Faculty Favorites 2012-2013

About the Award

All faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants who receive nominations receive a formal letter of recognition from the Provost, along with a certificate, and are invited to attend the Faculty Favorite Reception, to be held during the lunch program at the 2014 Celebration of Teaching and Learning on Friday, February 7, 2014, at Shelby Campus. All student nominations are also posted on the Faculty Favorite Award website.

Additionally, there will be a smaller pool named as top nominees, with no more than one nominee per department, drawn from those who receive the most nominations. These "Top" Faculty Favorites will be recognized campus-wide through UofL Today and on a banner that is displayed on the front of Ekstrom Library in early February. Instructors are eligible to be featured as a "Top" Faculty Favorite every four years.

2013-14 Nomination Periods

The Fall 2013 nomination period opens on November 18 and closes on December 20.

The Spring 2014 nomination period opens on April 7 and closes on May 9.

2012-13 "Top 4"

The Delphi Center is proud to announce the "Top 4" Faculty Favorites for 2012-13.

First Last Department School Comments
Jennifer Brueckner-Collins Anatomical Sciences And Neurobiology School Of Medicine "Dr. Brueckner is a bit of an anomaly. I've been through 19 years of instruction, including law school (where I had some of the best professors in those 19 years), and never before have I seen the mastery, enthusiasm, dedication, and concern for the well-being and education of her students. Besides being course director for Gross Anatomy, she also teaches classes in Embryology. I'm surprised that she finds enough hours in the day to do what she does. The lectures that she gives are thorough, interesting, well-organized, and as difficult as medical school is, she makes it far less tedious. I was convinced that Gross Anatomy would be rough. It is, but with Dr. Brueckner at the helm, it is far better than I expected. She is, in my mind, the best of the best. Louisville is lucky to have her, and I'm fortunate to call her Professor. * Never before have I seen such passion for a field of study coupled with a deep passion for teaching. She trains future physicians who will be better because she chose to dedicate her career to teaching. * Dr. Brueckner is the most forward-thinking, student-friendly professor at the University. While her accolades are many, she retains intellectual humility, despite the fact that she is working with students whom sometimes think they ""know it all."" With Dr. Brueckner's help, I was able to perform well in a course that I previously had difficulty. Much more could be written and I am certain will be written by other students since she deserves the recognition. * Dr. Brueckner is simply the best instructor we have had during our first year of school, period. Everything from her always upbeat attitude to her easy-to-follow style of teaching is amazing. She has an uncanny ability to tie everything together and relate all of the minute details to the bigger picture of the human body. * Dr. Brueckner does not only have a brilliantly intelligent mind, she is also an accomplished anatomist and author of academic literature. Furthermore, she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She can explain some of the most complicated anatomical concepts (i.e. the autonomic nervous system) in a compartmentalized and logical manner that allows students to grasp the material and understand it in a way that contributes to their academic success. She is genuinely invested in students' well-being and constantly shows how committed she is to ensuring that students understand the material. She goes the extra mile to make sure we understand anatomy, not just for the purpose of passing our classes in medical school, but so that we may gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy as it relates to the all-important clinical realm of medicine. I truly believe that Dr. Brueckner is a gifted teacher and that her commitment to our understanding of clinical anatomy will allow us to be better physicians in the future. I feel so lucky and honored to have her as my anatomy professor, and I believe she is THE perfect candidate for this award. * Not only is Dr. Brueckner extremely well-known and respected in her field, but she is one of the kindest and most relatable professors I have had. * Dr. Brueckner has made an impact on every medical student that she has come across. She is the best instructor I have ever had and has made the first-year medical class more successful than we would have been without her. * She is without a doubt one of the most outstanding teachers and motivators in academia. * An amazing instructor, clearly dedicated to what she does, always available for students, never makes you feel like you are an annoyance when you have questions. * Dr. Brueckner knows just about everything about the subject. On top of that, she knows how to make people understand anatomy when they are confused. She is one of the most knowledgeable and accessible educators I've ever had. * Dr. Brueckner is the new course director for medical gross anatomy. She has completely revolutionized the way the course is taught--both in the classroom and in the lab. She has made a huge push on behalf of the students to convince older, more established faculty to embrace new technology (Tegrity, color-coded presentations, etc.) in the classroom. Additionally, she has instated a new laboratory protocol in which the previous groups of six students per body are broken into A and B teams. On any given day, one team dissects independently and teaches the day's findings to the other team at the end. This has allowed for more in-depth student exposure and freed up study time for the non-dissecting team. If that wasn't enough, she has single-handedly crafted almost every embryology lecture we've had under the new course director for medical embryology. She goes far above and beyond what we as students ask of her and goes out of her way to make herself available (both in person and via email). Her enthusiasm for teaching and keen ear for listening to student feedback has set the UofL School of Medicine Class of 2016 off to a very strong start. She has set the bar very high, leading the way for the major curriculum overhaul that will be fully implemented in two years' time to the class of 2018. * Dr. Brueckner is an extremely dedicated professor. She devotes so much time and energy to her students, and you can tell that she really wants to help us learn. We are lucky to have her here at UofL. * She is an absolutely wonderful teacher and puts so much effort into teaching to make things as easy as possible for us. It has been wonderful having her this year, and I have learned so much from her. * Dr. Brueckner is highly dedicated to our education. She encourages a fun learning environment. Her passion for teaching is contagious. Her enthusiasm is inspirational. She is always ready to help and really enjoys student interaction. * Dr. Brueckner is by far the best professor I have ever had. She not only gives phenomenal lectures, but is an all-around great person. She cares deeply for each one of her students and makes everyone feel like a super star. I feel very honored to have been called one of her students."
Ralph Merkel Communication College Of Arts And Sciences "He was a great professor and helped us to do our best! * Professor was the coolest teacher I ever had in college. Not only did I learn a lot of interesting and useful things on video and filmmaking, but I had a good time in the process. Professor Merkel knows how students like to learn and creates fun, hands-on ways to learn about the course content. He was also very personable. He was the first and really, only teacher who remembered me and made a point to greet me and ask how I was doing in the hallways of Strickler, semesters after the class I had with him passed. * One word, Awesome. Any advice I needed through the semester with my internship or practicum, Prof. Merkel was always there for guidance. I'm very grateful to have had a professor like Prof. Merkel for the past several semesters. I would like to say that he has been one of my favorite professors and a great mentor. * I have absolutely enjoyed my time in his numerous classes. Ralph is an excellent teacher who is very personable with his students. I love him and his personality. He's well deserving for this award. He's kept me encouraged and that goes a long way! * Professor Merkel has been the one professor I know that I could count on. He has taught me so much during my years at the University of Louisville. He has a passion for Video Communication that is rarely found. I have always held the upmost respect and honor for him, and he deserves this award so much. Hopefully many more students will have the opportunity to learn under him. * Ralph Merkel made my time at UofL totally unique and worthwhile. He's the best! * Best teacher on campus! * When I switched out of engineering, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I took his online journalism class on a whim and ended up loving it. After that, I have taken all his video classes, and they have been the highlight of my class week. His classes are always a great atmosphere where you can come in and everyone knows what they have to do, and you just have to do it. I feel like because of these classes I'm ready to do a job that I would really enjoy. * Excellent teacher and very deserving of this award. * Best professor ever. * Excellent teacher and great mind in the television field. I really enjoyed his COMM 335 class and look forward to taking more of his classes in the future. * Professor Merkel teaches a great class and offers students a hands-on and creative environment. * Awesome teacher! I have purposely taken all his classes because it's a hands-on learning experience, and he makes class fun--that's what teaching is about, that's how we remember things! * He was the best professor I had a UofL. I've been going to UofL since 2008 and he had, easily, the most enjoyable class. He truly deserves this award. * Ralph Merkel is the bee's knees. * I enjoyed how hands on the online journalism class was taught. * Professor Merkel is an instructor who not only teaches his content well, but makes the learning process for his students fun. He is very approachable when questions are asked, and he goes above and beyond to make sure his students have everything they need in order to be successful. In addition, he encourages his students to pursue success outside of the classroom as well, which factors into why his students are able to garner success both at UofL and outside of the classroom in the community. * As a student who has known Ralph for almost three years, I can safely say that he has been an important mentor throughout my undergraduate career. With his guidance, I successfully created a full-length documentary, titled ""New Kentucky Home."" Through his work--both in and out of the classroom--Ralph has imparted a great number of valuable, transferable skills that helped transform me into a well-rounded journalist. From grant writing to video editing, Ralph is dedicated to helping students like me achieve more than ever expected. * He always made class fun and enjoyable, while teaching in a manner that was comprehensive and understandable. * Learned a lot in the two classes that I have had with him! One of the best instructors that I have had in my time here at UofL. * He is a great teacher and really encourages the students to get involved. I learned so much in his class, and I would tell other students to enroll in his classes. * I have enjoyed both classes I took with Professor Merkel. Class always had a great atmosphere, and he made his content relevant to his students. Class helped build the ability to work and plan events as a group effectively, which is something valued in any field following college. He was always available when someone needed assistance and helped them work through the problem instead of solving it immediately. Every task was a learning experience. * He is a great teacher who knows how to actively engage with his students. * Great instructor. You can tell he really wants his students to learn Video Comm. * Favorite teacher ever!"
Cynthia Miller Physiology And Biophysics School Of Medicine Dr. Miller's teaching style is above and beyond any teacher I have ever had. She truly has a passion for teaching, and it is clearly shown by her teaching style. She clearly spends a ton of extra time preparing her lesson plans and material. She makes a difficult subject easy to obtain, and I truly believe her methods should be the framework for all courses from kindergarten to post doc. * For her first year being the course director, she made everything run smoothly and was very accommodating with other classes that we had going on. Aside from being a great director, she was the best professor of physiology. She taught the material clearly and efficiently. She was always creating a classroom of respect. She always would go above and beyond to help the students understand the material. * She was easily one of the best professors I've ever had. Great lecturer and really cared about the students. Made learning physiology enjoyable. * Dr. Miller is an excellent instructor, both in her lectures and in the materials she provides outside of class. It is obvious she cares about her students and wants them to do well, and she anticipates where students may have problems comprehending the material. She thinks like a student but teaches like a master, and despite her large repertoire of knowledge, she demonstrates humility and a desire for continued learning. She is also very friendly and approachable outside of class and willing to work with students who are struggling. She is one of the small percentage of instructors I have had in my academic career where I have looked forward to every class period in which she was teaching. She fosters a great learning environment through in-class activities and engaging exercises and welcomes questions or suggestions to improving her course. I gained a new appreciation for physiology through her class, and if I wasn't going into dentistry I'd almost consider becoming a physiologist. While there are many excellent instructors here, the University of Louisville would be hard-pressed to find one better than Dr. Miller. * Best teacher ever. * As the new course director for dental physiology, Dr. Miller really has turned the physiology class around. My biggest wish this year was that Dr. Miller taught all the sections of physiology because she does a great job. * Dr. Miller goes above and beyond the average instructor in her desire to help students achieve mastery of physiology. She is always available for extra help or questions and uses class time to challenge and engage students using activities and discussion instead of the typical standing-at-the-lectern lecture. She is the example each educator should emulate! * She is a phenomenal instructor whose love for teaching makes students love learning. I cannot thank her enough for how nice she has been to me as I have put forth my all to understanding physiology. She relates to students and is always there for them whether it is her constant open-door policy or returning emails at midnight. * She's just the best and most effective professor I've had in a good while. * She cares that we learn and succeed. I leave her class understanding something, instead of being confused. A natural educator! * In Dr. Miller's first semester as course director, she has done a tremendous job of both establishing a good relationship with students and using engaging, clear, practical teaching methods; together, these contributions have allowed her students to learn the course content better and faster and to deepen their appreciation for physiology. * Dr. Miller is dedicated to ensuring each student, no matter of academic ability, learns the complicated nuances of human physiology.
Darcy Walworth Music Education And Music Therapy Division School Of Music "Dr. Walworth is one of the most inspiring professors at our university. Her passion for teaching is exemplary, and her commitment to incorporate knowledge with cutting-edge teaching methods keeps students interested in learning. Her willingness to help students, her positive attitude, and her transfers to real-world applications shape students' lives in the classroom. She is a role model, a knowledgeable researcher, and a caring person. Dr. Walworth gives 110% by going above and beyond to ensure students are constantly learning, thinking, and growing, not only as students, but as human beings. * Dr. Walworth has literally turned around not only the Department of Music Therapy but also the way the Louisville community is responding to and including music therapy. This is huge for students as they graduate and enter the work field. I have learned more in the three semesters with Dr. Walworth than I could have imagined. She is a teacher who empowers her students. She never tears students down. She provides them with the knowledge and resources they need and then encourages and pushes them to use it effectively. My ability level and confidence in music therapy practice has grown exponentially because of Dr. Walworth. * I feel that she really deserves this award because of how she has changed our program and really making it blossom. I know that when I go off to my internship that I will be in the best possible shape because of her. * Dr. Walworth knows how to teach a class. It doesn't matter if you don't understand something, she always takes the time to explain things, and she is constantly reassuring us that we will one day make great music therapists. She has been at the University for 1.5 years and has moved the department so much in such little time. * Dr. Walworth is in her second year here as the new director of the Music Therapy Program at UofL and has completely revitalized the program. All of her students love learning from her, and she has been a great mentor to me as I prepare for graduate studies. She definitely deserves recognition because she is an outstanding faculty member and will be producing great students and research for our university. * She is the best! * Dr. Walworth has completely turned the Music Therapy Department around. She loves what she does and passes that joy to her students no matter what the subject. * Dr. Walworth genuinely cares for each one of her students and sacrifices so much of her time and energy to making sure we succeed. I have learned so much from her, both about music therapy and about life. She is the most supportive professor I have ever had, always building her students up and helping them to realize their potential. It has been an honor studying under such a wonderful professor and person. * Dr. Walworth is reshaping the music therapy program perfectly. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does; this makes her an incredibly engaging teacher (I dare say, the one and only engaging teacher I've had at UofL). She could convince anyone that what she does, along with what she teaches her students, is incredibly important, valued, and effective. Dr. Walworth genuinely cares about each one of her students. She supports, encourages, and nurtures our budding talents and skills. Dr. Walworth stands out from other teachers, especially in the music school. There, most teachers critique their students while teaching their students to critique each other. She's the only teacher that has ever embraced my talents and made me feel like I'm already good enough. She believes in her students, so that her students believe in themselves. All of the other teachers in the School of Music could definitely learn from her teaching style. It yields a student who genuinely cares about what they do. I highly suggest two of her classes, ""Introduction to Music Therapy,"" and, ""Psychology of Music,"" to anyone interested in learning more about the field of music therapy. Either class is open to all majors and will be unlike any class you've ever taken. * Dr. Walworth ALWAYS makes time for her students. She makes special bonds with them and really goes above and beyond the job of a professor. She is the only in-house MT professor but is still there to help her students from first-semester freshman to the occasional ""victory lap"" senior. Dr. Walworth is why I love Louisville so much, and she and her running of the department is what kept me from transferring to a school in state (I'm from Nashville, TN). Words cannot describe how great Dr. Walworth is, and I know the entire MT department feels this way. * Amazing teacher, very passionate, and always working hard. * Dr. Walworth is a wonderful teacher who really cares for her students and for music therapy! She has so many experiences to share with her students and is well known in the music therapy community! She is one of the kindest and most understanding teachers I have ever had! She is so busy and works so hard to provide the best training and experience for her students. * She works so hard to show us how to become music therapists! * Dr. Walworth has not only been my teacher this semester, she has been my mentor. She has taught me theories of music therapy inside the classroom and how to apply these theories in clinical practice outside of the classroom. She is passionate about music therapy, and she is passionate about having her students succeed. I honestly don't know where I would be in my college education without her. * This is only her second year of teaching, and she is already implementing great ideas and using innovative teaching methods, so her students gain the most value and are exposed to the most current trends in the field. A wonderful teacher!"

2012-13 Nominations

James Alexander Biology College Of Arts And Sciences He has gone above and beyond to make the massive amount of information presented in freshman biology classes clear and concise so that students will have a good foundational knowledge of biology to help them succeed in upper level courses and in scientific careers. The time he has taken to compose learning objectives and lecture notes will be invaluable tools that I will frequently return to in the years to come. Thank you sir for your commitment to teaching and learning.
Ann Allen History College Of Arts And Sciences "Great Professor! She made me realize that there is always another way to look at any issue. I developed a great sense of critical thinking in her class. I am holding onto her advice that ""Criticism is helpful."" I live for Dr. Allen:)"
Mary Ashlock Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Ashlock has been incredible to me! She has helped me, advised me, and encouraged me in the short time that I have known her. She is an incredible inspiration! * She goes out of her way to help students and get them where they need to be.
Ronald Atlas Biology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Atlas is an amazing instructor. He has so much knowledge, yet presents the material in an interesting and understandable way. We are lucky to have him at UofL!
Megan Bardolph English College Of Arts And Sciences Megan is a great teacher!!!!
Tony Belak Urban And Public Affairs College Of Arts And Sciences "Tony Belak is a great professor and person. He teaches in a way that will make students remember because you learn by doing. Great professor"
Nancy Bishop Women's And Gender Studies College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Bishop taught WGST 201 in Fall 2012--Women in American Culture. She did a fabulous job! This was an online class, and she made a deliberate attempt with weekly emails and announcements to stay in touch with the class. When I reached out to her personally, she always responded in less than 24 hrs time. What she expected from you as the student was mapped out clearly in the beginning which helped me to meet the criteria. She also pushed you just enough to get you out of your comfort zone and to the next level so that you learned more than you ever expected! She did a great job! I wish I could have her for more of my classes!
Garry Brown Theatre Arts College Of Arts And Sciences He is the best!!!!
Jennie Burnet Anthropology College Of Arts And Sciences I am not alone when I say that Dr. Burnet has changed the way that I look at a lot of things. I have heard so many students cite Dr. B as the reason that they chose to study anthropology. She is brilliant and truly cares about teaching her students and facilitating critical thinking. * Dr. Burnet has made a tremendous impact in my life through her teachings and required readings. Within cultural anthropology, not only did we learn what makes up a culture, but also what beauty, art, religions, etc., are like in other countries. Needless to say, I am more of an open-minded individual now.
Anne Caldwell Political Science College Of Arts And Sciences Prof. Caldwell is an excellent teacher. You can tell she really knows her material and teaches it in a way that is easily understood. She takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students by name. She also takes great strides to create a safe environment for her students to speak openly about the subjects brought up during class. Anne is a great professor and deserves to be recognized among her peers as such.
Berta Calvert Classical And Modern Languages College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Calvert is such an inspiring instructor. She always comes to class with a positive attitude, and it really rubs off onto the entire class. I was excited to go to her class each day, and I always learned so much material while having fun. She constantly motivates her students to do the best work possible, inside and outside of the class. Professor Calvert is more than an instructor at the University of Louisville, she is a role model for all. I can't wait to have her as an instructor again next semester!
Ying Kit Chan Fine Arts College Of Arts And Sciences "Ying Kit taught my Drawing I class this semester. He did an excellent job imparting the basics of drawing to me and the other students and taught in a challenging, yet encouraging and upbeat way. He designed specific activities and events to keep the students engaged with the material. We were required to keep a sketchbook, and he set up a Facebook group for our class so that we could post images of our sketches as well as links about art. It was a great way to reinforce what we were doing in the classroom and get to know the other students. Ying Kit also took us to observe a papermaking workshop that was taking place in the art department during one of our class periods, and set aside one day for a guest Chinese painter to come demonstrate traditional Chinese landscape painting. Then we each got to try Chinese landscape painting ourselves! I have learned a lot about drawing and have become more confident as a result of this class, and especially the way Ying Kit sought to make the class a stimulating and interesting time. Of all my classes this semester, Drawing I was the class in which I became friends with the other students the most. I think this had a lot to do with the way Ying Kit taught and the engaging environment he created. I also appreciate that way Ying Kit leads the Fine Arts Department. I still don't know a whole lot about the department, being a first-semester freshman, but I have been so impressed with the quality of instruction and the wonderful artistic environment at the Hite Art Institute. One thing that has struck me about Ying Kit, the other professors I've interacted with, and the department as a whole is the unpretentiousness. Ying Kit is extremely knowledgeable, yet he seems to really enjoy interacting with the students. He's always willing to talk about the projects we're working on in class or anything else. I've found the same thing with the other professors and staff--none of them are standoffish but readily engage with the students. They are more concerned with the students' education and benefit than about keeping up any certain ""image."" I would imagine this has something to do with the tone Ying Kit sets as the chairman. I would highly recommend Ying Kit for the award because of his skill and impact as a teacher, as well as the impact he makes on a continuing basis as the chair of the Fine Arts Department."
Warren Chellman Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences He has inspired me to overcome adversity and do greater things. He is currently battling cancer but has yet to miss a class or let that affect his teaching.
Derek Childers Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences Hands down the best teacher I've ever had. * Derek Childers is always ready to help. He is the reason for my understanding of calculus.
Ted Coopman Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. D'Silva is very understanding of things that arise throughout the semester and adjusts deadlines accordingly. I've had her for multiple courses, and she is tough, fair, and well-informed in every aspect of her teachings. If I wasn't graduating I would surely take another of her classes next semester! ***I didn't know professors could be nominated for this award. I would also recommend Dr. Ted Coopman and Professor Elizabeth Kimbell for the same reasons as stated above for Dr. D'Silva***
Joan D'Antoni English College Of Arts And Sciences She is the sweetest woman with a great sense of humor. She makes sure each student gets the grade they deserve, based on the amount of put in effort. Professor D'Antoni is very fair and student-oriented. I believe she loves what she does and makes that crystal clear. I had her for both ENG 101 & 102, and to say I enjoyed them would be an understatement. Professor D'Antoni is the BEST!
Chris Davis Physics And Astronomy College Of Arts And Sciences He is such a great teacher!
Christopher Day Geography And Geosciences College Of Arts And Sciences He explained things very well in class. He also kept most classes pretty lively.
Randall Dills History College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Dills is an amazing teacher. He makes a point to learn all the students' names and encourages student participation. Dr. Dills is courteous to his students and treats them with respect. I really enjoyed his Russian history class. * Best professor I have ever had at the University of Louisville! He makes Russian history the most interesting subject and teaches it flawlessly. Really tries to connect with his students and treats them with courtesy and respect. I had Dr. Dills for two classes and would love for him to teach more because I would take them all! Great professor!
Lauren Dimmer English College Of Arts And Sciences It's not often that you find a professor who can really keep their students interested and actively participating. Not to mention a professor that can express so much love for teaching a course, that by the end of it all you sort of end up loving English and writing too. With Professor Dimmer she keeps the classroom lighthearted and buzzing with discussion about whatever the subject of discourse is for the day. Whether it be Dungeons and Dragons or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is always a pop culture artifact to be discussed in the context of the class. With plenty of chances to improve your writing portfolio and hone your research skills, this class quickly becomes a must-have for anybody looking to really learn.
Margaret D'Silva Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. D'Silva is very understanding of things that arise throughout the semester and adjusts deadlines accordingly. I've had her for multiple courses, and she is tough, fair, and well-informed in every aspect of her teachings. If I wasn't graduating I would surely take another of her classes next semester! ***I didn't know professors could be nominated for this award. I would also recommend Dr. Ted Coopman and Professor Elizabeth Kimbell for the same reasons as stated above for Dr. D'Silva***
Mitch Eckert Fine Arts College Of Arts And Sciences Mitch Eckert is a wonderful professor. His commitment to supporting his students uniquely is consistent and amazing--meeting each student exactly where they are at in their creative development process. He does this all while ensuring that our art work evolves and is grounded in an understanding of historical context, themes, movements, etc. He is passionate, knowledgeable and engaged. He makes the journey of learning new skills and ways to create challenging and fun - all while evolving the student's ability to pull out deeper meaning in their work. I would recommend his courses to any student.
Beverly Edwards Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Edwards is a phenomenal teacher! She was always so helpful and comforting when it came to public speaking, which I initially hated doing. Prior to taking this class, I thought I would forever be doomed with having poor public speaking skills. Professor Edwards has surely turned this around. I'm definitely not the strongest speaker, but she has taught me the self-confidence I need to succeed. I actually was chosen to participate in the speech competition here at UofL and I surely owe that all to her. * Made public speaking, a class I didn't think would be enjoyable, a fun learning experience. * Professor Edwards was a ton of fun! Class conversation was always entertaining, and she had a real way of bringing the material right down to home. She has such a great attitude towards students and always treated me with kindness and respect. She's a keeper for sure! * She was always smiling and made everyone feel very comfortable talking and discussing things in class from day one. She was always asking us how we were doing and would take time to talk to us outside of the classroom. You can tell that she really cares about her students. She made the class fun, and we really enjoyed discussing the various topics, and examples from our own lives, thanks to her making us more comfortable doing so.
