Types of Gifts


A gift made to the University of Louisville via check or credit card entitles you to the most generous income tax deductions available for charitable contributions.

Real Estate

By donating property to UofL, you may avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate. In addition, your gift is tax-deductible for the market value of your property.

Stocks and Bonds

A gift of appreciated securities that you have held for more than one year offers significant benefits to the donor and the University. You will be eligible to take a federal income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift for up to 30% of your adjusted gross income and you will not have to recognize the appreciation as a capital gain.

Art and Personal Property

Property such as works of art, antiques, stamps, coins and jewelry may be subject to estate taxes. Should you wish to donate this type of property to the University of Louisville during your lifetime, you may reduce your tax liability.


You may donate items of value to the University of Louisville, such as a theatre equipment to the Floyd Theatre, piano for the Swain Student Activities Center lobby, fitness equipment for Intramurals and Recreation, materials for Outdoor Sustainability Initiatives in residence halls, or software to the Disabilities Resource Center to help improve computer screen readability for visually impaired students.

Retirement Assets

Retirement assets left to your spouse or family members are subject to income and estate taxes. You may avoid or reduce income and estate taxes on IRAs or other employee benefit plans by naming UofL as a beneficiary of your retirement assets.

Planned Giving

Visit our Planned Giving website to learn how your donations can help you prepare for your future while providing you with substantial tax savings.