Blackboard Support

Blackboard has some support capabilities for events such as Info Sessions. However, it is important that participants have the proper setup on their end in order to attend the session.

The registration confirmation emails that Delphi sends contain information on testing browser compatibility prior to the event date. Hopefully, your registrants will work out any problems prior to the event start.

We have found troubleshooting technical difficulties either during or just before a presentation may derail the entire presentation, can be a distraction, and in most instances, there is little recourse for an immediate solution.

Troubleshooting problems with audio:

Have the prospect follow these directions to test volume and mic.

Browser Compatibility

We highly recommend participants use Google Chrome.

Further details about Web Conferencing

For access to support, send your attendees here or call 1.877.382.2293.

Note: There are options to chat or call a specialist.

If your attendees are still experiencing problems, share this link and select "Collaborate with the ULTRA experience" to access help documentation and guides.

Problems launching/accessing the room via desktop:

  1. The fastest workaround is to download and use the FREE smart device Collaborate app. To access the session, the student will need to download the Collaborate app, open their email, and click on the Collaborate link. Participants will then type in their name and the Collaborate app will then automatically allow them into the session

If the Collaborate app happens to fail, a smart device is not an option for the student, or the audio wizard fails to fix the audio problem, the student can call the Blackboard Collaborate hotline (1-877-382-2293) for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the participate could start with calling the hotline in order to troubleshoot, if they are planning on attending the session live, they should choose one of the options above to fix the issue as problems may take up to 30 minutes to resolve, and much of the session may be missed.

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