Advisory Board

Delphi Center Mission and Vision

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Louisville provides excellent, responsive, innovative services and programs to enhance teaching and learning for faculty, students, staff and the community.

We deliver expertise, leadership, and resources to become the first-choice partner for fostering educational excellence.

Advisory Board Charge

The Advisory Board is comprised of invited faculty representatives from each of the colleges/schools of the University of Louisville, assistant/associate directors of the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, and other specified members of the university community who will serve in an ex-officio capacity.

The Board is chaired by the executive director of the Delphi Center. Faculty representatives are invited by the executive director to staggered three-year terms. Members may be reappointed at the end of a completed term, but may complete no more than two consecutive terms on the Advisory Board.

Role of Board Members

Board members serve in an advisory capacity to the executive director of the Delphi Center, and will assist the Center in the following ways:

  1. Serve as advocates and liaisons with their colleges and schools to further the Delphi Center's mission;
  2. Work with Delphi staff to identify and help prioritize major teaching and learning, technology in the classroom, and online learning needs and opportunities across campuses;
  3. Assist with long-term strategic planning for the Delphi Center and its role within the University; and
  4. Actively participate in at least one Delphi Center program or event per semester each academic year.


The Board as a whole will meet two times per semester during the academic year.

2015-16 Delphi Advisory Board

Representative College/School Term (Years Left)
Kathy Baumgartner Public Health and Information Sciences 3 years
Marie Kendall Brown Delphi Center ̶
Darcy Deloach School of Music 3 years
Gail DePuy Speed School of Engineering 3 years
Alicia Dunlap Delphi Center -
Tracy Eells Office of the Provost 3 years
Aimee Greene Delphi Center -
Deborah Keeling Arts and Sciences 3 years
Bruce Keisling University Libraries 1 year
Richard Lewine Arts and Sciences 1 year
Michael Metz School of Dentistry 3 years
Larry Michalczyk Kent School of Social Work 3 years
Patty Payette Delphi Center ̶
Gerard Rabalais School of Medicine 3 years
Gale Rhodes Delphi Center ̶
Lars Smith School of Law 2 years
Bill Stout College of Business 2 years
Maurini Strub University Libraries 1 year
Jeff Sun College of Education and Human Development 3 years
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