Alcohol Initiatives

alcohol awareness

Housing Initiatives

  1. Alcohol policies and safety are covered in first floor meetings each August
  2. First year students are exposed to Alcohol and responsible behavior programs, bulletin boards, etc. once each semester as part of the first year live on program model.
  3. Annually we feature alcohol education for the mixed class buildings - ULP Welcome Home Week (August), Urban Living 101 (August), Meat & Potatoes/Queen of Sheba premieres(September), RA/RSA programming (October), ULP Spring Break Safety (March)
  4. In Unitas we have done Root Beer Pong in coordination with Health Promotions
  5. E-Checkup door hangers sponsored by RSA, PEACC, Health Promotions, and BRICC.
  6. Educational BB’s on house party/club drinking etiquette
  7. Decision Making Workshops (8 a semester, only through sanctioning).
  8. eChug- usually through sanctioning
  9. BASICS- usually through sanctioning
  10. We did a 21st birthday party for Louisville Hall last year. We had each floor create a non-alcoholic shot and we taped alcohol fact to each Dixie cup to educate the residents about alcohol and healthy drinking tips.

Student Activities Initiatives

1. Alcohol Education for Officers and New Members of Student Organizations

  • Fve sessions were held to educate officers of 25 current student organizations and student councils on the risks and responsibilities involved in the use of alcohol at organization events.
  • Two officers were required to attend from each student organization. The presentation covered the current Alcohol Guidelines for Alcohol at student events, signs of misuse of alcohol, and a case study exercise examining risk management issues. This series of presentations was held in conjunction with Campus Health Services and the PEACC Center.
  • New Member Programming of Alcohol Awareness was offered nine times during the academic year to over 300 new members of 17 organizations. Ongoing efforts to improve the alcohol education programming to include ABC training.

Counseling Center Initiatives

1. Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO - on line assessment tool that provides students with personalized feedback about:

  • Individual drinking pattern
  • Risk patterns
  • Aspirations and goals
  • Helpful resources at University of Louisville and in your community

Other Campus Initiatives

  1. BRICC
    - The Building Resiliency in Campus Community (BRICC) Coalition includes staff, faculty, students and regional community members. The BRICC Coalitions efforts to increase resiliency and reduce high risk drinking and substance use are targeted at multiple level strategies: individual, group, organization and the broader community. The BRICC Coalition is housed at the University of Louisville and presently has 120 individual members
  2. Campus Health Center
  3. Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol