Strategic Management for 21st Century Policing

40 Hour Training Course / KLEC Certified
Tuition: $900

Course Description:

This course of study will introduce participants to the key elements of strategically managing a law enforcement agency and to the challenges that brings in the 21st Century arising from the 6 Pillars of the President’s Task Force Report. A variety of techniques will be covered that will prepare participants to engage in strategic planning and thinking. The instructor will facilitate problem-solving management and critical issues, directing agency effectiveness, and encouraging and supporting highly productive staff.  Emergency plans and contingency planning in respect to active shooter, officer-involved shooting and public disorder events will also be addressed.

The learning environment and course exercises will be interactive and support maximum class participation in exercises.  Questions and discussion will be encouraged throughout.  Each participant will have the opportunity to develop a strategic plan for their agency or build upon an existing plan based on the content of the course training and an opportunity to review a plan for handling generic and specific planned or unplanned events.   

Participants will be presented with material and instruction designed to facilitate and encourage a positive, developmental, forward-thinking role for leading their agencies through stressful and difficult times.  They will be prepared to anticipate and resolve internal organizational problems and those facing their communities. Participants will be better prepared to manage change and to respond to new challenges. 

Strategic Management for 21st Century Policing is one of the four courses required to complete the optional Organizational Management Certificate Program.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Introduction to The Program & Change Management
  • The Planning and Problem-Solving Cycles and Decision-Making
  • The "What If" Contingencies: Preparing for Generic and Specific Incidents Including Active Shooter, Officer-Involved Shooting, Emergency Planning and Public Disorder
  • Using a Case Study to Review Strategic Management & Planning
  • Management Skills to Deliver Maximum Effectiveness and Response
  • Organizational Communication & the "Millennials"
  • Leader versus Boss: Creating Positive Morale, Retention and Performance
  • Building Your Team to Create an Effective Agency and Addressing the Challenges of the President's Task Force Report and DOJ, Civil Rights Division, Conduct of LE Agencies, Overview
  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • Completing Your Strategic Plan and Preparing and Implementing Objectives and Strategies
  • Managing the Strategies & Delivering Them Effectively

    Course Materials and Equipment


    Course materials (i.e., Powerpoint presentations, handouts, articles, etc.) will be provided electronically for this course on a computerized access link provided to registered students prior to the class.   It is highly recommended that students download course materials to a laptop, tablet or other device prior to the first day of class and bring the device with them to the course.  Otherwise, students should print SPI-provided course materials from the access link and bring printed materials with them to class.

    In order to download course materials from the access link, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel software (Office Suite) should be installed on laptop, tablet or other device.

    Who Should Attend:

    Advanced and Senior Executive Level Officers


    Carlos R. Torres

    Upcoming Training and Lodging:

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      What Our Graduates Are Saying:

      “The course was very worthwhile.  I will be better prepared to lead my Agency.  The information was very relevant and will greatly assist in leading change and having an effective strategic plan for the future.”

      “This course exceeded my expectations.  Walking away with a lot of information and knowledge that would be beneficial to my position and certainly help so many.  Thank you.”

      “I found this course to be very worthwhile.  The course content was excellent.  There was a mixture of rank in the class from across the nation.  The content and audience blended together to create an excellent combination of textbook learning and practical examples.”

      “This course was very helpful and informative!  It gave me new focus and vision as to what I, as a supervisor, need to do to effectively do my job in guiding my staff and ideas on how to get buy in from Chief to improve overall effectiveness of department.  Knowing/having a plan with vision has been a need for our department.  My struggle has been on implementation of that vision.  Now, I have the tools on how to do that.  Thank you.”

      "Excellent course. Very useful information. I will be recommending that more, if not all, of our command staff receive this training."

      "Certainly worthwhile and understandable. I feel I now know much more about productivity and positively managing people. The course contained many techniques, strategies, ideas and philosophies that are too rare in police management."

      "This course was excellent! Learned many new usable techniques and information. Most importantly left with material I can immediately apply at my agency."

      "The course was clearly lined out. Explained and developed a plan for positive change from concept to implementation. Excellent course!"

      "This was a very informative course that broke down the various aspects of management and leading. The course breaks down and addresses the challenges facing organizations and leaders in the organizations. It definitely gives good direction on how to be an effective manager/leader"

      "Good course. I look forward to taking the next one."