Delphi U Online

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning is happy to announce an eight-week online course to prepare instructors to teach online, Delphi U Online. Participants will learn two primary concepts: first, what it is like to be an online learner, and second, how to effectively teach online. This course is made up of eight modules that are covered one week at a time:

Get Delphi Certified

The Delphi Certified designation is applied to online courses that have met the rigor of the Quality Matters (QM) course design process and rubric. There are eight general QM Standards that are used for the course review process. Submitted courses are reviewed by the Delphi Center Instructional Design staff. To receive more information on the Delphi Certified course review process contact Deb Hatfield by email or telephone at 502.852.0412.

Graduates of Delphi U 2013

  • Module 1: Introduction to Online Instruction
  • Module 2: Preparing for your Online Course Part 1
  • Module 3: Preparing for your Online Course Part 2
  • Module 4: Communication Tools
  • Module 5: Managing an Online Course
  • Module 6: Introduction to Technology Tools
  • Module 7: Assessing Learning
  • Module 8: Concluding Your Online Course

All topics will be open from the first week to allow participants to look ahead while knowing that there will be assignments in each week that require collaboration among peers. The program includes optional synchronous sessions for interaction with the instructor and peers, but all other portions of the class are asynchronous. Sessions will be starting several times throughout the year as needed.

For any questions please contact Deb Hatfield or call 502.852.0412.

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