English Minor Tracks and Requirements

There are three options for a minor in English, Creative Writing, Literature and Professional and Public Writing. For an application to become an English Minor please visit the Arts & Sciences Advising Center or apply online.

Minor: ENGL
Unit: Arts and Sciences

Creative Writing

The CW track provides students with a foundation for writing fiction, poetry and other genres, such as screenwriting, creative nonfiction, and drama. The minor enables students to experiment with and develop a range of tools for writing creatively. In addition to taking classes with respected teachers who are published authors, Creative Writing minors have opportunities to attend readings and workshops with visiting authors.

  • English 202 = 3 hours
  • English 304 or 305 = 3 hours
  • English 403 = 3 hours
  • One elective in Creative Writing = 3 hours
  • Two electives in literature at the 300 level or above = 6 hours (These may not include English 300 or 310 or any composition or theory courses. Please see one of the undergraduate English advisers if you have any questions.)
  • Minimum Total = 18 hours

Note: You may minor in Creative Writing if you are an English literature major, but no more than 9 hours may be shared between the two degree programs


The Literature track offers a strong concentration on the history of literature in English, promoting critical thinking, research, and writing. The minor provides opportunities to address the nuances of a range of literary styles, genres, authors, and periods, to explore theories of literature and culture, and to examine the complex legacies of literature in English.

    • English 300 or English 310 = 3 hours
    • Two pre-1800 Electives at 300-500 [1] level = 6 hours
    • Two post-1800 Electives at the 300-500 [1] level = 6 hours
    • ENGL 491 = 3 hours
    • Minimum Total = 18 hours

    [1]Of the four electives, at least one must be at the 400 or above level.

    Professional and Public Writing

    The PPW track offers a foundation for writing a variety of genres associated with business, science, technology, public advocacy and other realms. The minor provides students with opportunities to gain experience with writing as print and digital communication, to consider the ethics of writing, and to develop an understanding of the relationship between writing and its socio-cultural contexts. 

    • English 310 = 3 hours
    • One writing elective at the 300-level = 3 hours
    • Two writing electives at the 400-level = 6 hours
    • Two writing electives at the 500-level = 6 hours
    • Minimum Total = 18 hours

    Note: English majors on the Literature or Creative Writing tracks may minor in Professional and Public Writing and share no more than 9 hours between the two degree programs (in most cases, those shared hours will come from ENGL 310 and ENGL 599). An English major on the Professional and Public Writing track cannot minor in Professional and Public Writing. The Professional and Public Writing minor track is open to non-majors.