Leadership for the Law Enforcement Executive

24 Hour Continuing Education Training Course
KLEC Certified
Tuition: $550 

Course Description:

This course exposes participants to the key elements necessary to be successful as chiefs of police/heads of a law enforcement agency. A variety of topics and techniques will be covered that will prepare participants to engage in a management style that will foster a rewarding and successful career as a police chief or head of a law enforcement agency. The focus of the training will serve to facilitate executive-level decision-making techniques that will lead the participants down the road to success.

The learning environment and course exercises will be interactive with frequent group discussions designed to draw on the experience and expertise of the participants themselves as well as from the experience the instructor brings to the class. Practical and scenario-based exercises, along with information sharing and discussion within the class, will provide the opportunity for course participants to understand issues from many different viewpoints to assist them in grasping the concepts as they are discussed. Participants will work individually and in small or large groups and present assigned projects to the class. Participants will be presented with material and instruction designed to facilitate and encourage positive, developmental, forward-thinking roles for leading their agencies. This is accomplished by not only helping the participant to become successful, but by assisting in heading his/her agency in a successful direction.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Leadership Theories and Approaches
  • Application of Leadership Principles
  • Foundations of Organization Leadership
  • Challenges of Leadership
  • Organizational Crisis
  • Stories of Leadership

Course Materials and Equipment


Course materials (i.e., Powerpoint presentations, handouts, articles, etc.) will be provided electronically for this course on a computerized access link provided to registered students prior to the class.   It is highly recommended that students download course materials to a laptop, tablet or other device  prior to the first day of class and bring the device with them to the course.  Otherwise, students should print SPI-provided course materials from the access link and bring printed materials with them to class.

In order to download course materials from the access link, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel software (Office Suite) should be installed on laptop, tablet or other device.

Who Should Attend:

Advanced/Senior Level Officers (of any rank) and Command Level Officers seeking to develop their leadership skills and abilities


Patrick J. Welsh

Upcoming Training and Lodging:

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What Our Graduates Are Saying:

"I've attended many leadership trainings, across the country, and, in my opinion, this class ranks up there with those such as FBI LEEDA. Very good class and well worth attending. I will take tools I learned and put them in my tool box."

"I really enjoyed this class. New thoughts/ideas/stories and it inspired me to look at me and my department. Definitely worthwhile. I loved the reading materials and instruction."

"What can I say. Outstanding. A wealth of knowledge and stories were captivating. Kept your interest and involved."

"This was a very informative course that every law enforcement officer should attend."

“This is a great course for those who want to enhance their leadership skills. The information was presented in a fashion that was on point and easy to understand.”

“This course should be mandatory for anyone seeking to lead others.”

“Very worthwhile course. The material covered was very relevant to being a leader in today’s police force.”

“This class was an excellent interactive course that really captures and defines leadership principles and true application. Alex Ferguson (Instructor) is fantastic and very thought-provoking. Loved the course.”

“This course opened the eyes of the leadership executive Day Number 1. The course provided a sense of direction for leading but highlighting the problems of why. The course has provided guidance to alleviate the problems. Not accepting marginal as tolerable leadership, but cultivate and developing reasonable strategies.”

“The instructor did a great job demonstrating and tying together theory to practical leadership styles.”

“This course was perfect for the audience – Chiefs of Police.  The course covered many aspects of leadership for police chiefs.”

“Excellent course, provides an in depth look into leadership traits, principles, and thought process.”

“I enjoyed this course very much, learning different methods on how to be an effective leader.  I am going to put in place different methods to involve my staff.”

“Leadership and Management – (this course) opened my eyes to what’s the difference between the two.  I will be working on my leadership and teaching my staff a bigger picture on leadership.”

“Course was very good at encouraging lateral thinking and gave numerous examples of the application of the ideas and theories presented in this program.”

“This course was very valuable to me.  It gave me insight into developing and honing my own skills of being a leader.”

“This course was very worthwhile, two thumbs up.  Put hope back into being a supervisor for me.  When I was at an all time law as a supervisor, (the course) inspired me once again.”

“(The course) was amazing.  A new approach to training leadership.  The instructor had vast knowledge of the topic and I learned a lot of new methods and ideas to lead.“

“Course was well presented.  Content was very useful in providing “out of the box” thinking.”

“Different approach helped me see leadership in a different way.”