Sara Evans Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences She was great! She was always there for us before or after class if we needed a little more one-on-one assistance. Always available by email. She is very knowledgeable in her subject area and is able to covey the ideas in class in multiple ways so to appeal to every type of learner. She adjusted the way the class was conducted to help the class as a whole learn better. Overall she is a great person and a WONDERFUL teacher!!!!!
Jasmine Farrier Political Science College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Farrier is one of the best educators I've ever had. She is well-informed, articulate, and presents the material in a way that engages students. I've learned more critical thinking skills from Dr. Farrier than all of my other college professors put together.
Catherine Fosl Women's And Gender Studies College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Fosl has been a continuous source of support for me throughout my time at UofL. Her dedication and endless compassion have made all the difference to my success and the success of all of her students. I appreciate her more than I can possibly express.
Al Futrell Communication College Of Arts And Sciences "Al Futrell is the sole reason that I am a University of Louisville student. I met with him the summer before my freshman year of college. At that point in time, I had already committed to University of Kentucky for my undergraduate career. I had applied for my dorm and roommate assignment and was already mentally preparing myself for the move to Lexington. I met with Al early in the summer in May of 2007 to discuss the Communication field (my prime interest) as well as the expectations I should have for college. After talking to him for over an hour (the meeting had intended to be a quick hello), I was both impressed with the University of Louisville and the Department of Communication. I walked over to Ekstrom library, grabbed a coffee at the cafe, and sat on the front steps with my mom. It was at that moment that I turned to her and said, ""I really want to go to UofL."" Against all plans, my family and I toured Community Park. Before I knew it, I was moving into ""CP"" on August 11, 2007 in room 3263. Al has been a guiding force for my entire college career. He helped me figure out what matters to me, how to incorporate it into my studies, and how to translate all of that into a career. I received my first full-time job offer before I completed undergrad. Accepting the position, I refused to give up my academic dreams and attend graduate school during the evening and online classes, working toward my Masters of Art in Communication. Al has coached me for a little bit shy of six years now. His expectation for hard work, continuous growth and improvement, and exceeding goals has helped me transform into a different kind of student. I have finished 1.5 years of graduate school in the Department of Communication, and I have six classes left. Al is hands down one of the greatest professors I have ever encountered. His honest, straight-forward, feedback was delivered without the sugar-coating. During his classes, it is clear that his goal truly is to help his students learn and grow to their greatest capacity. Al has taught me many things in life--don't drink too much coffee before night class, re-read papers several times before turning them in, Al's 5 Rules (too many to-be verbs are weak and it's important to write in the active voice), never ever settle on anything but the best. Al has inspired me to always challenge the norm and to continue striving for an even better version of myself. I am forever grateful for his wisdom and, quite frankly, his patience. He is a lot of why I am the person I am today."
Patricia Gagné Sociology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Gagné was so approachable! This was an entirely new field, and the thought of doing my own research made me so nervous. She was patient and offered to see me as often as I needed it. She provided me with extra readings and really helped me understand what I was doing and not just get it done. I learned way more than I thought I would.
Clare Gervasi Classical And Modern Languages College Of Arts And Sciences She is my Spanish 123 instructor for this semester, and she is great! She made the transition from high school Spanish to college Spanish easy, and she is very energetic about Spanish. She gets the students involved and excited as well! As a direct result of this class, I'm going to pursue a Spanish minor.
John Gibson Philosophy College Of Arts And Sciences Fantastic instructor. His class was made interesting by his personality and lectures.
Linda Gigante Fine Arts College Of Arts And Sciences "I have had Professor Gigante for two classes, and she is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches. I took her ""Romans on the Bay of Naples"" class in the spring 2012 semester, and this semester I am in her ""Greek Art and Architecture"" course. She has inspired me to look at ancient art and culture with an interest I simply didn't have before I took her classes, and I plan to continue my studies on the subject long after I graduate. I am considering pursuing a graduate degree in art history because of her, and I joined the American Institute of Archaeology to continue my scholarship about the subjects."
Ryan Gill Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Gill goes out of his way to help students and be available. * Dr. Ryan Gill is a very caring and down-to-earth person, as well as a great teacher and an advisor. As a teacher, he will make sure you understand the material. Apart from being a great teacher, he does an amazing job as the graduate student advisor of the department. His door is always open to students. If he finds out that you need help, he will go above and beyond to help you. Very kindhearted, reachable, and a humble person who always thinks about students.
James Grubola Fine Arts College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Grubola provided a well-developed method of instruction that enabled each and every one of us to grow together. It was in such a way, motivating for me as a student to be a fine arts professor one day as well.
Joseph Gutmann Political Science College Of Arts And Sciences Mr. Gutmann was truly a joy to have as an instructor. His class was enlightening. I took Criminal Litigation with Mr. Gutmann, and the experience was very much hands-on and covered a great deal of material. I by far believe it was the influential class of my paralegal studies. I honestly wish I needed more paralegal classes so that I could take something else he teaches. * Professor Gutmann is an amazing professor and has received several awards. I believe he should receive this one as well, as he is my favorite professor for Spring 2013.
Carol Hanchette Geography And Geosciences College Of Arts And Sciences Over the past year I have taken two courses that Dr. Carol Hanchette has taught, Geography 300 and Geography 500, both courses relating to globalization. Dr. Hanchette has brought ideas and concepts to the classroom that continue to challenge my thought and inspire me to do research outside of the classroom. I often leave her class sessions fuming with frustration and discomfort over the reality of controversial topics we dissect; the confrontation of the root social justice issues that we address in class motivates me to be a more committed critical thinker and propels me towards advocacy. Dr. Hanchette has made significant contributions to my progress as a student at the University of Louisville, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in her courses.
Albert Harris Theatre Arts College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Harris does an amazing job of creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for students to take part in discussions and activities. I look forward to coming to his class everyday because his passion is infectious. I have learned so much in this class over the course of the semester, and it's in an area that I've had no previous exposure to. His multimedia and multifaceted approaches have given me a very thorough understanding of topics, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn about these subjects on my own outside of class. I would highly recommend him as a professor to any student!
Joy L. Hart Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Hart has truly made a difference in my collegiate career. She has been very inspirational in me broadening my horizons and comforting me in knowing that I can do whatever I put my mind to. During this spring semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad with the International Service Learning Program to Belize for the duration of our spring break. While there, I worked with the communications discipline to teach the children within the Belizean schools how to communicate with one another effectively. Dr. Hart has always been sure to give great direction and assurance. I am grateful to have had her as an instructor and travel group leader. This was my first time boarding a plane and traveling abroad. Because of Dr. Hart's continuous kind words and sweet smile, I became less nervous to travel. She is an awesome instructor, and I would recommend her to other students on this campus.
Jonathan Haws Anthropology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Haws has a talent for tackling some very complex research questions and guiding class discussions in a way that makes difficult subject matter interesting. Many professors confuse heavy course workloads for stimulating their learners, but Dr. Haws manages to provide heavy challenges that are also rewarding and stimulating. Many thought-provoking discussions have carried on further outside his classrooms. Dr. Haws also devotes a great deal of time to fostering research opportunities for his students and is an excellent, supportive advisor. His enthusiasm and ease with which others relate to him make him a great asset to the Anthropology Department.
Maura Hencker Classical And Modern Languages College Of Arts And Sciences She was a fantastic instructor! She held high standards for each of her students, and she did what was necessary to help her students achieve their goals. She also had a great attitude while teaching. Her bright enthusiasm and wit never failed to bring a smile to my face.
Ronald Holmes Justice Administration College Of Arts And Sciences As a full-time student at UofL, who takes only online classes, I was extremely pleased with Mr. Holmes' class this Spring. He did an excellent job with everything from the syllabus, all the way to the assignments and tests. I have been an online student for several years now, and I have found it to be a rare occurrence to have a professor that knows how to handle an online class. Professor Holmes should be looked at as a model of how to teach students online. Thank you for your time.
David Howarth Geography And Geosciences College Of Arts And Sciences If all my professors were as interesting and understanding as Dr. Howarth, my semester would have been much better.
Lenore Hoyt Chemistry College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Hoyt has been more than amazing this semester. She is a wonderful teacher and one of the smartest people I have ever met. She is so nice and truly cares about how her students are doing. She wants them to do well and shows it by giving every opportunity under the sun. Her passion for chemistry is unbelievable and is brought out every time she teaches class. Her classes are always interesting and entertaining. She makes learning so easy and enjoyable. The thought of chemistry scared me, until I had her as a teacher. I have two other bachelor's degrees and have been through a lot of schooling, and there has never been a teacher more deserving of this recognition. I wish I could take her again, and I would recommend Dr. Hoyt to anyone and everyone!
Gregory Hutcheson Classical And Modern Languages College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Hutcheson has been an enormous help to me during my first semester of graduate study. In addition to his busy workload, he went out of his way to do an independent study with me so that I could meet the requirements to be a graduate teaching assistant under some unusual circumstances.
David Imbroscio Political Science/Urban And Public Affairs College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Imbroscio was a terrific professor. I learned a ton about urban problems in the USA, and his manner of teaching was very informative and interesting. He had me laughing on more than one occasion due to some pretty funny jokes! He is a very fair grader and evaluates students' work in a fair and timely manner. All around a really good professor and would definitely recommend him to others! * Since Dr. Imbroscio took over as director of the Ph.D. program here at the Department of Urban and Public Affairs, he has started having meetings on Wednesday evenings to guide us through meeting our goals and deadlines. He has made himself available, created speaker workshops for us, and has overall been a great motivator. He keeps tabs on us and helps us work through our dissertation planning. I think he is doing great things for us, and we appreciate the attention. I would like for him to know that this group of students are noticing this, and we are grateful. I would like to be anonymous if possible because I speak for the group.
Michael Johmann Humanities College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Johmann was an interesting and challenging teacher. I have found that many courses at UofL have had poor academic expectations and frequent grading curves that allowed people to get by with substandard work. In Professor Johmann's class, I had to actually do the work, and I wanted to, because I knew that if I did well in his class I was actually doing well, and not just skating by.
Ricky Jones Pan-African Studies College Of Arts And Sciences All around one of the best professors I've ever had. He kept the class entertained and always left on a positive note. He was very easy to talk to when I had any problems.
Arnold Karpoff Biology College Of Arts And Sciences He is an excellent instructor! He always adds things to the lecture that will keep your attention. He really knows what he is doing, and he is always available if you need help. His class actually made me consider changing my major to biology a couple of times!
Elizabeth Kimbell Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. D'Silva is very understanding of things that arise throughout the semester and adjusts deadlines accordingly. I've had her for multiple courses, and she is tough, fair, and well-informed in every aspect of her teachings. If I wasn't graduating I would surely take another of her classes next semester! ***I didn't know professors could be nominated for this award. I would also recommend Dr. Ted Coopman and Professor Elizabeth Kimbell for the same reasons as stated above for Dr. D'Silva***
Grzegorz Kubicki Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences He is very good at teaching his material and is enthusiastic about it.
Keith Lyle Psychological And Brain Sciences College Of Arts And Sciences Great teacher, lots of fun, and very smart. * Best professor I have ever had!
Thomas Mackey History College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Mackey has high expectations for all of his students, and he pushes them to meet those expectations. I learned more in his course than I did in all of my others combined. Furthermore, Dr. Mackey takes the time to meet with you and help you in any way that he can. However, he will not sugarcoat things. He tells the truth and I love that. I always know where I stand and how to improve.
Jennifer Mansfield-Jones Biology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Mansfield-Jones is a talented lecturer and a professor who provides additional opportunities for students to improve their grades. She also provides good online learning aids.
Susan Matarese Political Science College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Matarese is one of the greatest assets the University of Louisville has. She has challenged me in a very constructive way. Not only has she made me a better writer, her class readings and lectures have been relevant in nearly every other class I have taken from economics to philosophy. In addition to her devotion to her students in the classroom, she is committed to further development beyond graduation. Dr. Matarese has been the most special professor throughout all four years of my college career. I only hope that every student is as grateful for her contribution as I am.
John McLeod History College Of Arts And Sciences He's the best!!!
Kristen Miller English College Of Arts And Sciences Kristen is obviously very passionate about what she teaches, and she makes the subject enjoyable for everyone. She makes writing feel more approachable and creates a welcoming classroom environment. I haven't talked to anyone that didn't love her class.
