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Employee Categories and Status


May 1, 1992




This policy applies to University Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.



  1. Administrator refers to the President, Provost, Vice President and those responsible for the administration of any academic or service unit who reports directly to the President, Provost, or Vice President, or other administrators designated by the President as having a role comparable to that of a Vice President. The President may also specifically designate an appointment as that of an administrator in special situations. All such administrators shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the President and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. Their job descriptions shall be included in the Addenda to The Redbook and may be changed by the President.
  2. Faculty are those individuals holding an academic appointment of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. All persons with full-time faculty appointments who are appointed for at least one year and a part of whose work for the current year is in a particular academic unit shall be members of its faculty, except in the case of those units which define faculty membership differently in their bylaws.
    The appointment of faculty members is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. It may make these appointments on the recommendation of the President of the University or it may delegate appointing authority to the President. These appointments shall be recommended to the Office of the President by the dean of the unit after approval by the appropriate faculty or faculty committee, in conformity with The Redbook, Section 2.5.2.A. In departmentalized units, the dean's recommendation shall be made on the advice of the departmental chair after approval by the departmental faculty or faculty committee.
  3. Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Assistants, Trainees, and Fellows are recognized as occupying a special category. Because their duties are intimately involved with their graduate programs, the Dean of the Graduate School has the responsibility of ensuring that these appointments are made in the best academic interest of the students and the graduate programs of the departments involved, even though the formal appointments are made through the schools or colleges in whose budgets they are carried. Policy matters relating to graduate student appointments will be coordinated with the Vice President for Research and the Dean of the Graduate School.
  4. Staff of the University of Louisville consists of all employees of the university who do not hold faculty appointments, are not full-time students enrolled in the University, are not graduate assistants at the university, or are not administrators as defined in The Redbook, Section 2.3.1.
    1. Professional/Administrative Staff are employees who occupy staff positions which are subject to the University's position classification, plus meet the exemption test prescribed by the Fair Labor Standard Act and Kentucky Labor Law as determined by the Human Resources Department. This category includes the Professional Research Series positions of Assistant Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, and Research Scientist.
    2. Classified Staff are employees who occupy staff positions which are subject to the University's position classification plan and which would not be exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Kentucky Labor Law as determined by the Human Resources Department.


  1. Trainee Status are employees who are being taught the basic skills of the position and who are on provisional status until the end of the program.
  2. Temporary Status are employees designated as temporary when employed in a position which is likely to require services of an employee for six months or less. Appointments cannot exceed six months.
  3. Regular Status are all classified and professional/administrative staff automatically granted regular status after successfully completing the provisional employment period, as evidenced by a written evaluation as described in PER-2.13, Performance Appraisals. Regular status, once attained, is retained throughout the continuous regular employment period.
  4. Provisional Employment Status are all newly hired employees serving in a provisional employment period of six months. The provisional employment period is designed to give the University an opportunity to determine whether the employee is suitable for and competent to perform the work for which he or she is hired. The decision as to the employee's suitability and competency is the sole responsibility of the University. 

Each provisional status employee will receive a progress report every two months during the provisional employment period. Each employee will receive a written performance evaluation prior to the completion of his or her provisional employment period, based upon the job performance factors established for that position. An employee may be terminated at any time during the provisional employment period. Employees serving in provisional status are covered by the grievance procedures involving only the application or interpretation of the university's personnel policies and procedures. Termination of employment, suspension, or demotion during the provisional employment period is not subject to the appeals procedure.


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