify the required information and fill the order by entering the date the order is filled, quantity shipped and initials of who filled the order. The order is prepared for delivery (packed, sealed, etc.), with the number of cartons noted on the order with the original copy accompanying the carton(s), the goods are then moved to a holding area.
3.b.) Alcohol requisitions must be sent via email to the industrial grade alcohol service account. The order goes to the appropriate buyer who in turn approves and forwards it to the Stockroom. Upon approval the order is filled in the manner described above with serial numbers.
4.) If the department picks up supplies at the Stockroom (non-alcohol orders only), they can either bring a completed requisition or fill out one at the Stockroom. The above steps for preparing and filling out a requisition will be the same; however, the supplies will be signed for by the person picking them up.
5.) A copy of the requisition is filed in a file for all orders that are delivered.

Central Receiving
6.) Loads packages from Stockroom and delivers to various departments. Gets the original requisition signed by receiving departments. Orders will typically be delivered within 24 hours after the requisition is printed.

University Departments
7.) Checks the number of cartons as noted on the stores requisition and signs original requisition for amount of cartons only. Upon checking contents of packages against the requisition, if there are any discrepancies, notifies the Stockroom immediately at 502-852-6253.

Central Receiving
8.) Returns signed copies of stores requisitions to Stockroom.

9.) Checks signed copies of the Stockroom requisition with file copies to verify that all have been returned.
10.) Enters all issues into the MAXIMO system daily, once supplies have been delivered.
11.) All transactions are batched on a weekly basis with a final batch for the end of the month if it is on a day other than Friday. Each batch is processed in the PeopleSoft system for journal entry to charge the departments and credit stores.

University Departments
12.) Checks RDS reports to verify billing and dollar amounts.


Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


Sally Molsberger, Chief Procurement Officer – Procurement Services
Service Complex, University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


Original Date: Unknown
Revision Date(s): April 28, 2023
Reviewed Date(s): February 14, 2020; April 28, 2023

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