Mission and Goals

Student Affairs Logo with Cardinal Head


Promote student growth and leadership by providing opportunities that enrich and support students’ academic experiences, improve retention and graduation, and enhance the quality of students’ lives, while equipping them to lead in a diverse, multicultural world.

Vision Statement

To provide outstanding service to students and to be regarded as one of the premier metropolitan Student Affairs programs.

Core Values

We value students. We value their ideals, their aspirations, their differences, and their challenges as they seek to find meaning and their unique voice.

We value learning and individual potential. We value the process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills to reach individual potential; and we support opportunities for understanding unique talents and passions while becoming part of an educated citizenry.

We value the spirit of community. We value open dialogue; mutual respect and trust; commitment to long-term relationships; tradition; and a sense of belonging that inspires Cardinal pride.

We value service to students and society. We assist students to define, refine, and achieve their goals through programs and services designed to help them become successful, contributing members of society.

We value professionalism. We encourage the professional growth, development, and ethical conduct of our staff and strive for collaboration to create an environment supportive of student learning.

We value diversity. We foster an inclusive, welcoming environment by bringing together students with varied backgrounds, multiple perspectives, and wide-ranging interests, and encouraging individuals and groups to respectfully learn and work within and across diverse communities.