Full-Time Faculty Office Hours

V. Joshua Adams Associate Professor
502-852-1720 HM336A W 1-3 and by appt.
David Anderson Associate Professor 502-852-3050 HM312C Virtually MWF 1-2 and by appt.
S. Matthew Biberman
Director of the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900
502-852-3052 HM319D T/Th 12:15-1 and virtual
Beth Boehm
Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs
502-852-6159 105 Houchens
Karen Chandler
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
502-852-5568 HM305 Th 3-5 virtually
Amy Clukey

Associate Professor

502-852-2187 HM318A Mondays on Teams at 6:30 by appt.
Joan D'Antoni Term Instructor 502-852-6857 HMLL4C MWF 8:40-9 and 10-11;, M/W 2-2:30 
Alan Golding Professor 502-852-5918 HM312B Virtual
Paul Griner Professor 502-852-3053 HM319C T/Th 1-2.
Dale Hachten Term Instructor 502-852-5583 HM318E Virtually, Th 12-2
Karen Hadley Associate Professor 502-852-3047 HM317C T/Th 11-noon and by appt
Bruce Horner
Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Composition
502-852-2185 HM316 Virtual appts as requested
Timothy Johnson Associate Professor 502-852-1687 HM336C On leave Spring 2022
Frank Kelderman
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
502-852-0509 HM315D W 1-5 PM and by appt through Teams
Karen Kopelson
Associate Professor
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
502-852-0508 HM335B T 4-5 in person, Th 3-4 virtual
Deborah Lutz
Morton Endowed Chair
502-852-3057 HM318C Zoom on T 3-4 and in person on W 4-5
Mark Mattes Associate Professor
502-852-6590 HM335C MW 10AM-Noon and by appt.
Kristi Maxwell
Associate Professor
502-852-0504 HM319A MW 2-3:15 and by appt
Robin Lee Mozer
Associate Professor, Term
Undergraduate Major Advisor
Internship Director
502-852-4647 HM335D Virtually by appt.
Andrea Olinger
Associate Professor  
Director of Composition
Director of the Watson Conference
502-852-3051 HM320 T 3-4 and by appt.
Ranen Omer-Sherman Professor 502-852-6842 HUM 203
Megan Poole
Assistant Professor
502-852-1722 HM317B M 10-noon and W 1-2; and by appt.
Andrew Rabin
Professor & Vice Chair
502-852-1722 HM336B By appt.
Glynis Ridley
Department Chair
502-852-6803 HM315B T/Th 1-2:30pm
Susan Ryan
Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences
502-852-5920 HM304 N/A
Stephen Schneider
Associate Professor
Virtual, by appt.
Mary P. Sheridan
Director of the Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society
502-852-1750 HM317A W 1-2 in 317A; 1 hour "floating" by appt (in person or online)
Steve Smith
Term Instructor
502-852-4742 HM321 MW 1-3 in Teams and by appt.
Hristomir A. Stanev
Associate Professor
502-852-3048 HM315A MWF 11-12
Ian Stansel
Associate Professor  
Director of Creative Writing
502-852-4741 HM318D


Sarah Strickley
Assistant Professor, Term
Faculty Editor, Miracle Monocle


Stevenson 414 Online by appt.
Denise Tanner
Term Instructor




Online by appt.
Joseph Turner
Associate Professor
English Honors Advisor
502-852-3055 HM318B W 1-5 on Teams and by appt.
Ann Elizabeth Willey
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education   
502-852-0510 HM319B N/A
Bronwyn T. Williams
Director of the University Writing Center
(on leave Spring 2022)
502-852-2173 Writing Center, Ekstrom Library On leave Spring 2022
Benjamin J. Wilson
Assistant Professor, Term
502-852-0986 HM 335A T 1-2 and by appt.