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The Delphi Center’s Teaching Onboarding experience serves as a “base camp” for all who are newer to teaching at UofL. You will find a series of core teaching and learning resources, tools and strategies that are easily accessible online. We designed this experience so that you are able to supplement their learning with additional in-person, virtual, blended, or online professional development programs, including the Seminar on Teaching for New Faculty, the Graduate Teaching Academy, or Delphi workshops.

Our onboarding experience is aligned with the cadence of the academic semester to provide “just-in-time” resources for educators.

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    • Designing a Learner-Centered Syllabus
    • Teaching with Blackboard
    • Teaching with UofL Technologies
    • Creating an Inclusive Course Environment
    • Creating a Web of Support for UofL Students
    • Teaching Information Literacy
    • Transparent Assignment Design
    • Using Student Feedback to Inform Your Teaching
    • Active Learning Strategies
    • Reflecting on your Teaching


Teaching Onboarding welcomes all educators, particularly those who are newer to teaching at UofL or are returning to the classroom after a hiatus.

Two Ways to Engage:

We offer two ways for you to engage with Teaching Onboarding’s tools and resources.

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    This semester-long cohort-based option is a convenient way to explore tools, resources, and teaching strategies while participating in an online course. Participants will interact with one another and course facilitators in a slow-paced environment in Blackboard over 15 weeks. You can expect to spend about 2-3 hours every two weeks reviewing materials, engaging with your peers, and completing activities and working on your teaching.

    Due to the online nature of this offering, collaboration occurs asynchronously.

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    Those who complete the course will earn a certificate of completion and a letter will be sent to department chairs and mentors.

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    Our online resources are ideal for those who are unable to register for the online program options due to scheduling constraints or who only need to access resources as needs arise.

    The same materials will be available as offered in the online cohort course, but you will not have the opportunity to connect with other peers or Delphi staff. You can easily sign up for additional programs to supplement your experience, including our Seminar on Teaching for New Faculty or the Graduate Teaching Academy!

    Access our library of online resources here.

Get Started with the Teaching Onboarding Checklist

Review this checklist of resources and information to set you up for teaching success at UofL.

Earn a Certificate

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Participants who complete the Teaching Onboarding Online Cohort Course will receive a certificate and letter of completion that may be shared with program chairs, supervisors, or mentors.


For more information, please contact Caroline Boswell, Ph.D., Faculty Development Specialist by email at caroline.boswell@louisville.edu or at 502.852.5104.

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