Trainings by Request

The Delphi Center offers the following courses upon request. Email the Delphi Center or call 502.852.8833 for more information or to make an appointment.

Classroom Response Systems (1.5 hours)

The iClicker system is the University's standard classroom response system. iClicker includes polling, grading, and reporting features allowing for anonymous or graded submissions. During this seminar you will learn the system uses and best practices to inspire participation.

Preventing Plagiarism Using SafeAssign (2 hours)

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service integrated with the Blackboard Learning System™. It helps prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers submitted using Blackboard. This seminar will present several techniques that may be used to help prevent plagiarism in student writing, including the use of SafeAssign comparison tool. Participants will learn what SafeAssign is and how it works, including the sources used to identify unoriginal content, and how to interpret a SafeAssign originality report. Participants will learn what the University of Louisville expects faculty to include on their syllabi before using the tool. The seminar will also demonstrate the use of SafeAssign in the context of and as a tool of pedagogy, so understanding and preventing plagiarism through pedagogy will be discussed and examples presented. Instructors will demonstrate how to use the SafeAssign tool in Blackboard to build SafeAssignments for submission of student work. Technical requirements and required browser settings will be discussed. Hands-on computer lab time is included so participants can practice using SafeAssign.


  • Understand how the University of Louisville defines plagiarism.
  • Understand how pedagogy may be used to prevent plagiarism, including the process of writing and design of assignments.
  • Understand what language must be included on syllabi before using SafeAssign.
  • Understand the sources SafeAssign uses to identify unoriginal work.
  • Understand the difference between the Institutional and Global Reference Databases.
  • Be able to create a SafeAssignment in Normal and Draft modes.
  • Be able to submit a paper using Direct Submit.
  • Be able to interpret a SafeAssign originality report.

Quality Matters (QM): An Online Course Design Process and Rubric

When you need to design an online or hybrid/blended course, where do you begin? The answer is simple--with the Quality Matters (QM) course design process and rubric. QM is a process-driven, faculty-centered approach for designing online or hybrid/blended courses. Ideal for both new and current online faculty, this workshop offers an introduction to the QM process and rubric as well as hands-on time applying the rubric to create and enhance online and hybrid/blended courses. Please bring a sample copy of a course syllabus to the workshop.

The ABC's of Teaching Online: Getting Started

Curious about teaching online? Wondering how to get started? Get the answers during this brief, but informative seminar. Discover the benefits and challenges of teaching online. While the format is primarily lecture, this seminar offers plenty of time for questions and sharing of ideas. Learn more about this ever-growing educational trend. Enroll today!

Course Goal:

This workshop is designed to support faculty who may be wondering or have questions about teaching online. The workshop discusses information around how online instruction differs from face-to-face instruction; provides basic information about using Blackboard-UofL's Learning Management System (LMS) and an introduction to Quality Matters (QM) a course design process and rubric.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the "what" and "why" of online learning
  • Recognize how to get started using Blackboard for online course development
  • Utilize Quality Matters as a course design process/rubric
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