Congratulations to the 140th Administrative Officers Course!


Congratulations to the graduating class of the 140th Administrative Officers Course! Our graduates represent commanders from 36 agencies in 17 states from two countries (USA and Antigua & Barbuda).  They came as strangers and are leaving as part of a strong network of friends and colleagues.  

Award Recipients of the 140th Administrative Officer's Course
Given November 8, 2018

Dr. William Walsh Director's Awards
The Dr. William Walsh Director's Award is awarded to the graduate and undergraduate student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in each session of the Administrative Officers Course.

Dr. William Walsh was the Director of the Southern Police Institute for 15 years – serving from 1993-2008. He has demonstrated strong commitment and support to SPI and to the Department of Criminal Justice for many years. This award for academic excellence was named after Dr. Walsh by his successor, Dr. Thomas Hughes, in 2009. It continues to be a coveted recognition at the conclusion of each semester.

140th AOC Undergraduate Option:

Sgt. Michael Johnson, Chesapeake (VA) Police Dept. 

140th Graduate Option:


Capt. Keith Jenkins, Overland Park (KS) Police Dept. 

B. Edward Campbell Award For Outstanding Service
The B. Edward Campbell Service Award is given by the Southern Police Institute. This award is for "meritorious service to fellow Law Enforcement Officers of the 134th Administrative Officers Course by Demonstrating Leadership and Commitment to the Shared Goals and Objectives of the Southern Police Institute."

This award was created to celebrate the devotion and nearly 40 years of service to the University of Louisville and the Southern Police Institute by Professor Emeritus B. Edward Campbell.

The 140th AOC Recipient:

Sgt. Jonathan Lesher, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Department

Class Officers of the 140th Administrative Officers Course:

President: Sgt. Ramin Dunford, Alaska Department of Public Safety

Vice President: Major Derik Alexander, Hollywood (FL) Police Department 

Secretary: Sgt. Randy Case, Orange Park (FL) Police Department 

Treasurer: Lt. Michael Colavolpe, Wallingford (CT) Police Department 

Historian: Capt. Chadwick Myers, Fayetteville (GA) Police Department 

Chaplain:  Lt. Jonathan Triggs, Dane County (WI) Sheriff’s Office 

Sgt. at Arms: Sgt. Douglas Abrams, Evendale (OH) Police Department 


140th Administrative Officers Course Class Roster:

Sgt. Douglas Abrams, Evendale (OH) Police Dept. 
Capt. Daniel N. Acosta,  Sebastian (FL) Police Dept. 
Major Derik Alexander, Hollywood (FL) Police Dept. 
Sgt. Thomas R. Blair, Bardstown (KY) Police Dept. 
Lt. Matthew L. Brotherton, Lexington (KY) Police Dept. 
Lt. Terence K. Brown, Greensboro (NC) PD
Sgt. Donald Burbrink, III, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Dept.
Sgt. Randy E. Case, Orange Park (FL)  Police Dept. 
Sgt. Christina Christopher, Jefferson Co. (KY) Sheriff's Office 
Lt. Michael Colavolpe, Wallingford (CT) PD 
Lt. Christopher J. Conrad, Highland (IL) Police Dept. 
Major James Davidson, Douglasville (GA) Police Dept. 
Lt. Col. Joshua B. Downing, Colorado State Patrol 
Sgt. Ramin Dunford, Alaska Dept. of Public Safety
Lt. William Furman, Dunwoody (GA) Police Dept. 
Inspector Theodore Horne, Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda
Capt. Keith L. Jenkins, Overland Park (KS) Police Dept.
Sgt. Michael T. Johnson, Chesapeake (VA) Police Dept.
Major Danny L. Jordan, DeKalb Co. (GA) Police Dept. 
Chief Kenny E. Kavanaugh, Jr., Jeffersonville (IN) Police Dept. 
Sgt. James C. Lane, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Dept. 
Capt. Jason Laridaen, Fond du Lac (WI) Police Dept. 
Sgt. Darrell Lee, Covington (KY) Police Dept. 
Sgt. Jonathan R. Lesher, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Dept. 
Major Ron Lessner, Biloxi (MS) Police Dept. 
Lt. Steven J. Lewis, Sr., Hillsborough Co. (FL) Sheriff's Office 
Lt. Christa L. Long, Winston-Salem (NC) Police Dept. 
Major Terry L. McCormick, Smyrna (GA) Police Dept. 
Capt. Chadwick D. Myers, Fayetteville (GA) PD 
1st Lt. Jonathan W. Neville, Forsyth Co. (GA) Sheriff's Office 
Sgt. Jeffrey C. Peel, Fairview Heights (IL) Police Dept. 
Sgt. Andrew Rodman, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Dept. 
Sgt. Jeremy Rupe, Alaska Dept. of Public Safety 
Lt. Ian C. Rylott, Polk Co. (FL) Sheriff's Office 
Sgt. William D. Simms, Unalaska (AK) Dept. of Public Safety 
Sgt. Tiffany Tatum, Louisville Metro (KY) Police Dept. 
Lt. Paul Thompson, Kaysville (UT) Police Dept. 
Capt. Linda Tims, Mobile (AL) Police Dept. 
Lt. Jonathan N. Triggs, Dane Co. (WI) Sheriff's Office 
Lt. Craig E. Turner, Palm Beach Co. (FL) Sheriff's Office 
Lt. Carlos Ugalde, Palm Beach Co. (FL) Sheriff's Office 
Sgt. Larry Wilkey, Temple (TX) Police Dept.