Delphi Center staff members are dedicated to the pursuit and promotion of excellence in teaching and learning. Our numerous program areas serve a diverse audience with one common goal: to promote academic and professional growth through education.

Photo of Gale Rhodes
  • Gale Rhodes
  • Associate University Provost
  • Executive Director
  • 502.852.5432
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    Gale Rhodes, associate university provost and executive director of the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, has the following responsibilities:

    1. Provide oversight for the SACS QEP which is Ideas to Action. Ideas to Action staff work with colleges/schools as well as staff departments to assist them with infusing critical thinking into the curriculum. They provide workshops as well as individual consultations with faculty.
    2. Assist units with putting entire academic programs online. The Office of Online Learning works closely with department chairs and individual faculty members with recruitment, retention, student services as well as helping with a plan of action for getting programs online.
    3. Provide training and faculty development for faculty members putting courses online. This office facilitates several intensive workshops teaching faculty members how to put their classes online as well as assisting them with both course design and effective teaching skills.
    4. Work closely with Information Technology to support the learning management system, Blackboard, so that it is an effective system in which faculty teach their online classes. Information technology provides technical support while the Delphi Center provides application support of Blackboard.
    5. Provide faculty development opportunities for faculty teaching face to face classes. This unit does a series of faculty learning communities, all day workshops, dine and discover workshops and one on one consultations with faculty to assist them in developing strong teaching skills in their classes.
    6. Schedule meetings and conferences on Shelby Campus using both the Founders Union building and Burhans Hall. Both of these facilities have renovated meeting space along with the opportunity to utlize conferencing staff to fully support conferences that are scheduled on Shelby Campus or the greater Louisville area.
    7. Provide professional development opportunities to both Greater Louisville businesses as well as the university community. There are public offerings as well opportunities for in-house development if businesses would like for the staff in this unit to work with their individual staff members onsite.
    8. Facilitate marketing plans for all of the units in the Delphi Center to adequately inform others of the opportunities available through the Delphi Center.
    9. Provide fiscal oversight of the entire budget for this organization.
Photo of Melinda Addie Photo of Eddy Arnold
  • Eddy Arnold
  • Technology Specialist Senior
  • 502.852.5540
Photo of Tracy Ballinger Photo of IL Barrow
Photo of Colin Baumgartner Photo of Sally Beck
  • Sally Beck
  • Administrative Assistant for Gale Rhodes
  • 502.852.6959
Photo of Beverly Becker Photo of Donna Berger
Photo of Marie Kendall Brown Photo of Kristen Brown
Photo of Mary Ellen Burke Photo of Alex Bryant
Photo of Beth Case Photo of Robbie Chitwood
Photo of Julijana Curcic Photo of Debbie Dearing
Photo of Virginia Denny Photo of Laura Dorman
Photo of Alicia Montgomery Dunlap Photo of Kristen Frarey
Photo of Roy Fuller
  • Roy Fuller
  • Part-Time Faculty Fellow (2013-2014)
  • 502.852.0663
Photo of Gina Furlong
  • Gina Furlong
  • Program Coordinator for Shelby Campus
  • 502.852.3244
Photo of Aimee Greene
  • Aimee Greene
  • Assistant Director
  • Instructional Technology
  • 502.852.4482
Photo of Nisha Gupta
No Photo Kearne Harrell Photo of Deb Hatfield
  • Deb Hatfield
  • Consultant Senior
  • Instructional Technology
  • 502.852.0412
Photo of Ashley Heimbrock Photo of Kristina Hellmann
Photo of Mike Homan
  • Mike Homan
  • Technology Specialist Intermediate
  • Blackboard
  • 502.852.7667
Photo of Melanie Kelley
Photo of Megean Kincaid
  • Megean Kincaid
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Marketing
  • 502.852.8950
Photo of Brad Lawton
  • Brad Lawton
  • Technology Specialist Senior
  • Blackboard
  • 502.852.1905
Photo of Linda Leake
  • Linda Leake
  • Instructional Technology Specialist Senior
  • Instructional Technology
  • 502.852.4332
Photo of Steve Lux
  • Steve Lux
  • Facilities Coordinator Senior
  • 502.852.0690
Photo of Elizabeth McDaniel Photo of Jessica Musselwhite
Photo of Patty Payette
  • Patty Payette
  • Sr. Associate Director, Delphi Center
  • Executive Director, i2a
  • 502.852.5171
Photo of Daniel Robinson
Photo of Michelle Rodems Photo of Edna Ross
Photo of Ron Schildknecht Photo of Kimberly Smith
Photo of Scott Soeder Photo of John Spence
Photo of Christie Van Buren Photo of Susanna Westerfield
Photo of Bill Whitaker
  • Bill Whitaker
  • Morning Receptionist for Shelby office
  • 502.852.6456
Photo of John Whitney
  • John Whitney
  • Program Coordinator
  • Faculty Development
  • 502.852.7623
Photo of Angela Yates
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