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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers a wide variety or on line and interactive resources to assist students and alumni with their career and job search.

Cards Career Connection

Are you deciding on a major? Or maybe you already have a major but want to do some research on what you can do with your particular major? We've got you covered!

Counseling Center

A number of online mental health resources are available to UofL students at

These include:

u lifelineULifeline - a comprehensive, confidential, online resource center where you can feel comfortable searching for the information you need and want regarding mental and emotional health.

e tokeE-Toke - A marijuana e-check-up programs for UofL students that provides confidential personal feedback is confidential related to Quantity and Frequency of Use,Amount Consumed,Normative Comparisons,Physical Health Information,Amount and Percent of Income Spent,Negative Consequences Feedback, and Explanation, Advice and Local Referral Information

Intramural Sports and Recreation

Home Fitness Workout Videos - These fitness instructional videos are now available on our Youtube channel. The videos are each 20 minutes long and take you through a cycling, belly dance and HIT (interval training) workout.

Dean of Students Office

KognitoKognito uses an interactive and visual format where the user can start a conversation with a virtual student. The user can choose what to say in a typical college situation and gets a response from a virtual student having a conversation about concerns regarding the virtual student. The Kognito simulator allows the user to practice skills in a safe environment. Kognito training equips students with the tools necessary to promote mental health and prevent suicide by practicing scenarios online. Users can choose a variety of responses and interact with the virtual student. One of the benefits of Kognito At Risk is that any student can complete the program 24/7 on their own time and at their own pace.

Below are the directions for students to access Kognito:

Students will access the course online by creating an account at and using the following enrollment key: “louisville15.” This will allow them to access what is called the At-Risk for Students and Student Leaders interactive training. The training allows the user to learn how to help a friend or fellow student who is struggling and they are worried about, through practice conversations with avatars. Topics include: 1) techniques to talk to a friend you are concerned about, 2) how to recognize signs of distress, and 3) what support services are available on our campus.

Disability Resource Center

The Center offers a number of services and resources for students on their website -

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