Election of the Class Officers of the 144th AOC

Congratulations to the class officers for the 144th AOC. Elections were held on August 26th and SPI is proud to announce the group that are representing their class members this semester. They are already getting organized and taking their positions seriously in making this fall a productive and enjoyable time for all class members in spite of COVID restrictions.

President – Sgt. Amelia Galicia (third from right) - Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, NV
Vice Pres. – Capt. Curtis H. Cheeks III (center) - High Point Police Department, NC
Chaplain – Capt. Gregory J. Jones (second from left) - Covington Police Department, KY
Sgt-at-Arms – Sgt. Jai Etwaroo (third from left) - Baltimore Police Department, MD
Secretary – Sgt. William P. Johnson, Jr. (second from right) - Sandy Spring Police Department, GA
Treasurer – Lt. Hideki Coulter (far left) - Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, GA
Historian – Capt. Mary Lynn Smith (far right) - Russellville Police Department, KY