G I Bill Funding

AOC applicants holding command, supervisory, or administrative positions in their agencies who are eligible for education benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify for funding of the expenses (tuition and fees, housing allowance and book stipend) of the Administrative Officers Course.

Essentially there are two benefits veterans can use for this course; Chapter 30 or the Post 9/11 G I Bill.  The application process is the same for both benefits:

Post 9/11 G I Bill (PDF)

The Post 9/11 G I Bill is prorated based on a sliding scale of the service member’s length of active duty service after 9/11/2001 as determined by the Department of Defense.  The Post 9/11 G I Bill pays tuition directly to the university, as well as basic allowance for housing and a book stipend directly to the student.  Since this benefit is tuition specific, the student cannot receive any other tuition specific aid or scholarships that pay the tuition. 

Chapter 30 (PDF)

The Chapter 30 Montgomery G I Bill is a monthly payment paid directly to the student based on dates of enrollment.  At the end of month, the student verifies their enrollment with the Department of Veteran Affairs.  With Chapter 30, the veteran can receive $1789.00 per month.  Since the money is paid directly to the student, he/she is responsible for tuition, housing and textbooks. 

For additional information, please contact:

Carissa Gentry
VA Certifying Official
Office of Admissions, University of Louisville
Phone: (502) 852-0998