iClicker is a great way for instructors and students to interact in a classroom setting. This user-friendly tool is offered free to UofL faculty and staff. iClicker works in tandem with Blackboard and Grade Center, making it an easy tool to integrate into your courses.

Attend a Free iClicker Training

Periodically, an iClicker representative will be on campus to offer a free training to faculty and staff. Lunch will be provided, and attendees will receive a complimentary instructor kit upon request, including an instructor station as well as instructor and student remotes. Check back here for scheduled dates, or contact Linda Leake at 502.852.4332 to request a training.

October 17, 2023 - iClicker Vendor Visit for Training.

Want to learn more about iClicker? Join the Delphi Center and our iClicker representative, David Maltby for three sessions:

  • "iClicker 101" for those who are new to using iClicker, 9-10:15am;
  • "Advanced iClicker" for those who are current users and want to learn about new features, 10:30- 11:45am and
  • "iClicker Lunch Conversations" a session for lunch (provided by vendor, Registration required) for an opportunity to have open conversation, comments, questions and idea sharing. 12 noon - 1:30pm

These sessions will be held in the Teaching Innovation Learning Lab, Ekstrom Library, Room 302

Lunch requires an RSVP, Please contact Linda Leake at linda.leake@louisville.edu with your intent to attend the lunch session.

What is iClicker?

iClicker is a classroom response system that allows instructors to ask questions and students to submit responses in real time through iClicker remotes or mobile devices. Instructors can then display and record student responses.

Want to learn more general information about iCLicker? View this demo recording.

iClicker Cloud Training

iClicker Cloud is a is a mobile-optimized engagement platform designed to facilitate student and educator collaboration. iClicker allows instructors and students to interact and engage students in real time, ask questions and instantly receive students responses, spot misconceptions, take attendance and more. Our Assignments feature adds an asynchronous option allowing for pre-class assignments, self-paced work, team breakouts, lab work and more. iClicker is works in tandem with Blackboard and Grade Center, making it an easy tool to integrate into your courses.

Watch the Virtual Training Recording From August 18, 2021

For additional information, contact: Linda Leake, 852-4332

iClicker Features

  • Collect and display real-time classroom responses
  • User-friendly software available for free to UofL faculty and staff
  • Integrated with Blackboard and Grade Center
  • New REEF polling feature allows students to respond using smart mobile devices
  • Some UofL classrooms feature built-in iClicker technology
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Let's Get Started:

- Students can respond with smartphones, tablets, laptops or iClicker remotes

- Polling options, including target, short answer, anonymous, and on-the-fly questions

- Quizzing

- GPS Attendance

- Online gradebook

- Student study tools

- Cloud backup & storage

- Requires an internet connection

New Features:

- Assignments

- Engagement for Remote Learning

How to Get Support for iClicker

Contact Linda Leake at 502.852.4332 with questions about use of the software, or to schedule a training.

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