Harold Adams Award

The Harold Adams Award is a memorial tribute to Harold “Butch” Adams, a 1963 UofL graduate and former Assistant VP for Student Life. This award recognizes a faculty or staff member that has excelled in contributing to a diverse and vibrant student experience on campus through their extraordinary involvement in the lives of students and positively impacting their attitudes and behaviors.Harold grilling outside

Harold Adams relationship with the University of Louisville spanned nearly 30 years and encompassed most of his college and professional life. He was a distinguished alumnus, a respected coach and one of the university's best-loved administrators. An athletic scholarship launched his involvement with U of L in 1958. He went on to earn degrees in history, education and law, and in 1962, began serving as assistant basketball and head baseball coach for the university.

Adams accepted his first administrative post in 1966 as Director of Housing, a position he held for four years. In 1970, he was appointed Associate Dean of Students, and in 1976, was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs.

As Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Adams oversaw virtually all of campus life including Student Activities , Greek Life, Intramural Sports, Housing, the Cheer leading and Dance Squads, and Student Legal Services. He initiated a number of new programs to promote student growth and development such as the Student Leadership Series that began in 1985.

His contributions to the university did not go unnoticed; he twice received an Outstanding Performance Award for Administration. In 1983, he was cited for his role in the opening of Humana Gymnasium, and University Park Apartments, and the subsequent expansion of the intramural programs. The ramp leading to the Student Activities Center is named in his honor.


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