Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that acts as virtual proctor for online exams. Using webcam and video technology to record student test-taking, the Monitor tool discourages cheating during online exams and promotes a more successful learning environment.

The tool integrates seamlessly with Blackboard and is ideal for non-proctored test administration.

Why Implement Respondus Monitor?

Students using Respondus Monitor in UofL’s pilot program reported a very positive experience with the application.

  • 95.3% found Respondus Monitor somewhat or very easy to use
  • 80% indicated they believe using Respondus Monitor promotes academic integrity
  • 78% were somewhat or very satisfied with their experience using Respondus Monitor

Faculty Benefits:

  • Increases academic integrity for online courses and online-administered exams
  • Enables more class time to be used for teaching
  • Automatically flags suspicious behavior during exams
  • Holds students accountable for preparation

Student Benefits:

  • Allows tests and quizzes to be taken from any location, at any time
  • Saves on cost and time otherwise spent traveling to class, with no proctor fee

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Webinar Sessions

Respondus offers webinars for both Lockdown Browser and Monitor.

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Additional Resources

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Video: Preparing Your Exam

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