Leader's Legacy

experience leadership. How will you leave your legacy?

Student Involvement designed a leadership program with the developmental needs and busy schedules of students in mind. Inspired by the leadership authors, Kouzes and Posner’s book titled, A Leader's Legacy, this program is for students interested in enhancing their leadership skills and competencies. Students that successfully complete the leadership program will:

  • Participate in a program orientation
  • (In-person option) Attend (5) A Leader's LEGACY workshops and submit reflections on each in Engage; (online option) Watch (5) YouTube videos and submit reflections on each in Engage; or any combination of both options
  • Submit SMART goals via Engage
  • Complete a CliftonStrengths for Students assessment
  • Attend a coaching session

Students that successfully complete the certification program will be recognized at the annual Celebration of Student Leadership and Service held in April and will automatically be honored as a Profile in Leadership. Register for the LEGACY certification program.


If your actions create a legacy that inspires other to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more then, you are an excellent leader. --Dolly Parton. beleaderly.com

How much time will I need to commit?

In-person workshops are approximately 45 minutes in length. YouTube videos are typically 15-30 minutes in length. Corresponding reflections to each activity will vary depending on the student.

What are the program benefits for participation? 

  • Become more self-aware
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Improve the sustainability of your organization
  • Connect your organization to a multitude of resources

Is there anything I need to do in advance of the in-person workshops? 

Please RSVP for the workshops you plan to attend and then just show up prepared to learn and grow. (Please note, in-person workshops are typically only offered in the fall semester.)

For more information, contact Kathy Meyer at kathy.meyer@louisville.edu or (502) 852-6702.