2010 Calvino Prize

2010 Calvino Prize Winners and Finalists

Final selections made by Ben Marcus

First Place: Sharon White, "On Voyage"

Second Place: Ryan Ridge, from American Homes

Finalists: (alphabetical order)

Jacob Appel, "Phoebe with Impending Frost" and "The Resurrection Bakeoff"

Chuck Belanger, "Crossing the Styx"

Anastasia Faunce, "Sketchbook: Atmospheric Conditions"

Thomas Israel Hopkins, "Seven Easy Renditions"

Marleen Hustead, "Into the Orchard"

Margaret Lamb, "The Sleeping Beauty and the Nightmare of History"

Gregory Loselle, "Lint, Dust and Hair"

Amy Parker, "The Witch Almanac"

Kelcey Parker, "Maugham's Head"

Michael Pearce, "Daisy and the Kid"

Lydia Ship, "The Terminal Earth Divine"

E. Lily Yu, "The Transfiguration of Maria Luisa Ortega," "The Forgetting Shiraz," and "The Street Lamp That Fell In Love"