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SoftChalk Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create and manage eLearning content for delivery inside or outside of Blackboard. SoftChalk Create is the award winning e-learning authoring solution that allows you to easily create and share engaging, interactive content. You can combine personalized content with interactive activities, quizzes and text. Students can receive immediate feedback thereby increasing student engagement and improving learning outcomes. The Delphi Center provides this software package and training at no cost to you. Visit for more information.

What is SoftChalk?

SoftChalk is designed for educators who need an easy way to create engaging, media-rich learning content that is portable and flexible. SoftChalk provides:

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • SoftChalk Share
  • Efficient content management
  • Ability to track scores in Blackboard using ScoreCenter

Experience SoftChalk for yourself. Learn the basics using a SoftChalk module.

Who can access SoftChalk?

All faculty and staff at UofL are able to create a SoftChalk Cloud account by following the steps in the SoftChalk Cloud Installation Directions [PDF].

How to Get SoftChalk Support

There are several ways for you to get support in using SoftChalk. For technical support contact the Delphi Support line: call 502.852.8833 or email. For training contact Aimee Greene: call 502.852.4482 or email. Or, use the following help documents:

You can access additional resources from the SoftChalk Support Center

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