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    Divisional Committees

    The Division of Students Affairs has established various committees to support the efforts of the division. Each committee executed projects to enable the division to serve the UofL community.

    Assessment Committee

    a line charting rising and falling ending in an arrow pointing upwards.The responsibilities of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee are:

    • Developing assessment plans specific to each department.
    • Monitoring progress and adjusting assessment plans as warranted.
    • Communicating with the assessment chair, as well as other members of Student Affairs, regarding any difficulties encountered in the course of implementing an assessment plan.
    • Coordinating and submitting Student Affairs Annual Reports as well as Outcome Assessment Reports (OARs).
    • Serving as points of contact for assessment-related matters, including but not limited to: collaborations, data collection, report submission, report revision, and general inquiries.

    The committee is chaired by the Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Assessment and consists of one representative from each department in Student Affairs. The committee meets monthly to monitor progress and discuss assessment-related materials.

    Chair: Kate Roessler

    Staff Engagement Committee

    The Staff Engagement Committee works to empower and inspire Student Affairs professionals to know themselves, their positions, their field, and their community. To this end, the committee:

    • Introduces new staff to the philosophical orientation of Student Affairs and the theoretical basis for student personnel work.
    • Builds a sense of team.
    • Recognizes the exemplary accomplishments of staff members.
    • Creates opportunities for networking and connection.

    Chair: Catherine Wibbels.

    Diversity Committee

    diversity.The Student Affairs Diversity Committee strives to support the Division of Student Affairs in its efforts to promote inclusiveness, embrace diversity, and foster an environment for student success. The Diversity Committee:

    • Collaborates with our institutional partners in planning and implementing programs and activities related to diversity and inclusion.
    • Identifies strategies to enhance the diversity of the divisional staff.
    • Provides and supports opportunities to enhance cultural awareness for the division.

    Chair: Danielle Lavender

    Marketing and Social Media/Web Committee

    logos of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.The Marketing and Social Media/Web Committee works to strengthen the marketing, social media, and web presence for the Division of Student Affairs. The committee:

    • Shares marketing ideas and research data.
    • Updates and expands on Student Affairs marketing plan.
    • Upholds brand standards for Student Affairs and the University.
    • Maximizes usage of social media and websites.
    • Leverages what is learned from each other.

    Chair: Susie Cucura