Kent Moore Aerospace Science College Of Arts And Sciences Captain Kent Moore has taught Foundations of the United States Air Force with enthusiasm and style. He thoroughly and interestingly conveys multiple facets of the power and history of our Air Force. His class was hands down my favorite class this semester, and I contribute that greatly to his method of teaching, preparation for the class, and passion for the material. This is Captain Moore's last semester at the university, and I would love nothing more than to see him win best spring semester instructor. Thank you.
Robin Mozer English College Of Arts And Sciences Instructor interacted well with students and made class enjoyable for myself and other classmates.
Timothy Owens Classical And Modern Languages College Of Arts And Sciences Timo is an awesome instructor! He is funny and makes learning enjoyable. If you need him to help you, he will do whatever he can to do so. I have had him for several classes and never get tired of seeing this man! He is the BEST!!!
Michael Perlin Biology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Perlin is such a great lecturer. He has really helped my understanding of class content. He is always open for questions and explains subject matter in clear terms. He definitely goes above and beyond for his students, and it is evident that he cares about those he teaches. He even donated SEVERAL hours of his own time to have a review session. He by far surpasses all of my expectations. I am really learning the material, not just memorizing for a test. He has definitely made a significant impact on me and REALLY deserves this recognition.
Andrea Reed Philosophy College Of Arts And Sciences Andrea was definitely the most influential professor that I have had in the past three years at UofL. She was entertaining, brilliant, enthusiastic, and passionate about philosophy. If I could, I would take her class again. She challenged me and pushed me to think further than most professors, and I thank her for that!
Christine Rich Chemistry College Of Arts And Sciences She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She never falls short of trying to help the students but still challenges us in the classroom. I took her Organic Chemistry II class and I liked it. That is a very hard class to like, and I also feel like I learned so much and will be prepared for future tests involving the subject.
Natali Richter Chemistry College Of Arts And Sciences She is an excellent teacher. I took her course, Chemistry 202, and I am currently in her Organic Chemistry Lab. She is down-to-earth and easy to approach. Her way of teaching really puts complicated material into terms that are able to be learned by all levels. The thing that really sets her apart is that she is more than willing to help with classes even if she is not the instructor. She helped me immensely with my Organic Chemistry lecture, for example, and in ways that my actual professor did not. * Dr. Richter puts in an incredible amount of time outside of the classroom to provider her Organic I students with helpful handouts and study resources. She is always available to help students, even when they show up on her lunch break, or any other time outside of office hours. Despite the wide variety of times I have come to her door, she has never turned me away and has spent upwards of half an hour on lab material with me on multiple occasions. Dr. Richter is an incredible instructor who really cares about her students.
Thomas Riedel Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences "Dr. Riedel is the chair of the Math Department. He does an amazing service to the department as well as students. He's a great and very caring teacher. He would try all the possibilities to help you in every way. He will make sure that you will do the best and will give you the best support. * Dr. Riedel is very clear about his expectations and cheerfully invests time into his students and T.A.'s to have them rise above the standard. His concern for the well-being of all of us cannot be overlooked."
David Roelfs Sociology College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Roelfs took a class that I was dreading and turned it into an incredibly interesting learning experience! He has been so incredibly patient with what has been a ridiculous amount of e-mails and questions in class from not only me but my fellow students as well. Professor Roelfs has stayed after class to answer questions, worked through formulas, and even taken suggestions for changes he could make in class. I have told everyone I know to take Professor Roelfs! HE IS AWESOME!!! I cannot believe I was able to be in a class with a professor this incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Edna Ross Psychological And Brain Sciences College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Ross is an excellent hands-on instructor. She consistently provides a very engaging classroom experience. She uses real-life examples, so students can make connections with what they are learning. For example, she used a trained dog and a dog handler to show the class operant conditioning alive and in motion. I would recommend that other students take her classes, and I hope to take more of her classes in the future!
Melissa Rowe Psychological And Brain Sciences College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Rowe was engaging enough to actually keep me awake and willing to learn at 8 o'clock in the morning! Not an easy feat! She was keenly interested in the topic she was teaching, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on the students in her Life-Span Developmental Psychology class. I will always remember the lecture when she asked one of her students with Down's Syndrome to come by and talk to us about their personal experiences with Down's Syndrome. I now find myself being more keenly aware to all the different lifestages in people around me, and I am able to understand more about what they are going through and why. I hope she teaches more classes in the future. Great Job!
David Schultz Biology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Schultz is a great professor who really cares about the needs of his students. He takes the time in and out of class to make sure that everyone knows the material. I truly believe that many other biology professors should emulate his teaching style as it keeps the class involved in discussion and learning is fun!
Allen Share Humanities College Of Arts And Sciences This instructor taught me not only how to write, but how to think like a writer, how to analyze text, and draw from it the author's intentions. He often brought to light the story behind the story in our required texts. He also demanded quality work and was uncompromising in his standards. If more instructors were like him, my degree would be worth a whole lot more. Almost three years after graduation, I can still remember every story we read and every classroom discussion that followed. I would consider him a model educator, and he is one of the brightest of UofL's many treasures.
Melissa Shepherd Theatre Arts College Of Arts And Sciences Melissa is a fantastic professor. She really cares about her students and wants them to do well.
Richard Slawsky Communication College Of Arts And Sciences He was very understanding of my one absence of class and still gave me full attendance extra credit. He always responded promptly to emails. He gave grades back with feedback in a timely manner, unlike any professors I have had before. He was very personable and friendly; at the end of the course, he even told us that he would be happy to write letters of recommendation if we needed them. This is something that I have not experienced in any other department or with any other professor. If he doesn't win the award, I really think that he deserves this nomination for how exemplary of a professor he is. * Professor Slawsky is an amazing teacher. His class is not boring, and he is very passionate about the subject. Also he cares about students. Always responds on time and is very helpful. I had such a great Spring 2013 with Professor Slawsky. I will recommend his writing class.
Abi Smith Political Science College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Smith has a passion for teaching that I could read while being enrolled in two of her classes this semester. I thoroughly enjoy her teaching style. She gets the information across, but it is in a way that lets the students discuss it and nearly figure it out for themselves. Dr. Smith not only taught me a great deal regarding government, but also helped me in learning how to critically think in a more expressive way.
Steve Smith English College Of Arts And Sciences "I really like his passion for his field. He was so committed to teaching; made me appreciate the course as much as he did. I liked how he was so up front about the course, and he encouraged many ways to reach him, and he himself was always up for learning any new information or other ways to better himself. He is a true believer in the phrase ""there is always room for improvement."""
Steve Sohn Communication College Of Arts And Sciences His experience and attitude make for a perfect learning environment. He gives multiple types of assignments, so all students can showcase their talents and strengths. He makes going to class fun and worthwhile.
Robert St. Clair Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Caring, responsible, amiable. He takes time outside of class to help you with any question you may have. He makes course documents available for you on Blackboard. He is available through e-mail and during office hours to help you understand any material. He taught me many interesting things about English grammar, as well as how to communicate in a professional way. Also opened my mind to the intercultural world of communication.
Amy Steiger Theatre Arts College Of Arts And Sciences She's the best!!!
Thomas Stewart Humanities College Of Arts And Sciences He is so funny and loves his job! He is helpful, respectful, and the best professor I have had in a long time.
David Swanson Mathematics College Of Arts And Sciences The most understanding, kind, open-minded professor that I have ever had. Knew the course material very well and dealt with everything in a very professional manner. Therefore, I nominate David Swanson of the Mathematics Department for this award.
Nancy Theriot Women's And Gender Studies College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Theriot is very enthusiastic about the subject matter she teaches and does everything she can to improve the odds of student success.
Robert Urekew Philosophy College Of Arts And Sciences He is very interactive and makes class interesting. He is fair and clearly outlines expectations for the class in the syllabus.
Daniel Vivian History College Of Arts And Sciences "Dr. Vivian has been the most exceptional professor I've had during my long college career at UofL. This is the first time I have ever been compelled to nominate a professor for this award. I have received both an undergraduate and graduate degree but decided to return to school for the Graduate Certificate in Public History. When I was first interested in the program, I had to contact Dr. Vivian, as he is the coordinator of the Public History Program. He communicated clearly and effectively everything I needed to do to get accepted to the program, and I was surprised at how quickly he was able to answer my questions. Then, I enrolled in Intro to Public History where he was my professor. I don't know if my fellow classmates realize how fortunate they are to have had him as a professor, but I do. He was available to answer questions at any time over email, and his responses usually came within 24 hours (and sometimes much sooner than that!). He stayed after class to discuss research topics, papers, and projects with students every day. He provided generous feedback on all of our assignments and was willing to let students brainstorm with him before starting a project. Every assignment was clearly structured, and students knew what the expectations were. We took trips to local historical sites to learn about their practices and get an inside view. It was very helpful. Finally, I had a life-changing family emergency midway through the semester. I alerted Dr. Vivian as soon as possible, and he was gracious enough to give me an extension on a paper. I missed a week of work and school due to the emergency and was so relieved that I could give my full attention to my family and didn't have to stress over a paper at that time. I cannot thank him enough for understanding the situation. I also can't thank him enough for all of the feedback he has provided to me and to other students in the program. He obviously cares about his students and wants them to succeed. He will push you to excel, but does so in such a constructive way, and that's how ALL professors should be interacting with their students. * I have taken two classes with Dr. Vivian and have enjoyed both. He is always enthusiastic and willing to answer questions and provide feedback. It is easy to see he puts thought into planning his classes and experiments with new methods of instruction, providing students with opportunity to engage in ""real-world"" experience. * Professor Vivian enthusiastically shares his great breadth of knowledge of public history with his students in a thorough and organized manner. He is very accessible and shows a genuine interest and concern for his students. * Dr. Vivian has raised the bar in history education. He is very hands-on and likable. He engages the student to think bigger than they are while allowing for personal creativity. I always looked forward to coming to class. I have been made very aware of my field of study and really hope he is recognized for the long hours and energy he puts into his career. I can only hope I become the type of historian Dr. Vivian is. My hat certainly goes off to you sir! "
Kristin Vukmanic English College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Vukmanic has been so encouraging to all her students whenever they need any help, and every student trusts her. She has helped me with my writing tremendously and the change is evident. I have learned how to really argue, and I feel that my writing in college would have suffered had I not had her as my English 101 and 102 teacher.
R. Margaret Wallen Biology College Of Arts And Sciences She is very patient with students who don't understand and is willing to work with conflicts. Most importantly, she is caring to all students, easy to communicate with, and very knowledgeable of her subject. Ms. Margaret is the best teacher assistant I have had at UofL.
Jonetta Weber Sociology College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Weber has a love for learning that is very contagious. She makes the online learning process feel as if I am actually in the classroom, and I have thoroughly enjoyed that experience. I feel more knowledgeable in the areas of higher education and college athletics because of her class, and I look forward to carrying this knowledge with me in my career.
Jennifer White English College Of Arts And Sciences Jennifer White provided the most helpful writing strategies that contributed to my development as a successful student in all my classes over the Fall semester. She was always available for questions and was quick to respond via e-mail. She would take any amount of time to make sure I or a fellow classmate completely had a confident grasp on an assignment. I loved her way of teaching and explaining. She also welcomed her class every morning with a bright smile and spirit, which I personally believe helped keep us awake and involved. She was an all-around wonderful professor. I will be keeping in contact with her for any future English-related questions.
Osborne Wiggins Philosophy College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Wiggins is hands down one of the best and most influential professors I have had the pleasure of learning under in my undergraduate career. Not only is he intelligent, he is clearly passionate about his subject matter. As a professor, he is willing to work with students, is flexible, and is understanding. This semester, I had an illness that caused me to miss two class periods, and he was more concerned with my well-being than my absences. It means a lot to have a professor genuinely care about you as a person. Professor Wiggins has taught me so much in the field of ethics. I have had him for two courses--ethics and medical ethics. As a pre-med student, medical ethics was specifically important to me. He did such a great job of presenting the issues and providing his personal experience. He was both informative and interesting. His personal knowledge and experience are what set him above any other professor. He is unique in very many ways, and I have been lucky to have him as a professor. Through his courses, I now feel trained in ethics and have been inspired to pursue it further. Because of his class, I have a goal that when I am in medicine, to serve on an ethics board in a hospital, using the things I learned from his classes and the further education in the field he has inspired me to pursue. I appreciate Professor Wiggins and how great of a professor he has been the last two semesters. * This professor has demonstrated very effective teaching styles, communication, and explanation for the course I was involved in: Medical Ethics 323. He is very knowledgeable in his subject and is wonderful at explaining issues as fully as possible. He is always open to questions and discussions in class, and also actively participates in said discussion and is calm while trying to keep the class in line. I enjoyed this class because of the intriguing topics discussed. Professor Wiggins' tests are a full scale of what we have learned, and I believe the way he tests are really a measure of that. I believe this class is one of the best classes I have taken in college, and I believe Professor Wiggins is well-qualified for teaching this class and for his position as a medical ethicist. He definitely deserves the Best Educator Award.
