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UofL is transitioning to Blackboard Ultra Course View in a phased approach with full transition expected by fall 2024.

Now is the time. We invite instructors to learn Blackboard Ultra Course view with the help of the Instructional Design and Blackboard teams. You can explore Blackboard Ultra in a low risk development shell and prepare yourself for the fall 2024 semester.

UofL instructors:

We encourage you to preview your upcoming course(s) in Blackboard Ultra. View the steps.

Why did UofL choose Blackboard Ultra Course View?

The Ultra Course View is Blackboard's more modern, accessible and mobile-friendly course experience. A few highlights of Ultra Course View include:

  • Learning analytics. Support student retention and drive student success with the course activity report, progress tracking and discussion performance analytics. Learn more here.
  • Mobile-friendly. Ultra Course View adapts to the size of users' screens whether they view courses on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Users can access their courses from anywhere, on their time.
  • Simplified workflows. The system walks you through the process of adding assignments, discussions, links, and external content. Other common tasks, such as grading and sending messages, are simplified in the Ultra Course View.
  • Improved navigation. No need to dig for course tools. At the top of your screen, you will find content, events, discussions, grades, and messages, no matter where you are in the course.

Why are we transitioning now?

Try the Ultra Choice View!

Blackboard Ultra Course View was introduced in 2016, and Delphi trialed Ultra Course View in 2018 with 2 courses determining it was not ready. Delphi has been monitoring and evaluating Ultra Course View’s evolution and feels confident the platform has reached a level of dependability and is now ready to be rolled out to fully support our students and instructors.

Instructors will retain access to past Original View Courses, per the University of Louisville Course Sites and Course Content Retention Procedure, as a source of material for copying into Ultra Courses and for record-keeping purposes.

The Delphi Center is offering training sessions for instructors to prepare for Blackboard Ultra. Learn more here to sign up for a session. We also recommend self-enrolling in the Blackboard Ultra training resource for step-by-step guides.

What is the implementation timeline?

Ultra Course Timeline
“We are all enjoying using Blackboard Ultra (Course View) and I want to know if I can experiment with a few more tools.” – UofL College of Education & Human Development faculty member, 2023

For further questions, please contact UofL’s Blackboard Support.

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