An Instructor Tells All

How One Instructor Flipped the Classroom and Lived to Tell the Tale

The flipped classroom model has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years. There are those who see it as a panacea for higher education and there are serious skeptics.

This session will share one instructor’s efforts to understand the flipped classroom model, to implement it in engineering mathematics classes, and to evaluate its efficacy. During the session the instructor will share his motivation for experimenting with this pedagogical model as well as describe technology and class activities he used to implement a flipped class.

You will be introduced to instructional technologies and pedagogical approaches that can support flipping a class. You will also be able to identify key challenges of flipping a class, along with strategies and best practices for overcoming these challenges and avoiding some common pitfalls.

Session Date

Presenter Bio

Jeffrey L. Hieb, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Fundamentals at the University of Louisville and has been a faculty member since 2008. In 1992 Jeff graduated Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude from Furman University with Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy. Returning to his native Louisville, he worked for more than ten years in a family business before returning to graduate school in 2003. Jeff completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering in 2008. Since completing his degree, Jeff has been teaching engineering mathematics courses to first and second year engineering students and continuing his research in the area of high assurance security solutions for industrial control systems. Jeff is also interested in educational technology, working to develop and evaluate effective uses of Tablet PCs for classroom instruction.

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