Caroline Wilkinson English College Of Arts And Sciences This instructor is the best instructor I have ever had! She is so caring about her students, and she has taught me so much about effective paper writing.
Ann Willey English College Of Arts And Sciences Dr. Willey did an excellent job keeping us engaged and interested through class discussions and thought provoking assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and, while it was difficult, I realize just how much of a better writer I am because of it! She seems to really care not only about the material she is teaching, but about the students as well and because of this, I was more inclined to put forth my best effort and develop as a writer.
Gerard Williger Physics And Astronomy College Of Arts And Sciences This is the first professor in my entire college career of four years that has gone above and beyond the norm to help students succeed. I have struggled in his course, and he has been more than accommodating, understanding, helpful, and resourceful when it came to my learning and my questions.
Jessica Winck English College Of Arts And Sciences Greatest teacher ever, really works with students, cares about everyone, and is very understanding.
Elaine Wise English/Humanities College Of Arts And Sciences I would like to thank her for the passion she expressed in the material covered and care she took to explain the goals of the course. Her dedication is priceless.
Charles Zimmerman Communication College Of Arts And Sciences Professor Zimmerman is, by far, the most considerate and enthusiastic professor I have encountered in my four years at UofL. He takes the time to get to know his students and takes a personal interest in seeing them succeed not only in his class but in their personal and professional lives. Within three weeks of being a student in his class, he had sat down with me, gotten to know me, and offered to help me in any way he could. He truly cares about his students in a way I have never seen before. His classes are always entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. Every time a friend is looking for a communication class to take, I recommend that they seek out one of his courses. When he says we can say anything in his class without judgment, he truly means it. Productive discussion is always welcome and, as long as we remain civil, he is more than happy to encourage thought-provoking conversation. I have never enjoyed a class or an educator as much as I have this semester because of Professor Zimmerman. If anyone deserves commendation for his outstanding work of helping students achieve and succeed, it's Prof Z. * Professor Z was an amazing professor. I had him for Communication 111, and I would recommend that anyone and everyone take his class. He is such a down-to-earth and personable man. Everyone should have the privilege to have him as a professor.
Theresa Hayden Justice Administration College Of Arts And Sciences/Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work "Dr. Hayden was definitely an instructor that worked with the students. It was not about busy work. I felt like she wanted me to do the work and to learn from it, and if that meant giving me an extension on an assignment she did. She taught me a lot this semester, and she worked with me when I had some problems. I got the feeling that she really cared about her students! For her research class, she has a wonderful way of guiding the students through the work by taking small steps at a time. Wonderful instructor * Dr. Hayden is the absolute best instructor in UofL. She uses a very simple teaching technique, which is just step by step, not giving too much, but building on what you learn. This way allows you to build your confidence one step at a time by mastering each level. By the end product, you are just so amazed at what you have learned and how much you have accomplished. I really enjoyed this class and worked extremely hard to obtain my grade of an A. I earned every inch of it. Not to mention, to even help victims of Hurricane Sandy by taking a group to location to help families. She is a phenomenal woman, teacher, and leader that all can emulate. * I can't say that research is my favorite subject. As a matter of fact, it ranks close to the bottom. However Dr. Hayden made it bearable and enjoyable for several reasons. She takes the profession of teaching very seriously. She wants her students to learn and takes every measure possible to ensure that we succeed. She makes herself available if she is needed. She is clear on what the assignment is, and if you don't understand it, she will go over it again. She gives examples of the projects and is precise about what she expects. Her enthusiasm for the subject she teaches is evident. I can't say I am looking forward to another semester of research. However, I do know she will help me succeed because that is the type of professor she is."
John Baumann Accountancy College Of Business Great examples. * An amazing professor that has overcome so much while making an impact on others. I wish that he would teach more classes! He is an incredible source of inspiration. He believes in each and every one of his students. Class was almost always full, and we are talking about 65 people in a Tuesday night class, each and every week. I never dreaded going to class. He made 2 hours and 45 minutes feel like 30 minutes. Listening to him speak is truly a memorable experience. I never walked out of class feeling like I did not learn anything. Professor Baumann is an incredible, accomplished professor that changes the way you look at the world. * John taught me to consider law as more than a courtroom drama. He emphasized that there are a lot of areas of law and tried to get everyone to be as passionate about law as he is. * Easily my favorite professor I have had so far. Made class entertaining through his pop culture references and allowing the students to teach each other. * He is the best professor. He makes the class fun and engages all other students. * Great guy, awesome professor! He's a great storyteller, and he always has something valuable to teach. Keep up the great work. * Professor Baumann does an excellent job of conveying information to the class by using his real-world experiences throughout his law career, and his class is one I look forward to every week. He cares about his class and will do anything to help his students better understand what information is being discussed. I highly recommend Professor Baumann for the professor who has made the biggest difference in my learning this semester, and he is very deserving of being a Faculty Favorite. * Great guy, awesome professor! He's a great storyteller, and he always has something valuable to teach. Keep up the great work.
Mandy Blandford Accountancy College Of Business Just an awesome, all-around teacher. * I am an equine major, and am not, by any means, a fan of numbers or math. I wasn't looking forward to taking accounting at all. However, I was blessed to have had two wonderful instructors--most recently, Ms. Mandy Blandford for 202. Ms. Blandford made the accounting extremely practical--leaving out information that was useless and would only bog students down. She was wonderfully helpful, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I always felt great walking into her room at 8 AM, because I knew she would be fully awake and excited to teach us--even that early, she helped to wake up all of the students. She is a wonderful role model as a successful businesswoman and mother, and I would love for her to be recognized for her excellence!
Reginald Bruce Management College Of Business A wonderful man and mentor. The business school wouldn't be the same without Dr. Bruce. * Very professional and well-structured class. Professor Bruce has a way of speaking that you are compelled to listen, which I respect. * I had a great class with Professor Bruce. He takes the time to get to know his students, and you can tell he really cares about us and how we are doing academically. He made every class thought-provoking, and he encourages his students to participate in discussions. I have a hard schedule due to athletics and Professor Bruce was always willing to work with me. I hope to have him as my professor again. * He was without a doubt the most caring and interesting professor I have had at this University!
Christy Burge Accountancy College Of Business One of the few professors that will tell you exactly what you need to hear, while preparing you for the CPA. She is always available to help you when you need it and makes it a priority to be there for students. * Great professor! The real-world perspective and teachings were invaluable. * Probably my favorite non-CIS professor that I've had up to this point!
Timothy Capps Equine Industry Program College Of Business A true, top-notch educator with extensive experience in the field!
Jason D'Mello Marketing College Of Business You know it's a pretty rare occasion when I actually anticipate an early morning class, especially one outside of my major. Prior to taking Marketing 301 with Professor D'Mello, I expected the usual, PowerPoints, reading out of the book, just a simple lecture. Contrary to that, we rarely had a focus on that. Jason switched things up, classes were different, even our assessments were different. I honestly can say I learned a lot, and the way I learned it was through applications of the information, rather than being taught the information directly. I honestly wish more teachers in the business school were like him, because I think I'd be a better student and more importantly a better business man in the future.
David Dubofsky Finance College Of Business Had a tremendous effect on my academic success and future graduate school endeavor.
Richard Germain Marketing College Of Business "I have taken many night classes here at UofL, and I will say that Dr. Germain has been the first professor to keep me engaged during the whole three-hour period. Dr. Germain is the type of professor to ""talk with you"" instead of ""talking at you"" in his lectures. The way he broke up his class between lectures for half the semester and case discussions in the other half made it very easy to see how what we learned could be applied in the real world."
Allie Goatley Advising Services College Of Business "Mary ""Allie"" Goatley has been a driving force in my first semester at UofL. She has always been helpful and friendly and willing to listen when I have a problem. She was always offering suggestions I never would have thought of. She loves her job, and she loves helping the students. I know she wants us all to succeed. Allie is my favorite person on campus, no doubt, and has made me 100% sure that UofL was the best choice for me."
Jian Guan Computer Information Systems College Of Business Best professor I have ever had. Difficult class, but I learned a lot.
Stephen Kendra Computer Information Systems College Of Business Professor Kendra is by far the most thorough, stimulating, and knowledgeable (per his content area) that the University of Louisville has to offer. He enters every classroom with a highly positive attitude that translates to his students. He takes an interest in every single student. He legitimately wants to see us succeed and goes further than just telling us this. Professor Kendra advises us and helps us when we need it. In the classroom, he brings his real-world experience and applies it to his lectures. I have not met one student that does not love Professor Kendra. * The best professor I've had in college.
Buddy LaForge Marketing College Of Business Buddy is a great professor with a passion for teaching. He truly cares about his students. * Extremely down-to-earth professor who gives students a realistic preview of the professional world.
Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger Dean's Office College Of Business As an international student, I am glad to be a part of UofL. Ms. Elizabeth is a great personality, hardworking, helpful. Thank you for everything!
Elaine Robinson Management College Of Business Elaine Robinson is a truly outstanding teacher. She did not just teach us the course material, but showed us how to implement everything into our lives. The course I took with Professor Robinson is the most beneficial class I have taken at UofL. Every class, she showed her passion for the subject and a passion for teaching. The agenda for every class was well thought out. Every class was important. She always goes above and beyond to help everyone grasp everything possible. She answered every question fully and honestly. I truly can think of no one who deserves to be recognized as an outstanding educator rather than Professor Robinson.
Charles Sharp Marketing College Of Business "This was a professor who legitimately cares about whether or not the student learns the material. Yes, his tests can be difficult, but his unique style of teaching makes even difficult exams seem ""not so bad after all."" Professor Sharp teaches students the material well enough so that when a test comes around, we can think back to his in-class given real-world examples and apply them to contextual situations. He has expectations of us to not only read and study the material in our text, but also be able to know when to use it in a situation that may arise in real life. In other words, he teaches us the material not so we can know the definition, but so we can apply this outside of the classroom (which is something a lot of teachers at the Business School like to say they do well, but fail to actually do). Professor Sharp takes concepts in the book that would have otherwise been dry and boring and gives us (or at least me) a real reason to not daydream because ""it's another concept we probably won't use in real life."" He teaches us the material and shows us how each of the things he teaches us is applied in the real world. And (I apologize for using ""and"" in the beginning of a sentence) whenever he asks us conceptual questions on the exam, they are not something completely obscure just to trip us up all of the time. He cares if we have LEARNED THE MATERIAL. This is why I went to college. I wanted to have a professor who was not only good on paper, but also in practice with regard to actually making me care about the subject matter at hand. Due to the fact that his teaching style is phenomenal, he's not difficult just for the sake of being difficult, and because I'm not afraid to raise my hand and participate in his class out of fear that he may completely shoot me down, Professor Sharp is my favorite teacher of the Business School this semester, and I am glad to give him my nomination."
Lynn Usher Economics College Of Business Professor Usher is a fantastic teacher. She makes class engaging and fun. She cares about the success of every student and would do anything to help a student out. * One of the greatest professors I've had so far in college. * She's by far the best professor I've had in all three semesters here. She makes the classes fun and interesting and uses real-life examples that help us to understand the material in a practical way. She has a great sense of humor and manages to make an entire lecture hall genuinely laugh, which is not an easy feat in college. She also recognizes that we have others classes and other things going on in our lives and doesn't have unrealistic expectations of us. She is all-around an awesome professor and an even better person. * She was one of my favorite teachers I have ever had. She has inspired me to become an Econ minor. She was beyond friendly to all of the students and worked with us to make sure we understood the material. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher! * Always willing to give the extra effort to make sure her students do well. Made herself very available. You can tell she wants all of her students to excel. Really enjoyed her as my professor. * Professor Usher is such a joy to have as a professor. For a subject that can be pretty tough, she makes the class enjoyable and fun, making it easier to want to come to Economics. She is very much a sweetheart, and she is willing to help as much as she possibly can! Go Professor Usher!! * I loved Professor Usher and her class. Before her class, I hated Econ, but she has helped me learn to love it. I really enjoy how she taught and how straightforward everything was. I felt like I actually learned something, unlike many of my other classes and teachers this semester.
