Leadership Opportunities

collage of students working and playing together

The University of Louisville community is full of ways for students to get involved and find leadership positions. Leadership experience in college helps lead to a more successful job search and more confidence throughout your career.

All of our more than 400 student organizations on campus have student leaders heading up their meetings and events, so any member of any organization has the chance to develop leadership skills.

Other key ways for students to gain leadership experience include involvement in our Student Government Association (SGA), or one of the two major divisions of the SGA - the Student Activities Board (SAB) which provides access and resources to student organizations - and the Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB) which offers service opportunities and leadership experience for students.

Many students at UofL choose to seek involvement in fraternities and sororities - and all of our Greek letter organizations have countless opportunities to get involved with those individual organizations as well as in other ways across campus - as well as other recognized student organizations.

In addition to these great organizations, UofL also offers first year student leadership development with programs like Freshman LEADTask Force Freshmen, Collaborator to Leader, and many others that you can find by joining this portal on Engage.

These programs are open to all eligible students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

For more information about these leadership programs, email Kathy Meyer.

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