Additional Resources

UofL is a new place, with new people, offices, resources and lingo to learn about. To help make it easier for you, we've put together a few other important resources we know you'll find helpful.


UofL New Cards App

The UofL New Cards app puts answers at your fingertips. It includes phone and web connections to frequent campus contacts, dining options and hours, personalized Welcome Week schedule, links to other key resources, and more. Download it today in the Apple or Google Store and login with your ULink credentials.

How to find Event Guides: Once logged in on the home page, click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left.  Then select "Guides" and navigate to the guide you want to download, such as Welcome Week.  Add the guide. Now that guide will appear under "My Guides" and you can add events to your personal agenda.

First Year FAQ

You're going to have a million and one questions along the way. Some of those are specific to you, but a lot of those questions are ones that many new students have. The First Year FAQ addresses those frequently asked questions and puts them in one spot to help make it easier for you. You don't know what you don't know, so read through them as you prepare to start at UofL.

UofL Lingo List

If you hear a word you don't understand, check this comprehensive glossary of common acronyms and terms. If you're still not sure what it means, check with a mentor or advisor, or contact us at . We're all happy to help.

New Cards Navigator

New Cards Navigator is an interactive way for you to learn important information about UofL. As a required part of your orientation course, the three New Cards Navigator modules are accessed through the Blackboard component of your course. For students starting UofL in the fall, the first module (Know Before You Go) becomes available in your orientation course on Blackboard on August 1, and for students starting in the spring the module will be available January 1. Learn more about New Cards Navigator, how it works, and how it fits into your orientation course by reviewing the New Cards Navigator Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Reserve Study Rooms

Free Digital Resources

UofL is on the cutting edge in providing all students with free digital technologies that can enhance your learning, career development and job search at any stage in your time at UofL. Take advantage of these resources, such as LinkedIn Learning and Adobe Creative Cloud, to take your skills to the next level.

Registering for Courses

Are you ready to register? Have you completed the "Pre-registration questions" to lift that hold? Take care of all the essential business so you can register at your earliest opportunity, and know exactly when that is.

Time Management & Goal-Setting

One thing that *every* college student needs is a strategy for time-management and organization. Use this Schedule & Contacts document to help you get your course schedule and commitments mapped out, as well as get your advisor and professors' pertinent info all in one place. You also want to know what goals you're working toward so you know how to prioritize your time. Make a few Fall 2021 Semester Goals or Spring 2022 Semester Goals to help you stay on track to getting what you want out of each semester inside and outside of the classroom.

Cards Courier Newsletter

We want you to have an amazing first year, and the great info in Cards Courier will help you do just that. In the fall and spring, we'll email you the newsletter at key points in the semester to inform you of things like:

  • Timely information to help you know how to get involved
  • Updates on campus events and activities
  • Important dates and deadlines, such as advising and registration timelines
  • Key pieces of advice from upperclass student mentors and leaders

Look for your first Cards Courier at the start of the semester via your UofL email account.