Andrew Wright Computer Information Systems College Of Business Dr. Wright is an amazing professor! His classes were always interesting due to his witty sense of humor and clear manner of explaining the material--not an easy feat when you're trying to teach a programming class! He helped me learn a lot this semester and was more than willing to go over the material during office hours when I needed extra help understanding difficult concepts. For these reasons and many more, Dr. Wright is my faculty favorite for Fall 2012! * Dr. Wright is a great professor because he thoroughly understands what he teaches but is able to break through the jargon and make programming understandable (rather than being so impressed with his depth of knowledge that he talks above his students' abilities to understand). His sense of humor also aids in his ability to relate to students and thus communicate the material effectively! Even though he has a family and his class was late at night (7:00pm - 8:15pm), if I had questions after class, he was always willing to listen and answer them without making me feel rushed; the mark of a great teacher!
Cathy Avdevich Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development Cathy is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her dedication to teaching is unmatched by any other teacher I have had. She takes the time to ensure all of her students understand the material. I have taken three classes with Cathy and have been able to excel at those courses. She can always be reached on the phone if you have questions. You can even stop by her house, if needed, to work on a paper you're having trouble with. She is always willing to stay late after class to help anyone who needs help.
Matt Bergman Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development Matt is one of the best instructors. He challenged us be our best. * Dr. Matt Bergman is truly committed to adult learners and their continuing education. He diligently makes himself available to students to answer questions or give academic advice, both online and over the phone. His professionalism and hard work is a driving force behind student success in the Organizational Leadership and Learning program at the University of Louisville. * First semester for him since he transferred out of the advising department and began teaching. He did a superb job!! * He is a professor that is not afraid to try different learning styles. He is also not one of those professors that sits back and watches; he is always actively involved.
Gary Bernstein Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Adrienne Bratcher Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development Best teacher I have had in my years at UofL. She knows how to teach with understanding.
Jessica Gibb Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development Jessica has been very helpful this semester and always answered my emails and questions promptly. She was also available to help with any extra questions I had about the subject. * Jessica is an excellent instructor. She has been through the Exercise Physiology Master's program and is very easy to relate to. She taught the material well and in an manner that kept our attention throughout the class.
Rod Githens Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development Dr. Githens is a kind, compassionate, and nurturing professor. His assignments are challenging but doable. He is genuinely interested in helping his students succeed outside of class and provides many opportunities to help students submit conference and journal articles. This is the second time I have taken his class, and I can honestly say that he has had the single greatest influence on the direction of my career of any professor I have ever had.
Ann Herd Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development "I have had Professor Herd for two courses and will have her for a third in Spring, 2013--all distance courses. She goes out of her way to be available and flexible and is prompt to respond to inquiries, ideas, or suggestions. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter taught. Professor Herd is ""approachable,"" fair, and an overall exceptional model of how a facilitator leads adult learners!! * Dr. Herd excelled as she motivated ELFH students through the coaching and talent management course online. Her suggestions about coaching helped me to be a better listener and her instructions gave us the opportunity to apply what we learned. She is well versed in the learning process and hit every critical point. The mix of audio, video, articles, and reading assignments made learning enjoyable. The discussion board questions required us to think critically and relate the learning to our personal experiences. She was open to meeting in person and offered to teach lessons via Collaborate in Blackboard to all interested students. The most profound aspect of her technique was her modeling a coach in order to lead by example for each of us. If I could develop a ""train the online professor"" module, I would use Dr. Herd as the expert and require all online professors to go through onboarding with her. I am more than pleased and plan to enroll in her class as many times as I am able to! * Professor Herd is the best teacher of online classes that I have ever encountered. She makes herself available and easy to reach. She always responds to emails quickly and is always willing to help and listen.... Her classes are well organized and easy to navigate on Blackboard. "
Regina Hirn Special Education College Of Education And Human Development She was an absolutely amazing teacher. She presented the content in a manner that was easy to understand, and she took the time to answer any and all questions her students had. THAT is what a teacher should be!
Craig Hochbein Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development Great, passionate instructor, who is greatly concerned with the success and acquired knowledge of his students. * Dr. Hochbein is one of the best professors I have had in my graduate school career thus far. His teaching style made statistics bearable and, dare I say it, enjoyable. His wit and intelligence are unmatched. He is an amazing teacher!
Pamela Jett Early Childhood And Elementary Education College Of Education And Human Development Professor Jett is extremely helpful and creates a classroom environment that is welcoming and helps to foster great skills in future educators. She is friendly, thorough and easy to talk to. She obviously knows a great deal about the field of education and wants to share that knowledge with her students.
Kelley Ketterman Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development Professor Ketterman taught First Aid this semester. I have been taught CPR so many times over the years I began to lose interest in the courses, but she taught it with such passion. I actually learned additional and updated information. She is serious business about the First Aid class!
Kristi King Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development Dr. King taught real-world applications in her class. It was refreshing because so many of the classes are textbook stories that are not useful on the job. I know some of the concepts I was taught in her class will enable me to pursue my master's in public health.
Elizabeth Krauss Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development I had a an eye-opening experience with a summer 2012 class I took online entitled, Prior Learning Assessment. I found it very stimulating and challenging, because of the way the instructor required one to recall their past history of learning experiences, whether in the workforce or classroom, and then to reflect on these experiences and write papers using APA format appropriately. Her instruction taught us to reflect by using critical thinking guidelines and the KOLB learning cycle which was new for me. I found it all very exciting and sort of an 'awakening' experience, which helped me feel more confident in what I do every day at work and realize how much I do have to offer. The online instruction surprised me in a way that I really felt I learned more by having to apply myself in a different manner than what I was used to in a classroom setting. Added note: I liked the fact that Instructor Krauss said she would not expect any less of us than she did herself and was fair with her feedback and grading scale. P.S. Sorry, I missed the summer nomination 'favorites program'; and I did not take a class this past fall to nominate for.
Rodney Merkley Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development This professor is a great example of what it means to be an educator. I felt that this professor got to know me as a person, and he never hesitated to help advise or guide me when I asked for it. A lot of professors are busy and do not mind letting you know, but Professor Merkley always made time! I nominate him with the greatest of enthusiasm! * Very motivational instructor, enjoyed the class.
Robert Pennington Special Education College Of Education And Human Development I have learned so much from the short time I have had Dr. Pennington for EDSP 646. He is professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about special education. The University of Louisville needs more professors like Dr. Pennington.
Tara Scanlan Health And Sport Sciences College Of Education And Human Development She makes class fun! Very energetic and loves to teach.
Brad Shuck Leadership|| Foundations|| And Human Resource Education College Of Education And Human Development Dr. Shuck is amazing. He has an easy-going teaching style and really relates to the class with his previous business experiences. Dr. Shuck helped me realize I'd like to pursue a doctorate in the future. I really enjoyed his class, and I look forward to future sessions with him. * Great instructor and advisor!
R. Eric Berson Chemical Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Berson exemplifies all that makes a great college professor. He truly cares about his students and strives to help them succeed in every way possible. He has been an educator, a mentor, and a friend to all his students, never letting a question go unanswered or a concept under-discussed. I have enjoyed every class with this professor, but I feel I have taken away so much more in terms of knowledge and skills. Dr. Berson always stresses core concepts of critical thinking and teamwork in the projects and homework he assigns while still making every student accountable. He is truly one of the best professors the campus has to offer.
Ellen Brehob Mechanical Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering A
Gale Crush Engineering Fundamentals J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Professor Crush is one of the nicest and most caring professors that Speed School has. Anyone who has her is LUCKY! If it weren't for her kindness and faith in me, I would have never gotten through my first 3 semesters of Speed School like I did. She was always willing to help me when I was having a hard time understanding the material or even just with life in general. It was obvious she cared about every single one of her students and wanted them to do well. I owe her so much for helping me get through school, especially last summer. I can't think of a better way to thank her other than nominating her for this award. She is definitely deserving of it!
Gary Eisenmenger Engineering Fundamentals J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Teaches material in a manner that is simple to understand and is always willing to work one-on-one with individual students who may need further explanation. Also has an excellent sense of humor and applies it frequently, without interfering with the learning of the material.
Ayman El-Baz Bioengineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering "Dr. Ayman El-Baz is an excellent instructor. He explains material in an attractive manner using all available tools. He covered very important topics in BE 640 class that helped me in my research. * Dr. El-Baz was an excellent mentor for the Bioengineering Senior Design (BE 497) class. He gave great guidance and assisted in my team learning and applying medical image analysis techniques to our design project. * I took his graduate class as a chemistry graduate student so I was lacking some background knowledge in the field of engineering. Dr. El-Baz went out of his way NUMEROUS times to make sure that I wasn't left behind and that I was understanding the material despite lacking background knowledge. His class has greatly impacted the direction of my research, and I will now be collaborating with him in the Spring 2013. He is one of the best professors I have had while attending this university (both undergraduate and graduate). I hope he offers another similar graduate course in the Spring 2013 so I can continue to expand my knowledge about fields not directly related to mine. Furthermore, with this knowledge, I can now draw relationships between chemistry and bioengineering that will, without a doubt, set me apart from my peers in my own field. * Dr. El-Baz has demonstrated extraordinary and excellent classroom management through the course I am taking this semester. The quality of his instruction and knowledge of content is superior. He goes above and beyond to maintain current in his content area. * During my first year as a graduate student, Dr. El-Baz's advising was instrumental to my success. He taught me BE 600 course. His attitude towards his courses is to make any complex information understandable through professional teaching skills with the aid of computer tablets and concisely designated sketches and figures. This course helped me to achieve two of my mandatory life planning goals. First, it enabled me to build a solid background of image modeling and image analysis, which is my current area of research. Second, it helped me take my first step in the research area, and I was able to develop my first research paper at the end of this course. Moreover, Dr. El-Baz's advising-attitude towards students is excellent. His major aim is to make the students fully understand the material and be capable of starting their own research. Dr. El-Baz's door is always open for any type of question, either to discuss the material or even discuss any research problem that students may face. Dr. El-Baz is always willing to give, share, advise, and appreciate, and this has made him one of the most ""loved"" persons among his colleagues and students as well. * I have been deeply influenced by Dr. El-Baz as an instructor. His BE 600 class in the Fall 2009 in medical image analysis was very beneficial in how it educated me and other students in the current techniques used for the analysis of medical images presented in literature. His class lecture presentations are well put together, such that complex information is made easy through the aid of tablets and powerful sketches and figures. Also, his door is always open for any type of question, either regarding the material or even regarding any research problem. Dr. El-Baz taught us a lot of scientific methodologies of how to develop algorithms and techniques that, in particular, helped me to publish my first paper as an oral talk in 2010 at the medical imaging computing and computer- assisted intervention conference, as well as my recent work at the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, which is one of the most prestigious journal in the field of medical imaging (impact factor 3.643)."
Andre Faul Electrical And Computer Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Best instructor that I have seen so far in Speed School.
Mark French Civil And Environmental Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. French is an educator that excites and intrigues students in the areas of engineering. In today's collegiate world, too many professors believe that lectures and PowerPoint is actually 'educating' their students. This is so far from the truth. Real educators inspire their students to want to become more educated and truly understand and master the material. Dr. French is a true educator. His attitude and demeanor towards his students is superb. He respects you, as if you are one of his colleagues, and you in turn respect him as an educator and look forward to his lighthearted and involvement-heavy lectures. Dr. French is my favorite educator because he is an educator that makes a difference to his students. I would not be excited about my field of study if Dr. French was a lecturer, instead of an educator.
Hermann Frieboes Bioengineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Frieboes is the greatest professor within UofL and is very respectful of his students. He has excellent quizzes and exams that are very good gauges of what is learned in the class. I personally have learned more from his class [BE 310] than any other class in the university. He is very understanding of the students' schedule with other classes. One day, when we had another exam that we were all worried about studying for, he let us out early, which was very nice, in my opinion. He is able to keep students' attention by having a great sense of humor, in addition to a great teaching style. His homework is a good gauge of what we will be quizzed over. Go Frieboes! * Dr. Frieboes is a wonderful instructor and knows how to interact with the students of all levels. He really is a good role model of how all professors should teach. * He is always willing to help a student, either in person or via email. He always makes difficult subjects easy to understand. Always comes to class with a very positive attitude. He is also a great mentor to the students. * Dr. Frieboes is an amazing instructor. He is very objective and has a very structured course. Although he is structured, he is very flexible in the sense that he will make sure that the material is understood no matter the time that it takes to do so. Dr. Frieboes is very passionate about what he does, and it is obvious with his concern for learning the material and for his students. He always has a smile on his face and tries to throw in a joke every now and then to keep our attention and just make us laugh. He goes the extra mile to be prompt with grading, to be fair, and help us learn, with more than just office hours. I have never had a professor that is more personable, approachable, and caring about his/her students in my academic career.
