Launch an Online Course

Faculty members interested in putting a course online should work with the Instructional Design and Technology unit of the Delphi Center. A team of instructional designers will work with faculty members at any level to put a course online. Request a consultation and our instructional designers will work with you to ensure that your online course provides an engaging teaching and learning experience.

Check Resources for Preparing Your Course to see the stages of online course development.

Definition of an online class

An online class is one in which 100% of content is delivered online, synchronously or asynchronously.

See UofL's "Credit Hour Policy".

Obtain course approval

Online courses are approved in the same way as any other course, following established university and departmental policies. All courses offered online must meet the same learning outcomes as other sections of the same course offered in different modalities or in different locations. See the Office of Academic Planning and Accountability website for forms and directions.

Add an online class to the schedule of courses

The Office of the Registrar will send your department a proof list of courses offered the same term in the previous year and you will be given the opportunity to mark corrections, additions, etc. The contact within your department who receives the proofs must make sure to do the following when adding the online course(s) to the list:

  1. Assign online courses a section number of 50 or 52-59.
  2. Add notes for any special online or offline meeting requirements (e.g., "required meeting online once a week," or "students must attend three mandatory meetings held on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. in Strickler Hall, room 102, on the following dates…" Notes should be as specific as possible so students can make informed decisions about their schedule.
  3. Faculty members requiring a proctored exam must place a note in the Schedule of Classes and in the syllabus, informing students that they may incur a fee either to pay the proctor or to purchase a webcam, depending on the type of proctoring the faculty member chooses. The U.S. Department of Education and SACS require students to know up front of any additional fees associated with verification of student identity in online courses.
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