Guidelines for Co-Hosting an SPI Course


A requesting agency may co-host any of SPI’s courses.  A minimum of twenty-five (25) participants is required to co-host a training course.

The primary benefits of cohosting a course with SPI include:

  • The co-hosting agency may earn tuition-free seats in the course as follows (contingent upon the maximum class size for the course):
    • One (1) free seat with 30-34 paid registrations 
    • Two (2) free seats with 35-39 paid registrations
    • Three (3) free seats with 40-44 paid registrations
    • Four (4) free seats with 45 paid registrations
  • The host agency can experience significant savings in training multiple participants on-site by not incurring individual travel costs (transportation and lodging) when sending your personnel out-of-state.


A co-hosting agency may earn two (2) additional tuition-free seats in any SPI training course by agreeing to provide a Course Coordinator and ground transportation assistance to course instructional staff. This applies to all SPI's Continuing Education (CE) courses with the exception of the Command Officer's Development Course (CODC).


The Course Coordinator’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Set up the classroom with SPI materials
  • Provide ground transportation for course instructors to and from airport, hotel and training site, as well as providing transportation for instructors meals (as required)
  • Present an overview of SPI (PowerPoint presentation will be provided by SPI)
  • Introduce instructors to the class (bios will be provided by SPI)
  • Process necessary documents (registration, photo release forms provided by SPI)
  • Conduct examination for course (if applicable)
  • Disseminate course and instructor evaluations and course materials (provided by SPI)
  • Mail examinations and evaluations to SPI
  • Review and adhere to Guidelines for Course Coordinator (provided by SPI)


The responsibilities of SPI will be to:

  • Advertise the program as part of SPI's current training schedule, on the SPI website, SPI Facebook, and other venues as appropriate.
  • Provide a course flyer in PDF format that can be emailed by SPI and the hosting agency.
  • Provide individual training and course-related materials (i.e., name tents, portfolios, examinations/scantrons, evaluations, course completion certificates, and other instructional materials as required).
  • Provide certificates of completion to each participant successfully completing course, awarded from the Southern Police Institute, Department of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. This certificate will be sent via email, in PDF format, to each participant at the conclusion of the course.).
  • Provide qualified and experienced instructional personnel.
  • Provide course and instructor evaluation forms.
  • Pay for all travel costs for instructional personnel (to include air travel, food, lodging, baggage fees, etc.).
  • Collect tuition and registration information.
  • Provide enrollment reports (upon request).
  • Cancel the course, in concert with the co-hosting agency, when the minimum registration is not reached within 30 days prior to the starting date of the course.

The responsibilities of the Co-Hosting Agency will be to:

  • Assist in marketing the course to law enforcement agencies and chief executives in the hosting agencies' area or region (i.e., disseminating course flyer, posting on agency website or social media, emailing to neighboring agencies, etc.).
  • Provide the following accommodations/equipment for the training course:
    • Training room/facility that will seat 50 students comfortably and allow for group assignments/discussions
    • Large whiteboard or easel with flipchart paper and markers
    • LCD projector, screen, and laptop computer with speakers that will accommodate PPT presentations, videos/DVDs
    • Instructor podium or table
    • Tables/chairs to seat 50 students comfortably
    • Other equipment that may be requested by instructors specific to this course
  • Provide a suggested hotel for instructors and attending students preferably with a
    special negotiated rate for attendees.


To request to co-host any training program, please fill out an inquiry form and send to Theresa Newton . If you have any questions regarding co-hosting a course, please contact Theresa at:
Direct: (502) 852-0333
Main:  (502) 852-6561

When co-hosting a training course, please keep in mind that a minimum of 6 months is required for SPI to adequately advertise.  Thank you for your interest in the Southern Police Institute.