C. Tim Hardin Industrial Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Hardin is the most personable professor I have had. He is very entertaining to listen to and keeps students engaged. He also is very accessible to students outside of class, either by email, in person, or phone. Unlike many other professors, Dr. Hardin is very knowledgeable on the use of Blackboard and uses features that most of his students have never seen before. His use of Blackboard makes his classes more engaging and interactive for students. Dr. Hardin is without a doubt my favorite professor. * I am in his online section this semester but had him for two classes last fall. This semester specifically, he has been so helpful whenever I come in to ask him questions. He goes way far and beyond what I expected from a professor, taking so much time out of his day (many times at least an hour and a half), taking the time to go through every step and giving me real-world applications and advice. You can tell he really does care about the kind of knowledge that he gives us and wants us to be at the top of the engineering world, making sure we really know the concepts that will be vital to us once we get into the real world. I was lucky to have him to help me so much and teach me a lot about the real world of engineering!
Jeffrey Hieb Engineering Fundamentals J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Prof Hieb is great! He is always so understanding and willing to help a student out if they need help! I know this from experience, since he has definitely helped me understand material when I needed it. It is also very nice to have a professor for Calculus 3 who is clearly enthusiastic about the subject. He makes the lectures more fun, and you can tell how excited he is to be teaching it to us! He definitely deserves this award! * Dr. Hieb is the most dedicated and enthusiastic professor I've had. I will be enrolling in his classes as often as possible. * He is a fantastic teacher! Wants everyone to succeed and is very enthusiastic about the material! Has the ability to make a pretty difficult subject fun!
Andrea Kelecy Mechanical Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Kelecy is the best professor I've had. She makes sure that students understand the material they are studying. When she told the class today that it was her last one, we were greatly saddened. Heat Transfer will not be the same without her.
Y. Sam Park Mechanical Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering He is my advisor.
Patricia Ralston Engineering Fundamentals J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Ralston is one of the best professors I have ever had. She knows the material incredibly well and cares greatly for all of her students. She responds to her emails very quickly and is always ready to help. She is very deserving of this award.
Larry Tyler Engineering Fundamentals J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Tyler is the single best teacher in Speed School. He is always helpful, always available, and most importantly, always has a smile on his face. He makes freshman and sophomore year a breeze. Don't get me wrong, his classes aren't the easiest (he teaches calculus 1-4 with Dr. Ralston), but he is so friendly you almost forget how hard the course is. He knows how to work with students and knows how to teach the material. He knows how to keep your attention and teach you what you need to know. I think he is the best teacher in the whole university. He gets my vote every time.
Gerold Willing Chemical Engineering J.B. Speed School Of Engineering Dr. Willing is a joy to be in class with. A true friend to his students and an excellent educator and ally to boot. * He keeps involved with all the students and keeps the lectures interesting. * Dr. Willing is by far the best professor that I have ever had at the University of Louisville. He is charismatic, down-to-earth, approachable, and caring. He presents information in a way that is easy to grasp and doesn't present us with overly difficult homework and exams just because he can. He gives us real work that represents what we would be doing in the workforce. He is very flexible in his teaching manner and is always willing to help, no matter if it pertains to the course or not. * Superb at thoroughly explaining engineering principals--makes class interesting. * Dr. Willing is more than just a professor. He is a friend and a mentor to all of his students. He structures his lessons around student feedback, so that they may discover difficult concepts through their own understanding and correlations. He is an amazing professor, and his door is always open to any student, past, present, or future, to discuss career goals, curriculum, or advising within the department. I have seen Dr. Willing take personal time to talk to parents and students attending Speed School functions or shadow hosting trips, and he discusses the college and department in great detail, while being attentive to their concerns and needs. It takes a great man to act as such a role model and influence to his students and fellow faculty and a great educator to explain such complicated engineering curriculum. Dr. Willing, however, does all of this and more as he serves on the local chemical engineering society, heads the student council at Speed School, and still manages to find time to do his own research in the field. Dr. Willing far exceeds the competition for all he does for the students, the department, and the university, but even more so for all he does that goes unnoticed.
Roman Yampolskiy Computer Engineering And Computer Science J.B. Speed School Of Engineering A wonderful guy. You can really tell how much he cares about his students. Classes were always entertaining, and he did his best to create a very welcoming and light atmosphere. * Great teacher. * Awesome teacher. * Great teacher! * Great at creating a thorough understanding of the subject. * A calm and collective teacher. He is very understandable. He is lenient when it comes to grading. He understands the students very well and cares. He will help you in as many ways as he can. * I strongly support Dr. Yampolskiy. He is a very wonderful person. He is a very good teacher, researcher, and person in general. * One of the most talented professors I have ever met. Always full of new research ideas and never lets you down when you need his feedback. * Dr. Yampolskiy is one of the few professors in the department who actually cares about his students. * Dr. Yampolskiy is the best instructor I've ever had. He teaches excellent classes and always has time to answer students' questions. He is very patient, and he can really motivate students on his research areas. Nothing much to say except I really think he deserves the title of best instructor. * Dr. Yampolskiy is passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and passes this on to his students. He teaches students basic AI principles and how to apply them to varied problems. I plan on pursuing AI and machine learning research in graduate school in part due to Dr. Yampolskiy's excellent teaching in CECS 545. * Great feedback on assignments.
Mikal Forbush Muhammad Ali Institute For Peace And Justice Office Of The Provost He's awesome!!!
Becky Antle Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Antle is brilliant and extremely knowledgeable about the content she teaches. However, her intelligence does not come across as arrogant. She has genuine passion for teaching. With that being said, she does not simply facilitate her classes, she teaches and there is a difference. I, like many other students I know, dreaded taking Research this semester. With Dr. Antle's approach to teaching, not only did I learn but I enjoyed and understood what I was learning. I was in a diverse classroom (age, learning needs, etc.), and I observed Dr. Antle cater to each need without making the student feel inadequate or taking up too much class time. She cares for her students and that resonated with me. I'm not sure what the ultimate goal of a university professor is but if it is for students to be able to learn content, synthesize it, and generalize it to the world in which we live (and actually understand & somewhat enjoy doing it), then I say to Dr. Antle...mission accomplished! * Dr. Antle is dedicated to her students! She takes the time to make sure we are understanding the research material and is consistently trying to improve her class and its content.
Adrian Archuleta Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Archuleta really takes an interest in his students and their learning of the information given. * Dr. Archuleta has been able to help students incorporate abstract, theoretical knowledge (such as the way different parts of the brain affect cognition and mood) into real-world scenarios (such as survivors of trauma developing acute stress disorder but not post-traumatic stress disorder). I've been impressed with his level of knowledge in regards to brain chemistry in general and psychotherapy as a discipline of social work in specific, but also his ability to relay that information in a way which is relevant and accessible. In my time at the Kent School (this is my second year) he is without a doubt the most effective professor I've had: he knows his stuff and he works hard to make sure we know our stuff, too! I appreciate this.
Linda Bledsoe Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Best professor. She makes research fun, and I was able to learn a lot.
Sharon Bowland Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Bowland is an excellent leader. She is able to flawlessly balance her roles as an educator and mentor. Dr. Bowland has her students' best interest in the forefront, and her compassion is unmatched by any professor I have worked with thus far. Finally, she is incredibly intelligent, fastidious, and friendly, making it exciting to learn from a professional who is passionate about her work.
Erica Caton Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Erica Caton is an excellent instructor. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her students and tries to make the classroom environment as nurturing as possible. She is always sending us supplemental articles relating to classroom discussions so that we can continue our learning outside of the classroom. She is very approachable and goes above and beyond to bring resources to bear in order to provide a positive learning experience for all of her students. When my group had a problem, she worked through the problem together with us, providing us with invaluable guidance and encouragement. Erica is both friendly and professional, and her class is both stimulating and comfortable at the same time. The department of Social Work is lucky to have such an instructor, and I hope that Erica Caton will continue to inspire students for years to come.
Crystal Collins-Camargo Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Social Policy was my first graduate-level course, and Crystal challenged me to look at social policy issues from a historical perspective that I had not done previously. I appreciated the feedback she gave on my work, and I know it has helped me strengthen my skills. I am taking all of my courses online, and her availability and prompt response to emails was greatly appreciated!
Andy Frey Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work He is a great professor. He makes a genuine effort to engage his students and does not hesitate to push you to the next level. His feedback is always useful, and he understands what it means to be a student and have other responsibilities such as a family and work. I really appreciate him.
Jennifer Hancock Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Engaging class and great knowledge delivery system!
Judith Heitzman Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Heitzman is an amazing woman and teacher! She totally engages with the class and is very helpful and easy to talk to. I only wish she taught more of my classes and was full time! * Great teacher. * She is incredibly intelligent. She keeps students engaged and makes learning fun! * Dr. Heitzman was a joy. She challenged us, while making class interesting and entertaining. I learned more from her class than many other classes ever in my academic career. I would love desperately to take her course again next semester for Adv SW Practice III, but she is teaching only one section, which conflicted with the Mental Health Specialization Seminar course. Dr. Heitzman deserves this hands down.
Tina Johnson Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work She's fantastic!
Edgardo Mansilla Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Edgardo inspires a hunger for knowledge and greatness in his classes that is incomparable to any other Kent professor I have had the pleasure of learning from. He assists his students in learning firsthand the importance of cultural diversity and sensitivity. He has and continues to teach me invaluable skills in order to work well on the role of a social worker and advocate! He has a way of making you feel as though he really cares about you as a student, as well as a person, which is a skill that not many professors pose. Edgardo has and continues to make my time at Kent School excellent!
Liz Dumbaugh Martin Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work "This semester, I transferred in from JCTC. When thinking about a particular teacher who was my favorite during my first semester at the university, Professor Martin (who taught a social work intro to policy class) definitely comes to mind. Let me list three (from the many reasons) why I feel as such. For one, her enthusiasm in the classroom made it an extremely interesting learning environment; this not only exposed me to the material, but also helped me to retain it. Secondly, she made it her passion to teach my class how to identify ""All the secrets that we never knew about policy and the world we live in""--this left a lasting impression upon me, and since her class, I have been able to have a NEW (better) outlook on life. Thirdly, she taught my class this semester, ""If you're gonna state something scholarly to someone, you better have: 1) the information to back it up and 2) that info must also come from a creditable source--otherwise don't say anything at all."" That gift of knowledge Professor Martin shared with my class really gives us the ability to be the MOST efficient and effective agents of change from there on out. Thank goodness for her sharing that with us!! So now that I've listed three reasons why Professor Martin has been my favorite at UofL this semester, I will conclude that her class was truly an eye-opening and priceless experience. Professor Martin clearly went above and beyond her duties to serve my class. Hence, I nominate Professor Liz Dumbaugh Martin, and it is my deep sincere hope that she is recognized for her excellence. Thank you. "
Shawnise Miller Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Shawnise is an amazing person overall. Her personality is echoed through her determination to challenge her students in every way possible. Shawnise is truly dedicated to the material that she teaches, and she also strives to make sure that her students open their minds to new ways of thinking. In Human Diversity I wanted to be a better student because I know that my professor cared about me as a student and showed it in her constant dedication to my success. Shawnise always took her time to provide vital feedback on coursework and this encouraged me to work harder. I nominate her for my favorite faculty because she changed my way of thinking and prepared me for my future at the Kent School of Social Work. Shawnise is amicable, brilliant, dedicated, and compromising, and this made life a whole lot easier this semester.
Sharon E. Moore Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Moore is such a genuine person. She truly cares about her students, not just on an academic level, but on a personal one. She listens to her students, which can sometimes be a rare quality in a professor, and she takes everyone's input, no matter how big or small, as valuable information. She pushes her students to do more than what it takes to slide by, and she inspires us to look beyond who we are today to who we will be in the future. She is excellent in her wealth of knowledge and experience, and the Kent School and University of Louisville is blessed to have her. * I have had four or more classes with Dr. Moore thus far, and in my time spent with her, she stands out as a very compassionate teacher. She is very knowledgeable of the field of social work and makes her course content related to everyday social work practices. Each semester she incorporates at least one speaker that comes to the class and elaborates on the coursework in the class with real-life happenings. Also each semester Dr. Moore tries to incorporate an outing into the community for first-hand, hands-on learning which helps me and other students learn by doing. Dr. Moore recognizes the many ways of teaching course material to make it relatable and tangible to fieldwork. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she is also very compassionate. I have found myself in her office a few times through the past couple of years overwhelmed and falling behind due to unforeseen life events (like deaths, illnesses, etc.). Dr. Moore took into account how I was a hard worker and the mitigating, uncontrollable circumstances and worked with me on extensions to get my work in. This compassion had allowed me to maintain over a 3.7 GPA, which is very important to me. Dr. Moore is not only knowledgeable about social work, she is also knowledgeable about the university and the communities in and around Louisville! Dr. Moore was not my assigned advisor when I entered the Kent school of Social Work, but I have adopted her as it. You should really give Dr. Moore this award as I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more!
