Resources for Teaching in the Era of Generative AI

Additional Resources & Events

Learn more about upcoming Generative AI workshops here or review our Sharepoint site for additional resources for how generative AI is impacting higher ed.

As generative AI tools continue to evolve, educators face a unique challenge when designing and facilitating courses. The Delphi Center has curated the following resources to provide some initial guidance and considerations relating to the impact of generative AI.

Additionally, our SharePoint site, "Teaching and Learning with AI" complements this page with dynamic and regularly updated resources to support your ongoing journey.

General Information on Generative AI in Higher Education


The categories below were devised by Kevin Yee, PhD, Director of the Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and were first used to categorize strategies for teaching with ChatGPT. The following set of resources is intended as a complement to UCF’s strategies page, “Artificial Intelligence.”

Category 1: Neutralize the Software

Category 2: Teach Ethics, Integrity and Career-Related Skills

Category 3: Lean into the Software’s Abilities

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