Strategic Planning and Assessment

The Strategic Planning and Assessment (SP&A) area within the Vice President for Student Affairs Office serves the various offices within Student Affairs as a resource to empower all members of our division to evaluate our services, pinpoint areas of improvement, and demonstrate our impact on student success.

Partnering with Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research and Planning, SP&A connects our Student Affairs professionals with data to inform decision making and storytelling regarding our impact on student success. In addition, we help to establish internal processes and procedures to collect, store, and utilize data to inform decision making within and across the division.


To perpetuate a culture of assessment in the Division of Student Affairs by serving as a resource and content expert that helps provide the means for data driven decision making based on quality data in the pursuit of improving students’ experiences and success.


To be a leader in informing assessment practices in Student Affairs by viewing every student and their experiences as an opportunity to improve our services and to assist Student Affairs professionals who seek to improve their impact on student success.

To accomplish our mission and work towards our vision, SP&A coordinates various activities across the division including but not limited to Assessment Planning, Outcome Assessment Reporting, Program Review, Survey Administration, Data Requests, and Strategic Planning.

Celebrating A Decade of Student Success