Teaching Onboarding for UofL Faculty

Registration for the Teaching Onboarding program is currently closed. Please check back as details and registration for the 2023-24 program will be available soon.

Teaching Onboarding Program

Administered by the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, the Teaching Onboarding Program is a year-long, hybrid educational development offering designed to meet the most pressing needs of instructors new to UofL.

In this program, we offer a series of development opportunities and resources aligned with the cadence of the academic semester. Our onboarding experience is hosted via Blackboard, which will connect you with online self-paced and in-person learning opportunities. As you progress through the program you will feel more confident and prepared to teach, mentor, and support students at UofL.

Flexible Design and Time Commitment

The Teaching Onboarding Program is designed so that you can build your own pathway through the program. You can engage as little or as much as your busy schedule allows, but we hope you will be able to engage for at least 6-8 hours over the academic year.

Interested in Earning a Certificate at the End of the Program?

All instructors who complete at least four learning opportunities and who articulate a plan for future professional development will receive a certificate and will be recognized at a celebratory event in the spring. We estimate that that those who complete the certificate will spend 8-10 hours attending sessions and/or completing modules in Blackboard over the course of the academic year, with some additional time using its resources as needs arise.

How to Register

The Teaching Onboarding program is currently closed for registration but will re-open for the start of fall 2023 semester. Once you register, we will enroll you in the Blackboard course, and you will be connected to the various resources and opportunities that this program has to offer. While you can join at any time, we invite you to register at your earliest convenience, preferably before July 29th.


The Teaching Onboarding Program welcomes all UofL faculty members, including tenured, tenure-track, term, full- and part-time, who joined the UofL community within the past three years. Graduate Teaching Assistants are also welcome to register.

Program Learning Opportunities

Basecamp icon Basecamp
  • Getting Ready for your Journey (online module)
  • Semester Kick-Off Session, next dates TBD
2-8 weeks before the semester begins
Laying the Foundation icon Laying the Foundation
  • Teaching with Blackboard Survival Guide (online module)
  • Learner-Centered Syllabus Tune-up and Peer Review Workshop
1-4 weeks before the semester begins
Blaizing the Trail icon Blazing the Trail
  • Getting to Know Your Students: Creating an Inclusive Classroom (online module)
  • Teaching with UofL Technologies (online module)
  • Designing Transparent Assignments to Enhance Equity (online module)
Beginning of the semester (e.g., 1 week prior and first two weeks of semester)
Adjusting Course icon Adjusting Course
  • Using Student Feedback to Inform Your Teaching (online module)
  • Active Learning Strategies (live event)
Mid-semester (e.g., 5-8 weeks into the semester)
Reflecting on Your Journey icon Reflecting on Your Journey
  • Teaching Café: Reflecting on Your Semester in Community (live or online)
End of the semester (e.g., last week of semester into finals)
Reaching the Summit Icon Reaching the Summit
  • Teaching Onboarding Celebration (live event)
Each May

Looking to Make Connections with Colleagues? Attend First Fridays for New Faculty!

Join us on the first Friday of each month to connect with other new faculty and drop-in guests from across the university over a cup of coffee or tea. During these informal gatherings you’ll have a chance to unwind, share your teaching wins and challenges, and build collegial networks across the university.

First Fridays will be at 9 a.m. in the TILL Living Room on the 3rd floor of the Ekstrom Library, Belknap Campus

To receive calendar reminders and information about our drop-in guests, please register for the Teaching Onboarding Program.

Teaching Onboarding Checklist

Click here for a checklist of resources and information to set you up for teaching success at UofL.


Please contact Caroline Boswell, Ph.D., Faculty Development Specialist by email at caroline.boswell@louisville.edu or 502-852-5104.

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