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Now that Blackboard has moved to the cloud, the system will receive updates and improvements year round. Check in here to stay informed about the monthly updates and improvements being made to Blackboard.

  • Click to Show/HideDecember 2018
    Updates and Bug Fixes

    December Bug Fixes:

    1. Students may have had trouble accessing the activity stream due to conflicting backend logic regarding grade columns and due dates. We’ve fixed the issue.
    2. Some devices displayed misaligned numbers for options in multiple choice, either/or, and true/false questions. We’ve fixed the issue.

    December Updates:

    Content lockdown: Expanded user privileges for gradebook control - Grading within a course is multi-faceted. Assigning a grade is only one piece of the process, which can also include grade maintenance, data download and upload, and release of grades. Institution administrators can grant some or all of these permissions to trusted facilitators to help ease the grading responsibility in larger courses.

  • Click to Show/HideNovember 2018
    Updates and Bug Fixes

    November Bug Fixes:

    1. A permissions issue in the Mobile Web Services building block caused tests to be inaccessible when first opened through the app. We fixed the issue.
    2. An updated version of the Partner Cloud Building Block is bundled with this release.
    3. An updated version of the Wiley Plus Building Block is bundled with this release.
    4. An updated version of the Cengage Mindlinks Learning Building Block is bundled with this release.
    5. An updated version of the Vital Source Building Block is bundled with this release. Grade syncing in the VitalSource Building Block is disabled by default in this release to prevent issues on the vendor's side.
    6. In the Original Course View, pattern matching questions with incorrectly formatted regular expressions in the answer were marked wrong. We fixed the issue.
    7. Instructors encountered errors when grading a group discussion with a rubric. We fixed the issue.
    8. We’ve fixed some issues in reports: All User Activity Inside Content Areas and Course Performance Report.

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    Delegated Grading

    Delegated grading lets an instructor share grading responsibilities by assigning course members to grade sets of submissions. Grading and feedback from more than one grader can promote reliability, improve consistency, and remove bias. The instructor can reconcile grades and settle on final scores after the graders have completed their assigned submissions. Reconciling grades means to check for accuracy when the instructor has shared the grading in a class with TAs or graders.

    Delegated Grading- Expanded Reconciling [PDF]

  • Click to Show/HideSeptember 2018
    Download Annotated PDF, Instructor, Student

    The Box Inline grading tool now has the capability to download student submissions with instructor annotations embedded within the documents. When annotations are present within the document being rendered by Box View Tool a new button will be present for all users to download the document with annotations. Here are the steps to download the annotated PDF.

    (Student) Download the annotated [PDF]

    (Instructor) Download the annotated [PDF]

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

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