Featured Events

The Delphi Center periodically sponsors or collaborates with other units to offer special events and programs of interest to the university community.

Virtual Reality Workshop

Are you interested in learning about the possibilities of integrating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and immersive virtual reality (IVR) in your courses? During this event, VR expert Dr. Shannon Putnam will share an overview of these technologies and demonstrate how VR, AR and IVR can be used to engage students in course content.

Care Team U: Management of Student Crises

Do you want information on how to help a student in crisis, or would like to know what happens after you refer them? The Dean of Students Office, UofL’s Student Care Team, and Delphi Center are pleased to offer a NEW roundtable discussion for faculty and staff who wish to help know more about how student crises are initially responded to, managed, and discussed with need-to-know partners at UofL.

Adobe Day of Discovery

Explore the uses and benefits of incorporating digital literacy and media production for classroom instruction. With live-streamed sessions provided by Adobe specialists, representatives from other Creative Campuses, and/or UofL faculty and staff, you will see varying perspectives and examples of the role of digital literacy, media instruction, and specifically Adobe Creative Cloud apps across the curriculum. Learn more and register.

Learning Technologies Open House and Workshops

Are you looking to capture the dynamic feel of writing on a board for your recorded video content? Join us for interactive teaching display demonstrations and a series of technology-specific workshops to introduce you to new instructional technologies. Learn more and register.

Teaching Topics for Our Times

UofL is an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students. Join your faculty colleagues for a new four-part series of virtual Friday morning conversations designed to help you succeed as an academic. Participants should view the NCFDD webinars PRIOR to attending the online discussion. Learn more.

Reframing Autism

The Dean of Students Office, Delphi Center, KY Autism Training Center, and Disability Resource Center have partnered to create an online module and virtual roundtables for faculty and staff who wish to help students on the spectrum be successful at UofL. The module provide general information on ASD, strategies for collaborating with students in class and during escalated situations, and resources for support. In addition, virtual (synchronous) roundtables with students, faculty, and staff are planned during Spring semester.

Syllabus Tune-Up and Peer Review

Developed at the request of several UofL faculty members, these sessions will allow you to receive guidance that will help develop and strengthen your syllabi in preparation for the upcoming semester.

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