How to Get Help

The Dean of Students Office serves the University’s most valuable asset - our students. We promote a positive learning experience and make opportunities available for students to achieve their full academic and personal potential by:

  • Promoting a vibrant campus experience,
  • Building relationships among students, faculty, staff, and the community,
  • Upholding University standards and protecting student rights, and
  • Empowering students to promote positive change in our community and in our world.

University systems, policies, and procedures can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Dean of Students Office staff will help connect you to the right resources if you have a question or concern about academic policies or processes or about student services. If you do not know where to go on campus to get your question answered, contact us for guidance.

If you have experienced any type of crisis that you think will impact your success as a student, please contact us.  If you believe your rights have been violated or are experiencing a distressing situation, we can guide you to getting the help you need. Staff in the Dean of Students Office can assist students in developing plans for success in persisting through crises. If your crisis results in a need for a compassionate medical withdrawal, we help student complete the necessary petition paperwork.

We serve all students—from first-time freshmen and transfer students to post-Doctoral students, on Belknap, Health Sciences and Shelby campuses.

The Dean of Students Office is located in the SAC W301, at 852-5787 or