Resources for Teaching During COVID-19

Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic requires us to be agile in ways we’ve never imagined. Whether you are putting your courses online for the first time, adjusting your syllabus in preparation of hybrid teaching or supporting stressed-out students while encouraging them to meet learning objectives, you are not alone. We’ve compiled several resources to help you navigate these immense challenges.

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    Hybrid is defined as having 25%-75% of the course taught face to face, with the remaining taught online. Hybrid course delivery was chosen because it combines traditional face to face instructional activities with online learning activities and can capture the best features of both delivery models when well-planned and well-executed.

    Self-paced Resources for Hybrid and Online Courses

    All faculty teaching in fall 2020 have been added to a Blackboard Organization housing self-paced resources regarding the design and delivery of hybrid and online courses. These resources can be reviewed in about 3-4 hours and revisited as necessary throughout the development and facilitation of the course.

    To find your organization, log into Blackboard, click on “Organizations” from the side menu and search for “Pivot to Fall.”

    Personal Consultations Available

    Each Blackboard Organization will be assigned to a member of the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) team at the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning. If you'd like to meet with a member of the IDT team to discuss the design of your course, links and contact information will be made available within the Blackboard Organization.


    To access your Blackboard Organization and to see available support resources, use the link below and login with your ULink ID.

    Access Blackboard

    If you have additional questions, contact Aimee Greene, assistant director of Instructional Design and Technology, at or 502.852.4482.

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    Coping with Coronovirus: How Faculty Members Can Support Students in Traumatic Times

    Spring 2020
    The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Free Download

    This 28-page guide brings together the Chronicle’s strongest pieces on how faculty members can help students cope with the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic and the move to teaching and learning online. The guide includes practical strategies for supporting students in the shift to online learning, guidance and supportive words for faculty who are transitioning their teaching online for the first time, tips for foregrounding human connection and empathy for students, and guidance providing support to students who are struggling with mental health issues (Notice, Ask, Refer). It’s a worthwhile read for anyone looking for sage guidance and support for themselves and their students.

    Suddenly Teaching Online? Resources to Help Faculty Affected by Coronavirus

    March 2020
    LinkedIn: The Learning Blog
    Available Here

    A really nice primer and easy to navigate links with a free plethora of online courses taught by top educators across the US and designed demystify teaching online. Topics are broken down into bite-sized pieces and categorized under the basics of teaching online, how to use common collaboration tools (such as Teams and Google Hangouts), to EdTech tools like Camtasia and Blackboard. In addition, they have made 16 short courses (30 minutes to 1 hour) available for a 30-day trial period to help students, faculty, and staff on everything from time management when working from home, executive presence on video conference calls, and managing virtual teams.

    Moving Your Course Online? Tips from an Online Course Developer

    Spring 2020
    National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
    Available Here

    This is a handy overview of eight fundamental and powerful concepts that any faculty member can adopt to engage students and preserve their sanity. These are big, tent pole ideas and ways of thinking to help faculty grapple with the basic moves of teaching online such as online office hours, using resources on your own campus, and managing one’s time. The article includes links to NCFDD resources and webinars where faculty can go deeper on key topics. NOTE: UofL is a member institution of NCFDD so membership is free to all faculty and staff. Become a member here.

    Pedagogies of Care: Open Resources for Student-Centered and Adaptive Strategies in the new Higher-Ed Landscape

    West Virginia University Press
    © 2020 Individual authors. All content shared under a CC BY-NC-ND license.
    Available Here

    This amazing website offers educators a plethora of videos, infographics, podcasts and articles that are drawn upon a student-centered, evidence-based ethos. Teaching in the new reality requires that we are thinking about connecting with our students in creative, meaningful ways. These materials are both practical—Fostering Deep Reading in Digital Learning Environments—and humanistic—Building a Pedagogy of Care with Social and Emotional Presence. Materials are provided in bite-sized pieces to help faculty focus on the growth and well-being of themselves, their teaching practices, and their learners.

    Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19: Faculty Playbook

    May 2020
    Online Learning Consortium
    Available Here

    This faculty-focused guide is designed to be a playbook to improve course design, teaching, and learning in an online environment. It is geared toward faculty teaching online for the first time and it provides a path for continuous improvement, starting with strategies for getting started and leading instructors to improve over time. The Design section provides the basics for translating a face to face or blended course to a fully-online delivery; the Enhance section is useful for enhancing the student experience online; and the Optimize section provides ideas for high quality, evidence-based instructional practices.

    Online Education

    Faculty Focus
    Available Here

    Faculty Focus is a free newsletter and website that’s dedicated to higher education and instructors. It is a website that publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the online and college classroom. The Online Education topics section provides a treasure trove of resources related to a wide range of important and timely topics: enhancing online discussions (several articles), using breakout rooms, helping students develop digital content curation skills, and using announcements to enhance your online course. Other interesting topics include mindfulness in the (online) classroom, using social media to retain and connect with students, and redefining what’s fair in the transition to online.

Preparing for Spring 2021

In preparation for spring 2021, a survey was sent to identify specific topics of interest to faculty as they prepare their future classes. As a result of the feedback received, two different training opportunities are being offered.

Technology Tools Showcase

Each showcase event will consist of multiple “micro-sessions” focusing on specific tools that relate to a common theme or function. Tools will be demonstrated using model assignments to help illustrate how they promote student engagement and learning. Instructional designers will be available directly after each session to meet with faculty members who may want to discuss the use of specific tools or assignments. Written instructions for tool set-up and classroom use will be provided.

  • Click to Show/HideBlackboard Tools

    Would you like to learn more about how to use the tools that are built into Blackboard? Join us to take a look at how assignments, tests, forums, blogs, journals, and wikis can be used to offer opportunities for student to student interaction, collaboration, and assessment.

  • Click to Show/HideTools to Create Presence

    Are you looking for new ways to promote a feeling of student and instructor presence when class isn’t meeting in a physical classroom? This session will look at some of the ways you can use VoiceThread, Perusall, FlipGrid, and Padlet in your class.

  • Click to Show/HideTools for Presentations and Peer Review Exercises

    Do you want to offer students the chance to present information in ways that go beyond a traditional PowerPoint slide deck? Have you thought about asking your students to create media-based projects that take full advantage of the online modality? Are you looking for tools that will help you automate and manage peer review processes while still offering students the flexibility of an asynchronous format? Join us to take a look at EduFlow and Adobe Spark.

Technology Deep Dives

Deep dive events will focus on the use of a single tool for the full duration of the session. This will allow for a deeper conversation on the intricacies of each tool.

  • Click to Show/HideBest Practices for Online and Hybrid Courses

    This session will cover best practices for organizing Blackboard, communicating with students, and the establishment of foundational practices to support your online or hybrid course.

  • Click to Show/HidePanopto Videos and Quizzes

    The Panopto recording system offers faculty and students the opportunity to record presentations and lectures. This session will also look at how faculty can integrate quizzing into videos to promote active viewing.

  • Click to Show/HideTeaching with Collaborate

    The Collaborate Ultra conferencing system that is built into Blackboard offers faculty the chance to meet with students in a synchronous webinar setting. This session will look at specific features within Collaborate including polling and breakout groups.

  • Click to Show/HideTeaching with Microsoft Teams

    Would you like to learn more about how Microsoft Teams compares to Collaborate Ultra? Are you interested in some of the newer features that are now available in Microsoft Teams? Join us to learn more about how you can use this tool in your class.

  • Click to Show/HideGradebook Features in Blackboard

    Are you looking for a way to ensure that students always know where they stand in your class? Are you interested in using the gradebook to provide students with feedback on tests and assignments? This session will walk you through the grading interface in Blackboard and show you how to complete many of the most common grading tasks.

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