Curriculum: Undergraduate

Curriculum I: Administrative Course Program - Undergraduate Certification 15 Credit Hours

CJ 471 Law Enforcement Administration

The focus of this course is the theory, practice and concepts associated with the administration of a law enforcement agency.  This course is approached from the perspective of the police executive and command staff.  Instruction includes contemporary practice, theory, administrative and leadership concepts.

CJ 473 Legal Issues in Police Administration

This course presents a detailed analysis of the legal issues facing law enforcement administrators in operational and personnel administration.  Its primary objective is to present sound legal policy, procedures, and practices to avoid agency and personal liability.  Specific importance is placed on the requirement imposed by federal legislation regulating agency personnel practices.

CJ 477 Organizational Behavior in Law Enforcement

The course focus is the application of the principles of human behavioral management to law enforcement organizations.  Theory, practice and methods for addressing behavioral needs in organization are addressed.

CJ 576 Managing Organizational Performance

This course is designed to help participants develop conceptual, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills required of strategic managers in contemporary law enforcement organizations.  Students’ participation and decisional practice in class discussions is based upon foundational and current police research.

CJ 578 Criminal Justice Leadership

Through the use of lectures and case studies (films), participants will be provided with a cognitive understanding of leadership that emphasizes the study of leadership models and theories.  This course focuses on the study and evaluations of various leadership styles and processes.