SPI Courses

Flagship Courses

The Southern Police Institute offers two flagship training courses in police administration and command.

Administrative Officers Course (AOC)

The AOC is a twelve week (480-hour), in-residence, accredited college level educational program. The course curriculum is designed to develop informed, effective, ethically and technically competent law enforcement managers who are capable of assuming positions of leadership in their respective agencies

Command Officer Development Course (CODC)

The CODC is a 400-hour continuing education course for law enforcement managers provides the foundation for practical law enforcement administration. This training is traditionally held off-campus at host agencies.

Continuing Education (CE) Courses

It is the mission of the Southern Police Institutes Continuing Education (CE) Programs to provide instruction to enhance the competence and technical ability of law enforcement personnel.

Leadership & Management Courses

SPI's comprehensive educational environment and world-recognized methods of instruction encourage a commitment to learning, self-improvement and peer networking long after courses are completed. Our management courses prepare officers for the rigors of leading a police agency in an ever-changing world. Our courses provide cutting edge management practices and are facilitated by forward-thinking faculty.

Specialized Skills Courses

Since 1951, the Southern Police Institute's mission has been to enhance the professional development of law enforcement practitioners by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and prepare practitioners for the demands of today and tomorrow. Our specialized skills courses expose participants to current trends in law enforcement, providing tools necessary to improve technical skills, diagnostic problem solving, communication skills, as well as knowledge of current administrative law and investigative practices.