University Policies

Revised 2015 Title IX/Clery Syllabi Statement (6.9.2015)

The following statement should be added to all course syllabi, beginning July 1, 2015.

Title IX/Clery Act Notification

Sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any other nonconsensual behavior of a sexual nature) and sex discrimination violate University policies. Students experiencing such behavior may obtain confidential support from the PEACC Program (852-2663), Counseling Center (852-6585), and Campus Health Services (852-6479). To report sexual misconduct or sex discrimination, contact the Dean of Students (852-5787) or University of Louisville Police (852-6111).

Disclosure to University faculty or instructors of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, or sex discrimination occurring on campus, in a University-sponsored program, or involving a campus visitor or University student or employee (whether current or former) is not confidential under Title IX. Faculty and instructors must forward such reports, including names and circumstances, to the University’s Title IX officer.

For more information, see the Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide.

Online Course Access Guidelines

Lengthy weather-related closures and power outages in 2008 and 2009 have left many students and faculty of online courses concerned about how to respond. The Delphi Center provides the following guidelines as a resource for setting student expectations regarding online coursework when the university is closed or delayed.

These guidelines were written under the premise that students in online courses may lose Internet access or the ability to reach their primary Internet access point when they experience inclement weather at their place of residence. These are guidelines only, not policies. You are encouraged to incorporate them into your syllabus and change them as you see fit for your course(s).

University Closure

"If the University of Louisville is closed due to a holiday, weather-related conditions or other unusual circumstances, planned real-time activities in online classes will not be held and no form of coursework will be due. Real-time activities include scheduled class chats, virtual classroom meetings, or any other activity that requires students to access the course management system (i.e., Blackboard) at a scheduled time."

University Delay

"If the University of Louisville is on a delayed schedule, on-campus classes are canceled up until a certain time, and classes that begin at or after the delayed time meet at their regular time and include the full instruction period. However, a delayed schedule will not affect online classes in any way. Coursework is due as planned and any scheduled real-time activities will be held."

Internet Outage or Inaccessibility

"A student will occasionally lose his or her Internet access due to an outage where both the cause and solution are outside of his or her control. Examples include an extended power or cable outage causing a loss in Internet access. It is at the discretion of the course instructor whether to require documentation and to determine a reasonable course of action."

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