How to Apply

Application Procedures for Administrative Officers Course

The Southern Police Institute selects mid-level officers to attend a 12-week Administrative Officer's Course offered twice a year.  Preference is granted to applicants holding command, supervisory, or administrative positions in their agency. A high school diploma ordinarily will be a prerequisite for acceptance, and applicants must take a placement test which will be administered by the Testing Service of the University of Louisville. 

The application process works as follows: 

  1. Complete the AOC Application - Please check the AOC Dates for the application deadline.
  2. Take the required Entrance Exam - Entrance Exam Instructions
  3. Have the AOC Application and Entrance Exam completed and submitted by the deadline for the AOC you are applying for.  No further action is needed until you receive notification of your acceptance to the program.
  4. You will be notified of your acceptance to the program after the Selection Committee meets and reviews the applications and test scores. 
  5. After acceptance to the AOC you will receive further instructions on how to enroll at the University of Louisville to complete the program. 

Important Information

Budget Planning (AOC Tuition, Housing, and Fees)


For additional information contact Mary Evans by phone at (502) 852-0334 or email