Carolyn Provenzano Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Professor Provenzano is an excellent instructor and was able to make our online class quite personable and interactive. * Carolyn went above and beyond by offering help and encouragement to each of her students. I am enrolled in the online MSW program, and Carolyn's class was very organized, and she made sure each of her students interacted/participated in the class. Her assignments were laid out in a timely manner and allowed me to critically think about issues. * One of the sweetest and supporting professors I've had during my educational journey.
Noell Rowan Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Rowan has been a great instructor for me this past year. She has helped me learn the best ways to start practicing with my social work degree when I graduate in the Spring of 2014. Dr. Rowan has influenced me in more ways than I can count, and she has encouraged me as a student to pursue all my options. I really appreciate the effort and the knowledge Dr. Rowan has in General Practice of Social Work!
Karla Washington Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Best professor I ever had! Dr. Washington is an excellent professor. She teaches with such enthusiasm that there is never a dull moment in her class, and she has excellent communication skills with the students. She has infused me with more passion towards my future social work career.
Pamela Yankeelov Raymond A. Kent School Of Social Work Dr. Yankeelov is so knowledgeable and passionate about research. She explains everything very clearly and is always available to help students outside of class. While people with other professors struggled to understand the material, I was able to comprehend it and excel because of Dr. Yankeelov's dedication to teaching. * Dr. Y is passionately engaged and engaging. She brings energy and humor and high seriousness to each session of her Advanced Research class. She uses a variety of well-thought-out learning activities to aid students in mastering procedures and concepts. Dr. Y's class is the most challenging and stressful class I've encountered in my program, yet somehow it all seems worth it.
Donna Aden Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry Professor Aden is always looking for ways to help us learn, goes beyond the call of duty to help students and colleagues, and is just an all-around nice person. She is polite with students, patients, and everyone with whom she comes in contact. She is also encouraging when students do not necessarily perform to expected standards and gives constructive criticism in a positive way.
Robert Bohn General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry One of the most helpful instructors we have on the clinic floor. Takes extra time to educate students on real-world dentistry. * He genuinely cares for the students and is incredibly helpful in lab courses.
"James ""Paul""" Boyd General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Boyd has knowledge and wisdom in the sense that he knows how to communicate that knowledge to the student.
Susan Collier Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry Professor Collier has gone above and beyond for my education. She has always been one of the hardest instructors in clinic and in the classroom. At first I didn't understand why she was so hard on us, but as a graduating senior, I am thankful. Every time I worked on a patient, she took the time to observe my clinical and patient relation skills and provided me with constructive feedback.
Gary Crim General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Crim has worked diligently on his normal responsibilities as Assistant Dean and Operative Dentistry Course Director, while also faithfully carrying out the extra responsibilities he has recently received for carrying ULSD through the accreditation process. For his faithful effort and results, I nominate him.
Timothy Daugherty General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry The best of the best!!!
Carmine Esposito Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry Best professor at the Dental School.
Joseph Haake General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Haake goes above and beyond his teaching responsibilities. He challenges students to look at the big picture and is an excellent role model in interacting with and treating patients.
Donald Karem General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Just pure awesomeness! * Awesome clinical instructor.
David Maddy General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Maddy is wonderful! He is so helpful and explains everything so well. One of the best assets to ULSD.
Stephen L. Mattingly General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Mattingly went above and beyond to help our class succeed. He is always available to help with projects and really cares if you understand the information. Dr. Mattingly's courses are always organized and well planned, which is greatly appreciated with our grueling schedule! I know myself and many of my classmates appreciated his caring attitude throughout this semester.
Rebecca Mercke Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry Such a caring, wonderful, enjoyable professor. * By far the best teacher I have ever had at the University of Louisville. She is very knowledgeable and seems like she truly enjoys teaching. * Dr. Mercke is an exceptional professor! Although her class is challenging and full of information, she takes the time to structure her course in a way for all students to understand the material. She makes herself one hundred percent available for all of her students and understands what it was once like to be in our shoes. During our lecture periods, she makes many attempts to draw personal connections to hold our attention. She has met with myself and other students multiple times in between teaching courses and working in the dental clinics. It is obvious she cares about the dental field as well as the success of her students. I want her to know we value having a professor like her. Her approachable personality and energy put into our class do not go unnoticed!
Michael Metz General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Very helpful and willing to work with students any time. * Great!!!
Dean Morton Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry Very interactive. Helped us think about cases rather than just simply telling us what and how to do.
William Sanders General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Dr. Sanders is an amazing professor! He goes above and beyond to help his students! * Excellent faculty member, passion for teaching from the heart with personal gathered wisdom. * I had the opportunity to spend a week in Belize with Dr. Bill Sanders on an International Service Learning Program trip. His professionalism, patience, eagerness to help those in need, and his passion for teaching and learning, exemplifies what it means to be an educator. He is one of a kind. * Dr. Sanders is always in the best mood. He puts patients at ease and explains everything in a very clear, informative manner. He has inspired me to be a more confident, efficient, and humble dentist. I feel blessed to have had him as my group manager.
Marija Sasek General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry Extremely efficient, understanding, and knowledgeable faculty member. Was a great help this semester.
Robert Staat Surgical And Hospital Dentistry School Of Dentistry Dr. Staat is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. He truly has a heart of gold and cares so much about us as students. He is always willing to take time to explain things even on his personal time. He will stay to make sure every person is in complete understanding of the material. His warm smile, silly jokes, and knowledge of micro made his class such a pleasurable experience. I wish more teachers would follow his structured teaching style. * He's an excellent teacher. He motivates us and brings joy to each lecture.
Michael Utley General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry He has been a pleasure to work with all year long and has really enhanced my dental education.
Randall Vaught General Dentistry And Oral Medicine School Of Dentistry A
Amirali Zandinejad Oral Health And Rehabilitation School Of Dentistry An amazing teacher!!! * Dr. Zandi is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in pre-clinic. He is very pleasant to work with and always brings out the best in his students. Even when he has a line of waiting students asking for help, he still takes as much time as is necessary for each student, helping them with their own individual issues. I have never seen Dr. Zandi turn away a student because it is nearing 5 o'clock. He has been known to stay late and do whatever is necessary to help a student. Dr. Zandi takes a personal interest in his students and in seeing his students do well. This professor is my favorite because he has great expectations for his students but follows through in helping the students in gaining these achievements in a very personable way.
Nicole Herring Anatomical Sciences And Neurobiology School Of Medicine Dr. Herring is an incredibly dedicated professor who will go above and beyond to help her students. She is insanely hardworking--taking time to create special PowerPoints and notes to help us understand difficult concepts. This effort should not go unnoticed by the administration, because all of her students recognize this and appreciate it. She explains challenging concepts thoroughly and completely and takes time to get to know each of her students on an individual level. I came from a small undergrad university and did not expect those kinds of personal relationships with my professors in medical school. Dr. Herring has proven me wrong. Please give her the respect and recognition that she has earned and deserves.
Raymond Ho Anatomical Sciences And Neurobiology School Of Medicine Enlightening professor dedicated to the advancement of knowledge. * So sad to hear he is retiring!
M. Gay Masters Surgery School Of Medicine Dr. Masters truly cares about each of her students. She has extended her office hour times and is always motivated to enhance students' experiences with guest lectures, labs, videos, etc. She expects her students to read and demonstrate knowledge of the text selected for her class on tests and assignments. Her projects/assignments can be transferred into real-world situations when treating actual patients/clients/students. She is an innovative, generous, and compassionate professor. * She truly takes the time to get to know every student and finds a way to convey the information in many modalities to meet each student's strengths! * Dr. Masters always takes the extra time to help out her students and make sure they understand. She is truly a special instructor.
Rebecca Murray Physiology And Biophysics School Of Medicine Rebecca is a graduate assistant who has faithfully tutored me and really helped me understand such a complex subject. She is always so nice and helpful while constantly displaying a vast knowledge of her field. Rebecca would be a phenomenal addition to the UofL Physiology and Biophysics Dept. once she obtains her Ph.D.
Rodica Turcu Pediatrics School Of Medicine Dr. Turcu is an exceptional instructor. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that we get the best education possible. She is highly responsive to student concerns. She really encourages a positive learning environment. * Dr. Turcu has come into the position of course director of Human Embryology at the Medical School and totally turned things around. She makes the content clinically relevant and doesn't play mind games with us like many professors. She teaches us what we need to know and prepares us for what lies ahead. Thank you, Dr. Turcu, for taking what was one of the worst classes in medical school and making it one of the most loved the very next year.
Robert Amchin Music Education And Music Therapy Division School Of Music He made this semester's class fantastic! * Dr. Amchin really cares about his students, their futures, and the futures of their students.
Jack Ashworth Music History Division And Ensembles And Conducting Division School Of Music He is so dedicated to what he is teaching. I took his course as a Gen Ed requirement and fell in love with the class. He expressed so much passion to the class on a daily basis about what we were learning and made it hard not to enjoy the class. He also pushed us, and you could tell he genuinely cared about us and whether we succeed or not.
Greg Byrne Applied Music Studies Division School Of Music Percussion Instructor. * HE IS THE GREATEST TEACHER OF ALL TIME.
Paul Dell Aquila Music Theory And Music Composition Division School Of Music Paul Dell Aquila (or PDA as we call him) has been a wonderful teacher this semester. He teaches Music Theory III. PDA is always making jokes about current events such as the election or about Snooki from the Jersey Shore. When he makes jokes, somehow they always relate back to what we are talking about, even if it is Shankerian Analysis. PDA is also an expert on explaining the concepts as many ways as we need. He will keep explaining until one of the thought processes picks it up. He always comes and supports us at our concerts and personal gigs. We, as a class, have gone to watch him and his wife perform out in the community. I have really enjoyed having him as a teacher this semester, and I am looking forward to having him as my teacher next semester for Theory IV.
John LaBarbera Jazz Studies Division School Of Music Inspiring. A living legend. John is a primary source in jazz and the music business.
Bomi Lee Ensembles And Conducting Division School Of Music As a nursing major who enjoys singing as well, Bomi makes going to choir one of the best parts of my day. She is fun and encouraging, while always staying on track and getting things done. She works our class hard, but it seems easy because she is so pleasant and warm.
Adam McCord Applied Music Studies Division School Of Music This instructor goes above and beyond to not only make you feel comfortable but also welcome. He is able to use positive reinforcements to help you discover and learn on your own with guidance from him. He gives a constant stream of feedback and encouragement to continue to strive to do better.
Carlee Lehna School Of Nursing The best at UL....
Raymond Austin Health Management And Systems Sciences School Of Public Health And Information Sciences Dr. Austin runs our seminar every semester, tirelessly reading articles and selecting the best ones for us to read and discuss. It's really broadened my viewpoint in many ways that I didn't think possible. I really enjoyed the open format and chance to have these hard discussions in a safe and nurturing environment with the faculty.
John Morse Health Management And Systems Sciences School Of Public Health And Information Sciences Mr. Morse has an amazing knowledge base of business and leadership. This was my second class with him. I love his practicality and sage advice. He really pushed me to think about what I was saying or doing. His advice within the class helped me both in my educational career and in my professional life. His years of experience were so helpful to the class.
James Taylor Health Management And Systems Sciences School Of Public Health And Information Sciences Dr. Taylor is an engaging professor. His class was stimulating and informative. He is approachable and encouraging as both an educator and a mentor.
Chauntel Fox REACH--Tutoring Undergraduate Affairs I am nominating a student tutor who worked with me in the REACH Department in Strickler Hall. Chauntel was knowledgeable and well prepared at each session. Since very few other students came for the sessions, I was able to receive full benefits of having a personal tutor who knew what she was doing. Actually, I could do the textbook exercises and go to her with my questions about the lessons. During class, I could not always address my specific problems, but here, I could. That is why I feel great about the amount of progress I have made toward learning to speak Spanish. For me, learning has been a great pleasure, therefore, I am nominating Chauntel Fox, my tutor.
Khotso Libe REACH--GEN 105 Supplemental College Reading Undergraduate Affairs Very cool and fun to be around. I looked forward to this class; it also helped with my psychology course. Easy to talk to, could go to for anything not just school-related issues.
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