Definition of an Internship 

“The purpose of a bona-fide internship is to integrate classroom learning with practical skill development in a real-world setting.” - United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Student Internship Testimonials

Have you thought about doing an internship? Not sure about whether an internship makes sense for you? Here is a video with several UofL students talking about the value of their internship experiences. This video was produced by the Young Communication Professionals chapter in the UofL Department of Communication.

Programs at UofL

Internships are the perfect way to gain real job experience before you graduate from the University of Louisville!  Many academic departments at UofL will help coordinate internships.  We have identified a List of Programs offering internships, cooperative education, student teaching, field placements, and clinicals for academic credit. Each academic unit grants their own credit and has their own requirements.  

Listing Internships with Career Centers

  1. University Career Center posts internships for 9 colleges and schools in Cards Career Connection powered by Handshake. 
  2. College of Business - Ulmer Career Center posts internships and co-ops for business students in CareerTrak.
  3. Speed School of Engineering - Career Services posts internships and co-op for engineering students in Speed Symplicity.
  4. Brandeis School of Law - Office of Professional Development posts positions for law students in Symplicity.    

UCC - Internship Program

The University Career Center Internship Program is designed to assist students in securing internships as well as receiving academic credit, if needed.  Students should meet with their Career Coach 3-6 months before the semester in which they want to intern.  The Career Coach will review strategies for job searching for internships in addition to how positions are posted in Handshake.  For students needing academic credit, the UCC encourages students to secure credit through their academic departments first.  If credit is not available through their academic department, the UCC has a credit-bearing internship class, GEN 203 for one (1) credit hour.

GEN 203 Internship Requirements

  • Be a second-semester sophomore, a junior, or a senior enrolled at UofL.
  • Have a minimum of 45 credit hours.
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 grade point average.
  • Have a current resume. 
  • Meet with your Career Coach to explore your options.

Internship Position Requirements for GEN 203 Credit

  • Paid or unpaid experiences related to a student's degree program and career plan.
  • Majority higher level functionality beyond administrative.
  • Minimum 12 weeks in length - dates must coincide with the semester / academic calendar.
  • Minimum of 12 work hours per week and 150-hours total.
  • Must have a direct supervisor who can provide an evaluation.
  • Must adhere to UCC Position Posting Policy.
  • Approved by the Director of the University Career Center.


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