Graduating Class of the 78th Command Officer's Development Course

Congratulations to the graduates of the 78th Command Officer's Development Course, who graduated July 21, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! The 78th Class of the Command Officer's Development Course consists of 56 students representing 29 agencies, all from the state of Florida.

Class Roster:

Lt. Jesue R. Aguiar, South Miami PD
Lt. Karen Archibald, Broward Co. SO
Cmdr. Gary Arsenault, North Port PD
Lt. Leonardo Arteaga, Miami-Dade PD
Capt. Jose Assael, North Miami Beach PD
Lt. Henry B. Barnet, IV, Coral Gables PD
Cmdr. Angelo M. Brinson, II, North Miami PD
SGt. Delvin Brown, Miami Beach PD
Cmdr. Gregory Brown, North Port PD
Lt. Kia A. Burrows Miami, PD
Major Aquiles Carmona, City of Sweetwater PD
Lt. Conrad J. Chin-Quee, City of Miami PD
Lt. Bobby Collins, Gadsden Co. SO
Lt. Dawn M. Col'on, Miami-Dade PD
Capt. Steven M. Croye, Miramar PD
Lt. Edgar Cruz, Ft. Lauderdale PD
Sgt. Edmund DeRosa, Coral Springs PD
Lt. Tammy A. Di Grazia, Florida Atlantic University PD
Chief Placido Diaz, City of Sweetwater PD
Lt. Yovany Diaz, Golden Beach PD
Lt. James Feeney, Dept. of Investigative & Forensic Ser.
Cmdr. Patricia Fishel, North Miami PD
Lt. Scott Flanagan, Miami Beach PD
Sgt. Chad W. Fowler, Plantation PD
Lt. Gilberto Gomez, III, City of Miami PD
Officer Albert Iovino, Indian River Shores DPS
Lt. Timothy Irvin, Broward SO
Lt. Bryan Ivings, Sarasota Co. SO
Sgt. Jason Jabcuga, Delray Beach PD
Sgt. Jeffrey Kaplan, Highland Beach PD
Lt. Donald Kennard, Sarasota Co. SO
Sgt. David E. Khaleel, Plantation PD
Sgt. Anthony Martinez, Delray Beach PD
Sgt. Nicholas Mazzei, Coral Springs PD
Lt. Chris McCoy, Broward Co. SO
Lt. Tammy L. McNeal, Broward Co. SO
Lt. James Milton, Dept. of Investigative & Forensic Ser.
Capt Theodore J. Pawloski
Major Jose A. Perez, City of Miami PD
Corporal Luke P Plesa, Sunny Isles Beach PD
Sgt. John Porter, Seminole PD
Lt. Julio Quinones, Miami-Dade Schools PD
Lt. Daniel Ransone, Sunrise PD
Sgt. Jose Reina, Miami Beach PD
Lt. Marlen Rivero, Miami Beach PD
Lt. Rafael F. Rodriguez, Miami-Dade PD
Sgt. Kevin Ruggiero, Tarpon Springs Police Department
Lt. Edward Santiago, Sunny Isles Beach PD
Lt. Darren K. Slater, Florida Hwy Patrol
Lt. Cecil Stone, Ft. Lauderdale PD
Capt. Kevin E. Strickland, Florida Hwy Patrol
Sgt. Pijhon Valcourt, Miami-Dade Schools PD
Sgt. Gary Walley, Palm Beach PD
Sgt. Daniel Wilkinson, Palm Beach PD
Capt. Jonathan Yavneh, City of Miami PD
Sgt. Jack Young, Bal Harbour PD