Intelligence Led Policing - Turning Theory into Practice

40 Hour Training Course / KLEC Certified
Tuition: $900

Course Description:

Participants in this course will learn and understand the precepts of Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP), sufficient to support a decision to pursue ILP as an agency strategy, and to understand what it takes to make the strategy a reality.  Participants will understand how resource decisions are made within an ILP business model and experience practical application(s) of ILP concepts and ideas. Throughout this interactive training and engagement in practical exercises, participants will learn how to implement an ILP strategy.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Audience Identification
  • Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) Defined
  • The Practical Application of ILP at a Large Police Agency
  • Why is ILP the Strategy of our Time?
  • Applying the ILP Business Model
  • Providing the "I" (Intelligence) in ILP
  • Knowledge Management
  • Exploitation of Criminal Cultures
  • Applying the 3i Model
  • How Do We Know It Works?
  • Overcoming Politics and Tradition
  • Table Top Exercise
  • Table Top Presentations
  • Plan Development for the Implementation of ILP

Course Materials and Equipment


Course materials (i.e., Powerpoint presentations, handouts, articles, etc.) will be provided electronically for this course on a computerized access link provided to registered students prior to the class.   It is highly recommended that students download course materials to a laptop, tablet or other device  prior to the first day of class and bring the device with them to the course.  Otherwise, students should print SPI-provided course materials from the access link and bring printed materials with them to class.

In order to download course materials from the access link, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel software (Office Suite) should be installed on laptop, tablet or other device.

Who Should Attend:

Command staff and police decision-makers responsible for establishing policing strategies.


Albert Selke

Upcoming Training and Lodging: 

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What Our Graduates Are Saying:

“I very much enjoyed this class.  My current assignment has allowed me to gain a partial knowledge of this model and how the targeted enforcement work to reduce crime overall.  Having the new knowledge of how to further streamline to apply the concepts will be of huge benefits to our agency to our community.”

“Everything taught is something I can use.  The class helped me understand the why and ways to make ILP efficient.  Being a line deputy, I feel with this training I will have a positive influence on other deputies.”

“Although my agency is in the process of being intelligence-led, this course has given me the understanding of why and how.  It has helped me with the know how as a future supervisor to aid my agency and co-workers with achieving our goals.”

“This course absolutely is valuable and each agency will benefit if the theories are applied.”

“In my 25 years in law enforcement, I have not attended a class where I have obtained this much information that can and will help my organization in controlling crime.  I have never attended a course that gave law enforcement such a different method of addressing crime, but I am now hopeful this information will help.”  

“I was skeptical about ILP prior to attending this course due to bad experiences with my agency and what we call ILP.  After attending this course and learning what ILP really is, I am impressed and 100% on board.”

"I appreciated the fact that our department made it mandatory for all supervisors to attend. The information was presented in a well-balanced way that spoke to theory and practice."

"Everything makes complete sense and the idea of actually being successful in law enforcement and making a real impact in our community is very energizing and motivating."

"I had read the ILP book but this course was able to talk what I had read and put it into practical application."

"This was the most engaging and worthwhile police-related training I have been to in the 16 years I've been an officer. The real-life examples make it very valuable."

"This course was extremely worthwhile....This course takes the ILP bibles and turns them into real application. The ideas were understandable and materials assisted in this."

"Very helpful reinforcing some of the rather large steps to change that have already occurred within the agency. It highlighted a great deal of the expected obstacles and hurdles while clearly showing the benefit and rewards."

"Course was eye-opening and essential in helping us move forward with our ILP journey."

"Very worthwhile. Instructors sold the philosophy to me and made me understand how our agency needs to adjust our current processes."

"The class did a good job of bringing implementation of ILP to an understandable level."

"I was not sold that we needed this course as a department but I was way wrong! This was extremely educating and necessary, practical information."

"This was an excellent course; a real eye-opener which made me realize all the things I’ve been doing wrong. I’ll return with a fresh view of ILP."

"Very worthwhile. The concept is phenomenal. I believe ILPD could reduce crime nationwide if adopted."

"I am excited about beginning this process. I had no idea what the concept was about but I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and new ideas and new ways of looking at things."

"This course came at a great time. I learned so much during this week that I can bring back to my organization and use immediately. This is one of the best and most useful courses that I have ever attended."

"The class was incredible! It met and exceeded all my expectations by far. The excellent combination of research, past procedures, past practices, methodology, pros and cons, and personal experiences was just a super mix…. I am not leaving with questions about ILP, what it’s about, or how to work towards implementation of ILP principles."

"Out agency has been working towards ILP, but this course clearly lays out the proper way to fully implement ILP. It truly is the new paradigm."

"This was an excellent course. The concepts were presented logically and practically. The implementation of ILP concepts was very beneficial."

"The ILP method is, in my opinion, going to sweep the nation and possibly the world as more people are taught this business model."

"Incredibly useful course. Difficult topic was covered thoroughly."

"Several suggestions/ideas were learned to bring back and introduce to our plan."

"Our agency just adopted an ILP business model. The class gave a lot of insight as to what we are doing well and also where we need to improve going forward."

"We have gone to this type of intelligence gathering model, so it helps to see where we are in relation to where we are supposed to be."

"It gave me the foundation and technical expertise needed to fully understand ILP. It also pointed out where my particular agency needs to be more precise and detailed concerning processes and procedures."

"The overall class was fantastic and it helped me prepare to take our organization to a different level."

"This course provided us with the information to start the ILP process at our police department."