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The Delphi Center periodically sponsors or collaborates with other units to offer special events and programs of interest to the university community.

Reframing Autism

The Dean of Students Office, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, and CEHD KY Autism Training Center have partnered to present a workshop for faculty who wish to help students on the spectrum be successful at UofL. Reframing Autism will provide general information on ASD, strategies for collaborating with students in class and during escalated situations, and resources for support.

Syllabus Tune-Up and Peer Review

Developed at the request of several UofL faculty members, these sessions will allow you to receive guidance that will help develop and strengthen your syllabi in preparation for the upcoming semester.

Supporting Students Through Challenges Beyond the Classroom

Have you wanted to help a distressed student, but you were unsure of what to do? Join presenters Angela B. Taylor, Ph.D. and Aesha L. Uqdah, Psy.D., HSPP, as they help identify how to recognize students in distress, and provide resources related to mental health issues for you and your students. Learn more.

Team-Based Learning: A Special Way of Using Small Groups in the Health Science

Join Dee Fink, Ph.D., for an interactive workshop designed to introduce the ideas and practices of team-based learning (TBL). Participants will experience team-based learning and identify ways in which small groups can be used in the health sciences.

Teaching and Learning Across Culture Strengths

Join Drs. Alicia Fedelina Chávez (University of New Mexico) and Susan Diana Longerbeam (University of Louisville) for an interactive workshop designed to introduce participants to a model of cultural frameworks in college teaching and learning. Participants will begin to apply a cultural lens to teaching, learning, and reflective practice and will have an opportunity for some cultural introspection in relation to their teaching practices. Learn more.

How Learning Works: An Overview Of 7 Principals

Join Dr. Gay Baughman, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of General Dentistry and Oral Medicine, and Dr. Marie Kendall Brown, Assistant Director, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, for this interactive one-hour lunch presentation. In the 2010 book How Learning Works: Seven Research Based Principles for Smart Teaching, Susan Ambrose and her colleagues summarized key findings of teaching and learning and brain science research from the past 20 years and shared practical applications for teaching across learning contexts. The presenters will share these seven principles to help you enhance your teaching effectiveness and student learning in the clinic, at the bedside, and beyond.

Digital Portfolios 101 for Faculty: How to Build your Professional Presence Online

Get started creating and curating your online professional presence during this interactive, lunchtime workshop. Thomas R. Watson Scholar-in-Residence Dànielle Nicole DeVoss will guide you in thinking through the purpose and potentials of having a digital portfolio, including how to identify, select, and use the many (mostly free and easy-to-use) web-based tools.

Future Directions in Health Science Education

Join Dr. Gerard Rabalais, chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, for this one-hour lunch presentation. Dr. Rabalais will share insights gained during his six-month sabbatical experience visiting eight American medical schools thought to be at the forefront of innovation in teaching.

Is There a Simple Formula to Understand and Improve Student Motivation?

Continue the conversation about student motivation that we began with Dr. Ken Bain at the 2014 Celebration of Teaching and Learning, “Igniting the Spark: Motivating Student Learning.” Join Dr. Kenn Barron from the Motivation Research Institute at James Madison University, for this invigorating two-hour lunch workshop. Because of its complexity, understanding motivation theory and research can be daunting. Dr. Barron will present a single, unifying motivation formula to help you quickly understand the major sources of your students’ motivation, and demonstrate how you can use this information to redesign your courses to promote each source.

Building a Writing Assignment: Four-Part Workshop

Are you looking for expert assistance in how your plan and construct your writing prompts as well as how you evaluate and respond to your students’ writing? Join English professor Dr. Debra Journet for this four-part writing workshop as she shares resources, tools, and key readings. Participants will gain support and guidance though discussion of example prompts, student writing, and instructor responses.

Leveraging the Flipped Classroom

Join Steven Ellis, Ph.D. and Kara Goodin, M.D., for this one-hour lunch presentation. Drs. Ellis and Goodin will provide an overview of “flipped teaching” as a pedagogical approach, and will share their experiences and sample student feedback gathered over the past two years. They will also share alternative strategies for delivering content electronically to health science students. Learn more.

HSC Showcase: Technology “Speed Dating” for Faculty

This lunch program will include informal presentations in a mock “speed dating” setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to select from five to seven “show and tell” demonstrations and, at a designated time interval, will move to another demonstration. This format is designed to encourage a high level of interaction between presenters and attendees.

What's Holding You Back? A Conversation about Integrating Instructional Technology into Health Sciences Courses

The Health Science Campus (HSC)-Delphi Partnership steering committee is comprised of unit representatives from Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and the School of Public Health and Information Sciences (SPHIS), and the Delphi Center. The group develops and delivers two significant professional development programs for HSC faculty annually. The most recent event took place on August 9. Learn more.

Academically Adrift

Dr. Richard Arum, co-author of Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, presented a public lecture at UofL in March 2012. The lecture was open to the greater Louisville community and streamed live on the university's website. Watch the video and learn more about the event.

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