Info Sessions

“Info Session” is short for “Information Session” and it is an event hosted by you for the prospective students interested in your online program. The info session can be a very valuable recruitment tool used to:

  • Inform prospective students about the features and benefits of your program and online learning at UofL
  • Help prospective students make a decision about applying to your program and determine if it is a good fit
  • Encourage prospective students to enroll in your online program

It is your opportunity to speak directly with prospects and really show them what makes your program shine, how valuable your program is for their professional growth and why they should come to UofL to fulfill their educational goals.

Delphi Support

Whether hosted online (through Blackboard Collaborate) or in-person (at the location of your choice), setting up an Info Session requires a substantial amount of resources and time. The Delphi Center has the resources and know-how to help you set the stage for your event. Typically, Delphi will:

  • Create the event room in Blackboard Collaborate
  • Assign roles and provide access to presenters, moderators and technical team
  • Announce and promote the event
  • Collect, compile and share the list of registrants
  • Provide initial training in Collaborate and troubleshooting assistance

Questions or Suggestions

Please contact the Online Learning Team at: 800.871.8635 or

Want to request an info session date? Click HERE and fill out the form!

Your Next Steps

For a comprehensive view of the entire Info Session process, please access the detailed information under the links below and prepare for a successful Info Session.

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