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Getting Started with Inclusive Teaching
Monday, Sept. 25, from 12 - 1 p.m. via MS Teams

Join us for this hour-long lunchtime workshop on inclusive teaching. After exploring what we think inclusive teaching looks like, we will delve into how we can espouse an inclusive mindset, make students feel welcome, and support student success by creating inclusive and structured learning opportunities.

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The Past is the Present: Slavery and Medicine in Louisville History
Wednesday, Oct. 4, from 12 - 1 p.m. in the CTR room 124

Hosted by Research!Louisville, this wide-ranging panel discussion highlights important events in the history of medicine in Louisville that occurred during the antebellum era of U.S. history. Its purpose is to illustrate the central role of physicians supporting the system of racial slavery and the role of enslaved persons as experimental subjects in the advancement of medicine.

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Using Library Resources to Enhance Diversity in Your Course
Wednesday, Oct. 25, from 12 - 1:30 p.m. via MS Teams

We are proud to partner with the University of Louisville Libraries for this hands on workshop. During this session, we will walk through the process of evaluating the learning content within one's course for the representation of diverse perspectives and cultures. Participants will also explore the use of library resources to increase diversity without increasing learning material costs for students.

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At the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, we believe that effective teaching and course design can transform the University of Louisville into a more diverse, inclusive and equitable institution. We offer resources, workshops and programs aimed to advance this mission and cultivate an environment where all students thrive personally and academically.

The following are resources within the Delphi Center as well as through partners in the University of Louisville.

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    Equity, diversity and inclusion are integrated into many of our resources and initiatives. This table focuses on the resources offered by the Delphi Center or the Health Sciences (HSC) Office of Professional & Educational Development that directly support this mission. Some offerings are tools and resources you can access now, while others are programs or initiatives that require registration.

    Online Resources Highlight
    Blackboard Ally A Blackboard add-on that provides tools to instructors and students to make the course content accessible for all.
    Creating Accessible Courses A webpage supporting faculty in creating and delivering courses that are accessible to students with disabilities with “How To” documents, modules and resources.
    Self-paced Modules Highlight
    Bandwidth for Learning 1: Impact of Scarcity (HSC) The first module of a two-part series on learner bandwidth, this module focuses on how racism, poverty and social marginalization reduces the cognitive resources.
    Bandwidth for Learning 2: Recovering Bandwidth (HSC) The second module of a two-part series on learner bandwidth, this module describes faculty and system-level strategies to help learners recover bandwidth.
    Building an Inclusive Learning Environment (HSC) A module discussing how an inclusive learning environment is vital, and steps all faculty can take to start building such learning environments starting with interactions to students and trainees.
    Creating a Web of Support for UofL Students A module that identifies and shares resources that support your students’ academic and personal growth and wellbeing. It also discusses ways to share updates on a student’s progress or concerns with other UofL professionals to support their academic and professional success.
    Creating an Inclusive Course Environment A module to learn who are UofL students and engage with practices you can adopt to get to know and welcome your students, as well as promote an environment which all students can thrive.
    Designing Transparent Assignments A module to engage with a research-based assignment framework that promotes greater equity in student outcomes such as grades and sense of belonging. This framework can be applied to your own assignment or activity.
    Self-paced Courses Highlight
    LGBTQ+ Clinical Skills (HSC) This 3-credit CME/CE clinical skills training addresses knowledge gaps to care for patients who are LGBTQ+ or have a difference of sex development (DSD). Learn skills to creating an inclusive clinical environment while will help improve patient interactions and address health disparities related to the stigma and discrimination around LGBTQ+/DSD patients.
    Teaching Onboarding This program includes modules on how to create an inclusive course environment, design assignments that promote equity in student achievement and connect students with resources that support their academic and personal success.
    Reading Circles Highlight
    Engaged Learning Reading Circle The book in this reading circle explores six key practices to enhance engaged learning in any course so that there is an engaged learning opportunity provided to all UofL students.
    Initiatives & Programs Highlight
    Digital Storytelling Initiative An initiative exploring the uses of digital storytelling to illuminate issues of equity, inclusion and diversity for individuals and groups.
    Engaged Learning Reading Circle The book in this reading circle explores six key practices to enhance engaged learning in any course so that there is an engaged learning opportunity provided to all UofL students.
    Seminar on Teaching for New Faculty A cross-disciplinary learning community for junior faculty and specifically offers the book, What Inclusive Instructors Do, for conversations about equity and inclusion in the classroom.
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    The Delphi Center hosts, as well as co-hosts with other units, a series of workshops for educators. Many of the workshops infuse issues related to diversity, inclusivity and equity in the classroom. View the Delphi Center's workshops page for details.

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    UofL has a variety of university-wide programs, policies and partners aimed to enhance the campus’ inclusion and equity for students and faculty. Below is a collective list external to the Delphi Center. Additional policies and resources may be found on UofL’s Office of Institutional Equity webpage.

Have questions, feedback or recommendations regarding our equity through teaching resources? Please email the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning at delpmark@louisville.edu.

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